Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Indian For Lunch

I found some multi grain bread hiding in the back of the fridge that needed to be used up and had a bit of time this morning so I made myself some coconut blueberry French toast: IMG_1032
-3 slices multi grain bread (this was bought from a bakery)
-1/4 cup egg beaters
-1/2 cup coconut milk
-cinnamon and lots of it IMG_1031
I made a VERY quick blueberry sauce by heating the blueberries in the microwave for a minute with a tsp of cinnamon apple honey. I also spread a wee bit of coconut butter on the toast. Lush. This meal was 100% satisfying to me!

I didn’t go to the gym today because I had a lunch date with my supervisor. She takes each of us payroll gals out for our b-day every year. Mine was a bit late because I was off the week of my birthday, then she was pretty sick last week. No matter, I don’t mind the wait. I didn’t want to hit the restaurant starving so I ate an orange late in the morning: IMG_1033
This one was SO juicy! The last few I’ve had have been duds. Maybe I’m just a bad orange picker….

For lunch I chose a restaurant that serves up some great Indian food. It’s called Diana’s Downtown. We both decided to go with the Tandoori Naan. IMG_1034
We were pretty psyched by the looks of it when the server set it down! IMG_1035
The meal was delish! I loved the Tandoori spices on the chicken and the naan was oh so soft and fluffy.

Towards the end of the work day I ate a dark chocolate chip avocado muffin: IMG_1036
The weather here today was positively beautiful! I had anticipated this and pulled some ground bison out of the freezer for burgers. I dressed mine with Dijon, ketchup, relish, mayo, pickles, lettuce, a slice of turkey bacon and hot pepper rings. On the side I had some steamed green beans and 2 curly fires. Those are sure a blast from the past!! IMG_1038

As soon as dinner was done DS and I hopped on our bikes and went for a 3 mile bike ride. Pure bliss! I loved everything about it. The temp was perfect, the sun bright and DS and I had chance to catch up. We went on one of the routes that I like to run in the warmer months. Ironically, our bike ride took us about the same amount of time as if I were running. HA! When we got back I made a coffee for myself. Coco! This is the one you were asking about:


I enjoyed this out on the front porch while reading a magazine. Oh, how I’ve longed to be able to do that all winter long! I’ve lived here long enough to know that it’ll likely get cold again before the nice weather is here to stay, but I’ll take it while it lasts!

I’m off to gather “stuff” for tomorrow and then I’ll be watching some tube. Don’t forget to enter my Nature’s Path giveaway!!! Hope you’ve enjoyed you day!

Bye for now!!


  1. Thats very sweet of your supervisor to take you out for your birthday!! That Indian Foods looks so fresh and not greasy! Great lunchy. So glad the weather is getting nicer- hooray!

  2. ah, how nice of your super to take you out for your bday!!! mine did that too! was so nice! and we always went for indian too!

  3. What a lovely lunch! I'd order the same thing- it looks wonderful. And your french toast- oh boy. That is divine! Love the blueberry sauce!

    I'm such a bison fan. I prefer it to regular ground beef actually!
    Sounds like you had a great- the bike ride and the front porch relaxation especially!

  4. thanks Krista for showing the picture! it looks sooo cool! I'll check if I can find it.
    your lunch plate looks delish. I haven't had Nann for ages!!! it's sooo good! maybe I can try to make it! ;)

  5. So nice your boss took you for a birthday lunch!!

    I never tried Indian Food but I plan to soon!!!!

    Did you get the hungry girl book?! Know you said you were, I need to!

    Have a great day girl!! xoxo

  6. I haven't had French toast in too long! I love making it stuffed :-)

  7. I love Dianna's. Did you know, my brother designs cabinets, and designed the bar area/wine holder/counter in the main entrance. I think it's cool.

    The french toast looks sooo good.
    Happy Easter Weekend!

  8. Hehe, love that you had some curly fries--way to practice moderation!

  9. I've never really liked curly fries. I think because they are always seasoned, and I hate when my fries are seasoned. Is that weird?

    Love the Indian birthday lunch.


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