Monday, June 7, 2010

Hip Hopping Dancer!

It’s been a good Monday! The sun was back out and everything that was planned went off without a hitch. I started the day with a bowl of blueberry oats:IMG_1969

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries
  • hazelnut agave


I’m on 11:30 lunch this week and had to run down to the venue where DD’s dance recital is to pick up the tickets for Friday night. Before heading out I ate a piece of whole grain bread with some peach blackberry jam spread on top.IMG_1970

Lunch was a hefty salad packed with spring mix, baked tofu and roasted carrots and sweet potatoes, all topped with some sweet onion salad dressing.IMG_1978

The dressing is made by Renee’s and tastes exactly like the dressing that I love on my subs at Subway!

Score! I munch on a baggie of carrot sticks over the course of the afternoon.IMG_1979

I had to have DD to her rehearsal by 6pm so I was proactive with dinner in placing a pork shoulder roast in the crock pot this morning on low seasoned with just some salt and pepper. When I got home I shredded the meat, tossed it with hickory BBQ sauce and served it over toasted thins with lettuce and dill pickles. I had more salad, too, but with Japanese Ginger dressing this time!IMG_1980

Dessert was strawberry rhubarb crisp with some Cool Whip free.IMG_1981 A good, albeit early dinner. We were done eating by 5pm! I didn’t want to wait until after the rehearsal because there was the potential to be there until 11pm. As luck would have it we were outta there by 8:30. Here are some picture I took of her just before she hit the stage:IMG_1986 IMG_1984 IMG_1985

Hambone! I’m hopping to be able to post the video I took of her dance. I’ve not been successful with video posting. It seems to go along OK then ends up with an error. Not sure how to get around that in WLW! As we were walking back to the Jeep we witnessed a whole whack of Canadian geese crossing the (busy) road with their babies! IMG_1989

Cars had to stop to let them by. LOL!IMG_1988

In the next photo I got really close to the babies and Mama was not happy with me. She gave a few good hisses my way! Freaked DD right out.IMG_1990

CUTE! I just snacked on 2 rice cakes with AB & jam that were camera shy. Now I’m sipping on some Read My Lips tea from David’s Tea. YUM!

Bye for now!!


  1. Awwww, those baby geese are sooo adorable!! :)


  2. hahah love the geese photos. Cute! Also love the photos of your daughter!! I used to looove my annual recitals :) Is that the river run centre I spy? I could be wrong..but I used to compete there :)

  3. DD looks so cute in her recital outfit! I'm sure she did great..she looks like she absolutely loves it!! and be careful with those geese- they can be vicious lil suckers!

  4. ah, DD looks great!!! I'm sure she did wonderful!

    and baby geese!!!! i saw some baby doves today too!

  5. DD's costume is SO much better than the ones they gave us for our dances.

    Our geese are always so mean! I prefer ducks instead :)

  6. i should try that dressing, i have the italian and red pepper ones in the fridge- and theyre pretty fantastic.

    DD is such a little rockstar! <3

    ps. did u see my shout out to u in my post? hehe

  7. Great food and photos. Love the family of geese, they are so cute.

    I should get some rhubarb and make that crisp.

  8. The geese are too cute! Sounds like it was a busy but very productive day (which is always good, especially for a Monday! :) ). Nice find with the dressing, I'll look for that (it's my mom's favorite too!).

  9. Your slow cooker dinner looks like it turned out perfect! Gosh- I love the slow cooker. And Josh and I are really loving the bread with blackberry spread on top too! You have some fabulous add in items. I tossed some sunflower seeds in there last time and adjusted the ratio of some of the flours....I think I liked my first version better though :) Recipe in progress! DD looks adorable! Love the outfit.

  10. I love the sweet onion dressing at Subway! I always ask for extra in a to-go cup, they must think I like some salad with my dressing lol! I will have to keep an eye out for that!

  11. Your oats look amazing!! DD looks absolutely adorable!!


  12. DD is so cute!! I'm intrigued by the peach blackberry jam. It's hard to picture those flavors together!

  13. Your daughter is too cute! I used to dance hip hop / jazz also when I was younger and loved it!! I hope she has a great recital Friday!!!

    I always love your oats, always look so delish!!!

    I know those sahale biscotti crisps are going to be yummy! I died when i saw them, they also had a couple other flavors, one was chocolate banana!! Im getting that next time!!

    I hope you get your chocolate fix today!!

  14. I really like that line of Renees dressing. I just emptied a bottle and added this to my shopping list for this evening!
    DD looks great, what an outfit!

  15. Aw, all baby animals are so adorable, well maybe not ALL, but those geese are. :-)

  16. Baby geese! So cute!

    I'm gonna have to look for that dressing at the store - sounds delicious :)

  17. your oats look delicious! and i love the geese photos.


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