Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Planning Week 4

Here we are at a brand new week. How about that? And it’s another closer to Christmas! I’m starting to get a bit excited about it. I brought some decorations out over the weekend and am just itching to finish the job. Anyone else excited for Christmas? I imagine all my American friends are totally psyched about Thanksgiving on Thursday, eh?

I was flipping TIRED after getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the rink. Yowzers! But it was DD who is still suffering from her lack of zzz’s after her weekend sleep over that really felt the early morning. Poor me! :D I whipped up an egg sandwich to eat on the drive over; 100_7295
This is toasted WW bread, ¼ cup egg beaters and a LC cheese wedge. I didn’t think it would hold me over for long, but it ended up sticking around for almost 4 hours.

Today was strictly data entry at work which succeeded in making me one dozy gal. LOL! I broke for a pumpkin nut muffin around 11am. 100_7297
I’m on 12:30 lunch this week so I pushed my snack back a little further.

I opted out of the gym today. I’ve been fighting a headache for the past few days which I thought was odd until I went home at lunch and noticed all the pollen floating in the air! Regardless, I was really just too tired and wanted to spend an hour at home with my fur babies. No guilt involved! I watched Dr. Oz, flipped through my new Shape magazine and sipped on a cup of pumpkin pie flavoured coffee. I went back to work ready to face the next 3 hours.

Lunch was leftovers, of course! I packed up the last of the roast from last Wednesday along with Thursday’s potatoes and a good squirt of mango wasabi mustard; 100_7302
Classy plastic container, eh? The meat was on the dry side, but I reasoned that that’s what my teeth were for. Good think I keep floss at my desk, though!! Hehe…

Later in the afternoon I snacked on some of these grapes. 100_7303
Hey! Like my faux flower arrangement? 100_7304
I bought the rocks and “flowers” at the dollar store yesterday. Here’s the one I put together for the house; 100_7306
LOVE this one! So festive and pretty….and CHEAP!

Dinner tonight followed the meal plan below. I cooked up some chopped onion in a bit of basil infused olive oil, then added 3 cut up turkey tenders. Once they were pretty much cooked through I added some TJ’s spinach sauce, some tomato sauce, oregano, chili powder, nutritional yeast, salt & pepper. I served it over about a 1/2 cup of penne; 100_7305

Yum! Guess what’s for lunch tomorrow? LOL! The fam had pretty much the same only their sauce was made with extra lean ground beef.

Here’s what the food is looking like for this week…

Meal Planning Week 4

Monday – Dance (6-6:45)
-pasta with veggies and turkey cutlets

Tuesday – Pilate’s (6:15-7:15)
-Chicken Kiev (pre made) for the fam
-baked tofu for me
-jade grain blend

Wednesday – Hockey (5:30-6:30 out of town)
-chicken Caesar wraps for fam
-mango wasabi chicken wraps for me
(wraps prepared Tuesday night)

Thursday – hockey (5-5:50) & skating (5:30-6:20)
-turkey sausages

Friday – FREE
-roasted pork tenderloin
-leftover jade grain blend

Wednesday night will be the wonkiest of the week. I decided on wraps because they’re easy to eat while driving. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into meal planning and am going to continue for the next 2 weeks (after this one) for sure, but with a twist! I’ll reveal said twist next Sunday so stay tuned. I think later in the month of December will be too difficult to adhere to specific meals, but I may try regardless.

After dinner we made our way to DD’s dance studio for their Christmas open house. I love getting the chance to see what she’s been learning. She's into hip hop again this year. One thing I learned tonight was that the instructor works those girls! Man alive! Here’s a shot of her in action; 100_7309

She’ll kill me if she finds out I posted this. Too bad I can’t get a video to load for me!

After dance was done I picked my Mom up and we went to the mall so she could do some Christmas shopping for the kids. Two hours later we were finally done. Good thing, too, because the mall was closing! I stopped at Starbuck’s on the way out for a grande 1 pump pumpkin spice NF Earl Grey misto; 100_7315

Right now I kinda feel like the lady in the crispy mini commercial…”I didn’t go to the gym today, but I did walk the mall for 2 hours…I think I will have a treat!” Enter one of Manon’s raw mini orange cheesecakes!!


Bye for now!!


  1. Hey chicky! Sorry to hear about the headache battle- hope it goes away quickly. Sounds like you had a great lunch break though. Your container of grapes makes me want to run out and buy some :) Cute pic of DD dancing! Owww- a wrap night sounds awesome. Maybe I'll do an eggy wrap for dinner tomorrow night!

  2. ah, sorry to hear you're struggling with your with a headache and hope it goes away soon.

    and i love your breakfast...i love having egg sammies and they hold me over for a while always; try it w/ hummus instead of cheese next time, swear it's awesome!

    love DD's dance moves! more than i'll ever have!

  3. DD looks so cool in that picture! you really should take a video of her dancing... i'd love to see that! :D
    that mini raw cheesecake looks amazing! I'm skeptical about raw desserts now but this definitely seems delicious! :)

  4. My daughter hates when I post pictures of her because "its embarrassing". That is what Mom's are for.

    We are getting ready for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I have not even started shopping.

    I now want an egg sammie now. Yum!

  5. headaches are no fun :( but that raw cheesecake looks awesome, as does that pumpkin nut muffin ;)

  6. Sounds like you had a long day yesterday! Love that you ended the day with a raw mini cheesecake!

    Can't wait to hear what your dinner planning twist is! :)

  7. I love your pretty flower arrangements! Festive decorations always brighten my day. :)

    Your dinner looks delish and that mini cheesecake is calling my name!

  8. Every day closer to Christmas is fine by me. I hate how after the day comes it goes SO fast and then it's over!! DD looks like a pro dancer!

  9. This looks fantastic! i have been looking for this stuff. Thanks!


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