Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amazing Grass and My Garden

It’s been another hot one in the neighbourhood and I’m loving it! This is my kinda weather. DD and I took a walk down to the grocery store last night to get treats for their class parties today. You bet I came home with a few goodies! But first....when we got home I whipped out my unsweetened almond breeze and mixed 1 cup of it with a package of kids chocolate flavoured Amazing Grass mix;
This was so good! A definite chocolate taste without being too sweet. I'm not sure that I could sell my kids on it, though....

I’ve been wanting to try the Dorset cereal for a while but it is expensive so when I saw a bunch of boxes at 50% off, I grabbed one ASAP! I was also psyched to find that PC now makes 5 grain oats….just like Old Wessex!
Finding this couldn’t have come at a better time as I just ran out of Old Wessex last week. You bet I used it this morning! I also cracked open a can of pure pumpkin which I haven’t done in a long while. I didn’t realize how I missed that pumpkiny flavour!
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup PC 5 grain oats
-cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg
-vanilla, salt
-1/2 cup pure pumpkin
-hemp seeds and a splash of vanilla flavoured coffee creamer
Oh, how delicious this was!

It was busy, busy at work today! I ate the last of the Parnoosh dates throughout the morning;
So, yesterday’s walk on the treadmill with a 10% incline did not play nice with my right ankle. It definitely spoke up this morning. Between that and the heat that has been the gym recently, I opted to go home a lunch today to play with my laptop out on the deck. While there I enjoyed another sample of Amazing Grass with a good 1.5 cups of water. There was also a Suzie’s spelt breadstick on the side.
This was the berry flavour and after reading how Angela’s sometimes turns to swamp water, I decided to whip it up in the magic bullet to make sure it was good and combined. This did a pretty good job and I like the overall flavour of it. I didn’t notice any afternoon energy bursts, but I’m sure it’s doing my body good.

After being back to work about an hour I heated up what I had brought for lunch. Hold your hats because this was an exciting one (Insert SARCASM here);
Leftover broccoli and turkey sausage. I know, how could I get more creative? I did snack on some green grapes...
and managed to avoid the tray a massive sized cookies that appeared in our department mid afternoon. I did snag these 2 for my kids. Pinky swear! After work I snacked on one of Angela's chocolate on the glo bars..
This one beat out the PB one hands down in my opinion! I love it. After that I changed into my grubbies and went out to give my plants some much needed water. All the rain we've gotten has dried up already in this heat and my veggies and flowers were looking a little limp. My vegetables are coming along nicely. I took some pictures to show you...
Red leaf lettuce. This is ready to start using if I wanted, but I'd like for the plants to get a bit bigger yet. Cherry tomato plant;
Yellow & green zucchini....
Aren't they the cutest?? And here's my pot of nasturtiums.
They will be gorgeous when they bloom. I can't wait!

Dinner was quick and easy.....and light! We bbq'd a small pork tenderloin and paired it up with a shrimp ring and some salad.
My salad also has some cucumbers and pomegranate blueberry acai dressing in it. Dessert was the very last Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich,
Mucho refreshing. Seeing as I didn't hit the gym today, I joined my parents on their nightly 3 mile walk. I popped my HRM on;

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 117
Max Hr: 141
Calories Burned: 282
Distance: 3 miles

I plan on passing another enjoyable evening out on the deck before I settle in to watch SYTYCD. Ahhh...I love long summer nights!

Bye for now!


  1. Love all the spices in your breakfast. I have tried the kid's chocolate amazing grass and I thought it was pretty tasty too! I think I remember trying it mixed into oats too and it was pretty good.

  2. I have got to try the wheat grass, I've been seeing it all over! Your veggie garden looks great, I love red leaf lettuce!

  3. Always fun to try new products, looks like you made out well at the store! AND you know I'm loving that shrimpy salad!! The garden is looking awesome

  4. Can you believe I just realized DD stands for Dear Daughter!?!? lol Silly moi!

  5. Angela's Glo Bar looks SO good. Wowwwwie! I would love to try both the PB and chocolate :)

    Sounds like a great summer night!

  6. ooo look at all the veggie goodness in your garden! YUM!

  7. Love that Amazing Grass for kids! I just ordered several packets of it!

  8. How is the PC 5-Grain cereal? I never go out to Real Canadian, because it's way out of town here, so I miss out on any of the products they make.

    Your shrimp ring salad looks lovely, even if it was simple. I love me some of those shrimp!

  9. I want to try those amazing grass too, I just looked up their website and it seems to be pretty good for our body. I was just wondering if it tastes good too, it seems to be. Thanks for the review! :)
    I love long summer night too!!!

  10. Your garden is looking great!! Won't be long until you get to eat all of those delicious veggies!!

    By the way, I wonder if girl Bostons are just bratty in general! I haven't met someone else with a Boston so I haven't been able to compare - good to know your MIL's is a brat too ;)

  11. It's been so long since I had a skinny cow. I like them, but I always had a tendency to eat too many. Plus, I don't care for all the fake ingredients in them.

    And now I am having a massive craving for some grapes.

  12. hmmmmm yummmyy I like to try new new receipes and i will surely try chocolate at my home. One most delicious thing is that I always taste new recipe in my home garden because it always give me a sense of happiness. I love to eat new deserts in my home garden aren't you??


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