Saturday, March 13, 2010

Double Whammy

Did you all enjoy my Dempster’s Oven Fresh Baguette review? I hope so! Last night ended up being a late one. Real late. We didn’t get home until well after midnight! We met up with some friends at the hockey game and went to their place for a few drinks after the game. So I’ll run through yesterday’s eats quickly for you.

Breakfast was a new cereal that I bought Thursday night. IMG_0755

I’ve been eyeing this for a few months now but it’s pretty pricy so I’ve been leaving it at the store, but I finally caught it one sale. Cha-ching!


The box told me to enjoy it hot or cold, so I went with hot seeing as it was a chilly, wet day out: IMG_0758

This is a1/2 cup of the cereal with 1 cup USVAB. I warmed it in the microwave for about 1min 30sec.


Pretty freaking amazing, if you ask me! This is a dense granola type cereal with lots of raisins in it. Here’s the (short) ingredient list; IMG_0784

Has anybody out there tried this? Like it? No? Tell me about it!

Pre gym snack was this: IMG_0762

But that’s all you get because I’ll be doing another great product review very soon! Let me just say that this little gem hit the spot! ;)

I only had a half hour in the gym so I decided to do a 25 minute power walk at 4.2mph with a 7.5% incline.

  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 145
  • Max Hr: 168
  • Calories Torched: 217
  • Distance: 2 miles

I brought a serving of quinoa stew for my lunch: IMG_0763

My afternoon snack was one of my favourite fruit combos….strawberries and pineapple: IMG_0764

And I got my first birthday present before leaving work yesterday! Because I’m off next week (when my b-day actually is) my co worker surprised me with an early gift. IMG_0760

Haha! She knows me well! A Starbie’s card and some moola for my Buffalo adventure next Wednesday! Yipee! And I was given STRICK orders to not buy any food with the cash. So I promised and intend to keep it. And yes, there is great significance with the amount of $$ there. ;)

Friday night + hockey game = pizza night! I topped a WW pita with tomato paste, turkey pepperoni, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and goat feta. This was baked at 375* for 10mins. IMG_0766

I brought, and ate, some almonds at the game: IMG_0765

My hubby always buys these warm, delicious candy coated almonds and I end up eating WAY too many. And I did have a few last night, then switched to some “plain” ones.

Our team won the game 3-2! Here’s DS taking in the game: IMG_0768

See those shiny candy covered lips?? LOL!

Moving on to today…I slept in BIG time! After my 1:30AM bedtime, I rolled out of bed at 9:45…with a headache, to boot. And I only drank iced tea at our friends place. Bah. DS beat us all, though, having to be woken up at 10:15 in order to eat breakfast and make 11am practice. That boy has always loved his sleep. He was so cute last night when we got home. He flew out of the Jeep, stomped up the driveway and announced to us that “he was going to bed”. HA!

I give credit to my yummy breakfast for getting rid of my headache… IMG_0775

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • carob chips
  • kefir IMG_0774

And while I was eating I spotted my dove! YAY…she’s back! I love this bird. She arrives every year and makes a nest under our deck. Usually she lays eggs twice. Check her out: IMG_0773 IMG_0772

Doves have long been my favourite birds. I find their cooing to be very relaxing. Do you have a favourite bird?

While the boys were gone for a 2hr practice I cleaned the house. Honest to God, that is one heck of a workout. I never fail to break a sweat vacuuming this place. By the time I’d had enough and wanted lunch, it was almost 2pm. I made myself a delicious yogurt bowl: IMG_0778

This is a few glugs of goat’s milk yogurt mixed with a bit of pineapple jam, sliced strawberries and a scant 1/2 cup of the Alpen cereal. I never wanted this to end. Then I ate another elusive bar: IMG_0780

Hint: I liked this one better than yesterday’s.

After showering we made a trip over to Costco. I bought more Wildroots cereal: IMG_0781

I love this cereal. I actually had a small bowl when we got home last night which is when I realized that I was almost out. I also bought stuff like Kleenex’s , Quaker oats, frozen blueberries, turkey sausages and rainbow trout which we ate for dinner. I seasoned it with Mrs. Dash Thai spice and served it with green beans and quinoa: IMG_0782

My sweet end was a chocolate chip All Bran Bar: IMG_0783

The boys just left for a lacrosse game. DS is interested in playing but never has before. This is perfect because it’s just a fun game so he can see if he likes it. I pulled some bananas out of the freezer and plan on doing some baking once they thaw. Until then there’s still lots of laundry to fold!

So, there you have it. I hope the weekend is treating you well so far. Enjoy the rest of it!

Bye for now!!


  1. My fave bird is a dove also!!
    Love Sarah(DD)

  2. Hey Krista! How are you ? Sounds like its been a packed but fun weekend so far. Lots of good eats. Does goat milk yogurt taste different? I want to try it. Cleaning is DEF a workout. I always feel so good when I've finished cleaning. Hope the rest of the weekend is fabulous

  3. Ah, I'm so happy to hear your dove is back!!! she is so pretty! i hope she has a successful nesting year!

    what a great two days of eats! i love the toppings on that pizzza and that granola looks amazing!!!

  4. Happy early Birthday, hope DS enjoys his lacrosse game, it would be a great summer sport for him to play in the off season from hockey!

  5. Happy Birthday Week! I love your dove!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Your coworkers are so considerate!!!
    that oatmeal bowl can beat any kind of headache... I bet so! :) and that pizza looks fantastic. Goat feta? mmm... another new adventure for me.
    excited about your trip!
    oh.... I need to vacuum my place too :(

  7. I've never tried that cereal but it looks amazing!

  8. I love that your dove has returned, signs of spring. :) I've been eyeing that cereal as well, looks good. My problem is, there are so many great cereals! I need to have 2 breakfasts/day in order to eat all the cereals I want! I have had my Dorset in 3 days, but am loving what I'm eating, but craving the other? LOL! I love breakfast.

  9. What a sweet gift from your co-worker! I've had that Alpen cereal in my pre-blog days and I agree, it's great! I love the idea of it warmed up though. Can't wait to hear about those bars!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! I love the picture of DS at the game! So cute! And how amazing is the dove on the railing? Beautiful.
    I'm really interested in the All Bran bar- never seen those.
    I love how you manage to still eat so well and creatively even when you are crunched for time! Good mama, indeed!
    Getting some moolah for your bday is always fun!

  11. Thanks for reviewing the Alpen cereal - I've been eyeing it at the grocery store but definitely wondered if the $ is worth it!

    My fave bird is a blue jay...while I've heard they have quite the "tude", I find them captivating.

    Have a great Sunday!

  12. Happy (early) birthday, Krista! That Alpen cereal looks so good, I'll have to look for it! Awww, what a gorgeous dove!

  13. I've actually never seen that cereal--it's cool you can eat it hot or cold! I have a rule where I can't buy anymore cereal now until I eat all 30 boxes I have haha!

    You did have a late night--good thing you could sleep in a bit!


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