Friday, March 5, 2010

Excited for the Weekend

Happy Friday, everyone!! I’m excited to be staring down barrel of the first hockey free weekend since September 26! WOW! Not saying that I don’t love going to DS’s hockey, but being rink free on what is suppose to be a sunny, WARM weekend feels nice. What are you most excited about heading into the weekend???

While watching CSI last night I snacked on a mini PB cookie Lara bar: IMG_0645
Have I mentioned that I love these mini guys? I think so. I mean, I could just as easily cut a full size one in half, but there’s just something about an open wrapper that beckons it to be eaten ASAP.

I enjoyed a lovely bowl of oats once lunches were made and bags were packed: IMG_0650
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-thawed strawberries drizzled with cappuccino flavoured agave IMG_0649
Mmmm…I put the agave on the berries before heating them in the microwave so they were nice and syrupy once warm. Stay tuned tomorrow for an oat-free breakfast!

Here are my snacks so far: IMG_0653 IMG_0651
I say so far because it’s highly likely that I’ll have something else before hitting the sack.

I had a great workout at the gym today. Even with a cold I managed to finish week 1 of Prevention magazine’s “fastest way to sculpt” program. Just to recap, Monday, Wednesday & today I did 30 minutes of cardio with the PM sculpt moves. Tuesday and Thursday I did 45 minutes of cardio only. I’ve already been able to increase the amount of weight in some of the exercises which is awesome, but more importantly, I feel so accomplished. I’m a visual person and call it whatever you want, but I take great satisfaction when I have a high calorie burn after a workout. To me that has always meant cardio, cardio, cardio so it was a lesson for me to realize this week that my higher calorie burn days were the ones with the strength training. What motivates you at the gym?

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 146
Max Hr: 169
Calories Torched: 544
Distance: 2.1 miles

Are you all ready for the world’s lamest lunch??? IMG_0652
LOL! I wasn’t feeling anything last night when I went to make lunch so I left it until this morning figuring inspiration would come, but it did not. So I ended up throwing about 1 cup of soba noodles into a container with a scoop of Sabra hummus and cauliflower from last night. It was actually pretty good, but didn’t do much to satisfy my hunger after my workout! I ended up inhaling 2 ginger cookies from the staff kitchen. *blush* But, damn, they were g-o-o-d!!

Before I get to dinner I’ll show you my purchases from last night. IMG_0646

Ohhh, this is fabulous! DS had one before bed last night and I stole a bite. Sensational. There were also strawberry and lemon versions. IMG_0648

I found the Dorset cereal on sale for $4.99. Usually it’s upwards of $6.99! And I finally caved and bought some brown rice syrup and sucanat. I’ve come across a few tasty looking recipes in the Clean Eating magazine that call for these 2 ingredients that I’d like to try. Now just have to be a big girl and buy some coconut butter/oil. *sigh*

Dinner tonight was fun! We had “make your own pizzas”. Here are the ingredients that I used for mine: IMG_0655

It’s kinda hard to see, but that’s goat’s feta. So creamy. Here’s my pizza hot out of the oven. IMG_0656

Holy cow, I loved this! This meal reminded me of before my hubby and I were married and we used to use pitas for personal pizzas all the time. Seems like ages ago….wait, it was! LOL! My hubby also brought home a real tasty chocolate bar from work that he bought through a fund raiser. My piece is on the right, DS’s on the left, IMG_0657

He had already started eating his, but wanted it in the photo with mine. Hehe…

Well, friends, this was a fun post to write. Why don’t you stop by and ask me a question? And when you’re done doing that, head on over to visit Katie for the most adorable fur baby post! Pepper made the cut! LOL!

Bye for now!!


  1. I hope the weather is gorgeous for your 1st hockey-free weekend in months, Krista! I think your lunch looks pretty delish...and that pizza looks absolutely scrumptious!

  2. Isn't it strange when your schedule is different than what you're used to? When work is out and I suddenly have Tuesdays free, I never know what to do! Haha!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Oh it must be so nice to have more free time on the weekend. Just knowing you're not going to be rushed at any point feels so good! I love your pita pizza, so easy, but I bet it tastes just like a traditional pie!
    Good job on a great workout!! I have noticed that strength training feels like so much more work sometimes than cardio. I am a cardio queen, but I know that weights will be the only way to get more toned. I'm so bad about keeping up with it though!
    Have a wonderful weekend Krista!!

  4. I am mostly looking forward to getting to enjoy the fab weather this weekend!

    I've eyed those Activia Dessert yoghurts a few times now, I might cave in and buy some next time I'm out!

  5. love the pizza and glad you're able to get into my site now :)

  6. I think we all have those days where we have no motivation to pack our lunch, and end up with something totally lame. I know I'm guilty of it!

  7. I totally recognize those fundraiser chocolate bars. I haven't had one in years but they are SO good...

    You have to break down and buy the coconut butter, I have to get myself some of that sucanat and brown rice syrup! One of these days. Can't do it all at once, my wallet wouldn't be too impressed lol

    Yeah I'm with you on the open bar packages. I can't get them out of my head until I eat the other half, I swear. mini laras over here in Canada would be SUPER.

  8. actually I like your lunch combo. such a great idea to use hummus as sauce, I'll need to try that! :)
    pizza rocks!!! in any form! goat cheese as topping? mm... I might give it another try.

  9. I could do it every Friday if everyone really loves it!! Thanks for having Pepper part of it!!!!!

    U got some great goodies!! I never tried the dorset cereal, have seen it before though!!

    Love the kefir in the oats too!!


  10. I love personalized pizza nights--my mom used to host them after vball practice and all my friends and I would devour them! Enjoy your weekend!!!


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