Saturday, March 27, 2010

Half Way Through The Weekend

Look who’s doing a double post again! HA! Last night instead of posting I watched “Where The Wild Things Are” with the fam. The kids loved this movie. I did not love this movie. Now, I have not read the book which in my experience is always better than the movie, but I really felt like the movie condoned, and awarded, bad behaviour. I had no patience for the behaviour of the main character at the beginning of the movie and very little tolerance for how the Mother handled the situation in the end. My opinion, of course!

Breakfast yesterday was simple, yet delicious. IMG_0982

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp granola


The sun has been shining brightly the past few days, but it’s been rather cool. I’ll still take the sun, though. The only drawback is that the windows at work do not have curtains/shades/tint or anything else to block the sun. From 8-11am it beams directly at my work station forcing me to get very creative in how I block it. Check this out; IMG_0983

Yes, that is a post it note! HA! It does the trick and I have thick enough skin to handle the teasing. ;)

Before going to the gym I ate a PB cookie Lara bar: IMG_0984

I like this flavour a lot, but wouldn’t put it in my top 3.

I did hit the gym yesterday, but my HRM was on the fritz so no stats. I did 30mins on the treadmill at a speed of 4mph with a 7% incline. I gabbed with a co worker the whole time, too. Then I got my 20mins of weights in. Three weeks ago when I started “lifting”, I was using 7lbs weights for some of the moves. Now I’m up to 12lbs! Progress!

Lunch was yogurt and granola again. IMG_0985

This time it was goat’s milk yogurt with some jam mixed in. AKA, cheesecake! I also ate half a chopped up pineapple: IMG_0986

Friday’s we usually do some kind of take out for dinner. My hubby and I wanted Chinese from a new place that just opened up, the kids wanted Mary Brown’s. Rather than arguing about it, I picked up both so we had quite the feast. IMG_0987

There was 8 pieces of chicken, taters, gravy, shrimp lo mien, steamed shrimp & mixed veggies and chicken curry. I went with about a half cup of each of the Chinese dishes: IMG_0988

YUM! I really like this new place because they make everything fresh right in front of you. After dinner came the movie, some Criminal minds and bed. There was also an unpictured small bowl of Wild roots cereal somewhere in there. Here…

I woke up at 8 this morning after a very good sleep. Before I even though about eating I sorted all the laundry and got that business underway. That made me kinda hot so I went with a bowl of Kashi UP cereal for breakfast: IMG_0990 IMG_0989

I had a bit more than what you see because there was still quite a bit of USVAB left at the bottom of the bowl so I went back for a bit more.

As I was eating I noticed that Pepper was checking out a cute black cat that was sitting on the neighbours fence railing. IMG_0992

Judging by his position, I’m sure he was gauging whether or not he wanted to chance jumping! LOL!

The morning was spent on the computer, cleaning out the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom. Fun times. Lunch came around all too fast so I warmed up some leftovers from dinner. I used a trick that I read about over at Hungry Girl which involves rinsing food that has been drenched in sauce. Although I loved the chicken curry, it made me rather stinky last night so I put my serving into a mesh strainer and ran it under the tap for minute. I also ate the last of the broccoli with some soy sauce on it. IMG_0994 IMG_0993

I was very pleased that rinsing the curry did not take away any of the flavour. And my tummy was OK after eating it.

DS and I made a trip to the mall this aft to develop some photos, get the sticker for the plate on our car and to buy him new shoes. He requested a small chocolate sundae from DQ as a treat and I stopped at Starbuck’s on our way out for a tall NF 1/2 sweet dark cherry mocha:


This is what an 8yr old boy looks like while his Mother is in a long line at Stabile's: IMG_0997

HA HA!!!

I made myself a tasty dinner tonight. There’s been a buttercup and butternut squash sitting on my counter for WAY too long so I decided to bake them. I cubed the be-nut and seasoned it with salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, basil coriander, chilli powder, cinnamon, garlic infused olive oil and lime juice. The be-cup just got sliced into wedges and sprayed with olive oil. I also made some quinoa with a 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 1/4 cup quinoa, 1 tbsp raisins, 1 tbsp shredded coconut and 2 tsp of pecans. I served myself about half of everything: IMG_1001

Very enjoyable, indeed! Here’s my sweet end: IMG_0995

Chocolate, my love. Speaking of chocolate, some pip squeak came to the door selling it today so my hubby bought some. IMG_0999

Haven’t tried any yet, but I’m looking forward to the coconut one!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hahahaha your post-it note had me laughing out loud. Sorry if I missed it, but did you make that granola or is it from a box? I made quinoa tonight too..I love that you used coconut milk!

  2. that sun block method is really clever! It made me laugh as well!!! hahahha....
    coconut chocolate? sounds a great combo!
    have a great Sunday! :)

  3. All of your food looks great. The Chinese especially, love take out. We've been eating out SO much lately - and chocolate...gosh...I've been eating it like apples lately. Can't stop.
    Looks like you're having a good weekend, enjoy Sunday!

  4. Loved all the food in this post! I had Chinese food last night too! I don't love it anywhere near as much as Daniel does, but I oblige him. It really does have a tendency to give me stomach troubles.
    And I loved the post it on your face- what a great idea!! haha.
    I love how much time you spend with your family- it's beautiful!
    Have a happy Sunday, my friend!

  5. I've never seen that movie, and it just didn't catch my eye from the beginning, so I probably won't!

    Ahh that post-it note totally made my morning! So funny, yet creative :-)

  6. I love your creative way of dealing with the sun in your eyes, I will definitly try that! :) That Chinese food feast looks incredible! I wish my hubby liked Chinese food, we rarely get it because of him, lol!

  7. Pineapple is in season; it is so good right now! Katherine

  8. the post it note idea! i would totally have done the same thing!

    and those roasted veggies look great! i love the season combo!

  9. hahah love the post it note girl!!
    HOW FUN!! all your food looks so great!


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