Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Food Should Taste Good – A Review

A few weeks ago our doorstep was blessed with a massive box containing 12 full size bags of chips from Food Should Taste Good.

My hubby, who is an avid chip lover, almost died and went to heaven! LOL I set the box on the dining room table, put a notebook and pen beside it and told the fam to go to town. The only requirement was that they had to document what they though of each flavour. Below you will find just that, in point form. We each had our personal favourites with the chocolate, potato & chive and The works being the first 3 to fall victim to our taste buds. At the end you will read more info about the company and their product so I hope you find this review helpful!

Potato and Chive


DH- Great! Tastes like nacho chips with a nice hint of chilli and salt. Would be great with French onion dip, or guacamole. Great snack with cold beer!
DD-Great, would be good with “hell of a good dip’’
DS- Tastes like “good” onions, crispy
K-not my fave. Tasted to “smooth’’ for a chip (not a sour cream & onion fan)



DH- tastes good but a little too spicy after taste for me
DS-liked the small piece I tried
K- YUM! Spicy and cool red colour. Heat hits after a few chews
DD- Really spicy after taste (don’t really like spicy)



DH-Great snack just like nachos and cheese at the hockey rink
DD-Very good, not salty like other chips
DS-Delicious. Reminded me of cheesies!

Sweet Potato


DH- sweet and nice snack but not my favourite
DS-potato-y and good
K-VERY good tastes just like sweet potatoes; not spicy
DD-Very good, not salty. Taste just like the actual sweet potato

Multi Grain


K-Excellent cracker alternative! I used this one as a tuna salad “scooper”. Reminds me of Sun Chips
DD- A little salty but still excellent!
DH- Nice light taste, good snack, would be good with dip



DD-A little spicy but before the spice comes, good
DS-Taste just like wings, but a bit spicy for me
K-takes a few chips before Buffalo flavour shines through
DH-A little spicy after taste but a great chip for a get together

The Works


DH- Very addictive snack. Awesome to munch on while watching hockey
DS-Taste like garlic, not spicy, very good!
DD-Kinda tastes like BBQ chips
K-Family really enjoyed this bag. So much so that I didn’t get to taste any!!!



DD- tastes just like a fresh donut from the market
K- These reminded me of cinnamon twists. Delicious!
DS-Very cinnamon-y not spicy, yummy for a snack or even dessert
DH- Didn’t try these ones



DS-did not like these ones. Too much lime
K-Authentic lime flavour, pleasant after taste
DD-like the chips but not the after taste
DH-not for me

Blue Corn


DS-Liked these because they taste “plain”
K-great regular chip replacement
DD- very good! Reminds me of The Works kind



I didn’t share this bag! Admittedly, I was a little scared of chocolate chips at first, but these had such a wonderfully deep chocolate flavour that I was won over! This bag did not last long. LOL

Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips are made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, trans fat free and do not use GMO’s. They are also certified kosher, lower in sodium and are a great source of dietary fibre. Please note that the 2 newest flavours (Blue Corn & Cheddar) are still in the introduction phase and may be more difficult to find right now.

I huge THANK YOU to Veronica for sending us such a generous amount to review. As you can see, we generally liked all the flavours and this is a product that I would (and will) definitely purchase for myself in the near future! Have you tried any of these? If so, which ones?

Bye for now!!


  1. I LOVE these chips! I am yet to try a flavor I do not like. I think my favorite so far is the multigrain but I totally want to try the lime and chocolate. Great reviews! Love how the whole family pitched in.

  2. I love Food Should Taste Good chips!! But so far I've only tried the multi grain and sweet potato. Those are soooo good, though. I've been trying to find the chocolate but havent been able to. Thanks for the review! Now I know which to try next :)

  3. oh man, i've seen those at the store and on blogs and want to try them so bad! glad to know which one are better than others!!!

  4. I have only tried the SP flavor of these chips and those are amazing, I`ll have to pick up some other types!

  5. My hubs tried those once and loved them. I'm not a chip fan but those flavors are intriguing! :)

  6. i have totally wanted to buy them and try them, just havent...YUM now i need to!

  7. great review! I'm not a big fan of chips, but this one sounds worth trying! :)

  8. I love chips too! I'd die if this showed up on my doorstep! AMAZING! I haven't noticed these in our stores, but I'll look for them now, and probably go for spicy!

  9. Awesome review Krista! I love your idea of getting the fam involved! It's always great to get a few more opinions. I'm a chipper girl too! I have no problem snackin away on them! No worries about the comments on my blog! It's funny you mention locking up your work computer. Some of the blogs I read do the same thing to mine and it cracked me up that I do it to you! XOXO

  10. 1) I am horribly jealous that you have gotten to try out all these wonderful FSTG chips! I've only seen a handful of those flavours in stores here.

    2) I've tried the Multigrain ones, and quite enjoyed them. Mom bought a big bag from Costco, and she thought they were on the salty side as well.

    Food Should Taste Good should send me some ;)

  11. I've never tried any of the Food Should Taste Good products, but those chocolate ones have always tempted me!

  12. Wow, that is chip heaven! The potato and chive flavor sound amazing...so does the works!

  13. Great review! have you tried the black olive ones!? I found them in shoppers drug mart..soo addicting!

  14. Those look soo good! I'll have to check out the ingredient list, but i'd love to try a few of those flavours out! Yum!

  15. Ooo two thumbs up for FSTG chips!! I am not a huge chip eater, but when I do, these are the chips I reach for. My fav would have to be the Sweet Potato!


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