Thursday, June 10, 2010

Empty Fridge

We are just SO close to Friday, eh?! One more sleep to the weekend…amen. Not much new today. I did a boat load of keypunching at work. Oh, the joy. I tried a new trick with my oats this morning courtesy of hungry girl. I doubled the liquid and let the oats cook much longer than usual for a massive, creamy bowl of goodness!IMG_2009

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup USVAB
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • cinnamon
  • chai tea powder
  • hazelnut mocha sprinkles


Being a volume eater, I loved this method! I actually ran out of time and didn’t finish it all, but the longer cooking time (about 15 mins) made it creamy and thick.

I made sure to get my mojo on before going to the gym:IMG_2011

I bought a box of these back in March when DD and I went to the States but I eat them sparingly because I don’t think I’ll be State side again until the end of July. Gotta make them last!

The elliptical was my machine of choice today. My back was pretty stiff from sitting at the computer and I figured the elliptical would help stretch me out.

  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 159
  • Max Hr: 172
  • Calories Torched: 394 calories
  • Distance: 4.2 miles

Grocery shopping is tomorrow so my fridge is quite bare! I managed to put a bit of a salad together with the end of the spring mix, a tomato and some broccoli. I dressed it with the last of my raspberry walnut dressing:


It would appear that I either forgot to take a picture of the salad or I somehow deleted it because I can’t find it! Humpf. Later in the afternoon I snacked on the last bit of fruit in the fridge….cherries!IMG_2013

DS requested burgers for dinner. He must be on a burger kick this week because we just had them the other night. I pulled out some extra lean ground beef and told him I’d make homemade ones. I used a recipe (not that you really need a recipe for burgers) from this months issue of clean eating magazine for cheese stuffed burgers. IMG_2014

The recipe was for 8 sliders, but I just made 4 burgers. Seeing as we’re out of buns, too, the whole family used “my” burger thins. My burger was dressing with mayo, relish, honey mustard, ketchup and a pickle. We’re out of lettuce, hehe!IMG_2016

See my cheese pocket?? Mmmmm….IMG_2017

Dessert was a hunk of coconut dark chocolate with a side of cat. IMG_2018

After dinner I dropped DD off at the first of her 2 dance recitals (we’re all going tomorrow night) then I was off to watch DS play soccer. When we got home I warmed a piece of whole grain bread and topped it with chocolate coconut spread for some love.IMG_2019

It’s after 9pm now and I just got home from picking DD up. SYTYCD is on so I’ll be settling in to watch that before bed. Before YOU go to bed, check out Marianne's cool giveaway! Sleep tight!!

Bye for now!!


  1. If you ever need bars from the states- let me know :) I'd be more than happy to send some up to you! Mojos are the best. Your cherries look so good. I haven't had any yet this season. mmm that bread! I gave away some of the whole wheat bread I made the other day and now we're out! I am going to have to bake again- oh darn ;) Happy almost weekend

  2. I would also be happy to send you anything from the states!

    I'm also a volume eater, so I always fill my cereal bowl with "real cereal" then fill it with millet or corn puffs to give it more volume.

  3. Oh Mojo bars. I really enjoy them - it's one of the few foods I really wish were available in Canada. Love that salty/sweet thing going on.

  4. This is my last weekend to enjoy before I actually start working full-time..what a joy! :-P I am a volume eater to, so I would definitely try this method if I ate oats :-)

  5. I hope the dance recital goes great! If I ate oats, I'd try your tip.
    Hope you and the fam. have a great weekend Krista!

  6. We always have Mojos in the house. They're P's favorite. Good luck to DD tonight!

  7. sold me at cheese stuffed burgers :D

  8. oh i do see the cheesy pocket!!! what a great touch to add in there!! suprise- cheesy love <3

  9. Yummy good eats at your house. I bought some of the Mojo bars for my son but I have not tasted them yet.


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