Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pull Up A Chair

Hey, everybody! Miss me? What a whirl wind this weekend has been. This will be a long post so make sure you're comfy cozy! Let me pick up where I left off Friday night. After I posted I enjoyed a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich while getting to know my laptop a bit better. It was awesome that I was able to sit out on the deck until 9pm online. Yes, I know I’m behind the times, but I’m getting there. By 9pm I started feeling antsy and really felt like a run so that’s exactly what I did. I chose a 2.6 mile loop around my neighbourhood cuz it was a little darker than I would’ve liked and I wanted to be close to home.

Time: 24 minutes
Avg Hr: 172
Max Hr: 188
Calories Burned: 281
Distance: 2.6 miles

I was surprised at how much higher my average & max HR was running outside. Granted, ¾ of the route I took was either uphill or on a bit of an incline. Can’t get around that where I live! I felt super satisfied when I got home and was glad I gave into the urge to get out.

I set my alarm for 8am Saturday morning but needn’t have worried because Mother Nature called at 6:30 and I just stayed up. I made a bowl of oats about an hour later when my tummy decided it wanted food.
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-cinnamon, vanilla, salt
-carob chips
You all know this is my favourite way to eat my oats!

After breakfast I got some chores out of the way and then went for my mani/pedi. Can’t have crap looking nails at a wedding! It’s such a relaxing way to spend an hour. I was a little munchy when I got home so I snacked on 2 of these bread sticks to tie me over until lunch;
Then the fun events of the day got started! DD and I went to visit Angela & Eric at the market where they were selling her baked goods. But before heading out we stopped at Subway for some eats. I got a 6" turkey and Swiss on WW with everything but pickles and onions…
I had a bit of an anxious moment when we got there because everything had been moved indoors due to the rain and I realized that I didn’t know where to find them! After asking a few people we knew exactly where to go. Angela had a great display of all her baked goods set up. DD was in charge of taking some photos for me while we chatted;

Doesn't everything look great? I bought a ½ dozen of the cupcakes and 2 burger cupcakes. DD bought herself some treats, too and had them all eaten by the time we got home! Here are 2 action shots of us enjoying some treats!
HEHE! Ange put together an awesome sample baggie of goodies for me for placing in the BBBC. Check it out;
The Glo nuts didn’t stand a chance at my place. I did manage to salvage one for myself!
It was AWESOME! I can’t wait to try the rest but I have to stagger myself so I can really enjoy each piece. Angela & Eric are super nice people and I’m thrilled to have met them both. Here’s a shot of Ange and I;
We made our way back home only to leave again for DS’s very last ball hockey game which was held in a neighbouring city, about a ½ hour away. We were told the game started at 3, but it was actually 3:30. As if this didn’t put us in a tight enough situation for making the 6pm wedding, the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the building and wait for it to be cleared by the fire department. YIKES! Apparently some dorky kid pulled the alarm as a gag. Very funny. Anywho, they won the game and placed first in the league so all the boys (and coaches, my hubby included) were just tickled pink…errr…maybe blue. :) Here's DS after the game....
We made a mad dash back home where my hubby dropped me off at home so I could shower while he dropped the kids off at my parents place. I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my life! I managed to do it all in a ½ hour and we were only 15 minutes late. Luckily, dinner hadn’t started to be served yet! I didn’t take any pictures at dinner because I didn’t know anybody there (it was a co worker of my hubby’s wedding) and felt a bit uncomfortable whipping the camera out. Here’s a shot of the menu, though…
The meal was absolutely fabulous and I didn’t overdo it on anything. In fact, I didn’t clean off any of my plates. I’m always nervous eating full, rich meals because my stomach reacts very negatively a few hours later and I don’t need to be hit in the head twice when it comes to eating foods that have the potential to make me ill! They also had gorgeous centre pieces that I did take a picture of…
Just beautiful! It was a beautiful wedding and a nice time out. Here's the man and myself all dolled up...
Finally on to today. I woke up early again at 7:30. I didn't fall asleep until almost 1am so that was a bit earlier than I wanted for sure. I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat so I finally settled on some green oat bran.
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup oat bran
-1 tsp matcha powder
-slivered almonds
This was really good! I loved the colour of it. Matcha is so expensive so I use it sparingly, but I'm glad I pulled it out this morning. I also enjoyed a mango apple tea.
DD made breakfast for "Dad", too. With a little help from me she whipped up French toast, eggs, strawberries and a burger muffin for his feast. DS was in charge of coffee. The kids served in his meal in bed and he happily gobbled it up!
We made our way out to the farm and had a surprise waiting for us when we got there. The baby that was born last week came early and her mom "abandoned" her. There's plenty of horses to keep her company, but my in laws are bottle feeding her. Lacey is her name and she is SO friendly. She loves to be pet and rubbed and will follow you around like a dog.
DD had the opportunity to feed her while we were there....
I loved her company and could gladly have spent all day playing with her. Alas, as babies will, she got tired and passed out on us so my MIL carried her into her pen for a nap. She's so cute and she made my day!

I wasn't super hungry when we got home as I snacked on a smores cookie out at the farm but knew we were eating an early dinner so I made myself a small grilled cheese using the raw cow's milk Swiss from Whole Foods.
Right after finishing this we headed out to friends of ours to visit with them and their new baby that was born last Friday. He's the CUTEST little guy and I truly enjoyed all the snuggle time I had with him. They have every reason to be as proud as they are. He's a gem. I sure got my fill of baby snuggles today.
From their place we drove to the next city over to enjoy a Father's Day dinner at Red Lobster. This is my hubby's fave place to eat. It gets busy really fast because it's the only one in the area so we were sure to be there by 4pm. By the time we left shortly after 5, the place was packed. I started off with one of their famous cheese biscuits;
Proud to say I only ate one. I've been known to eat more than that! Then I had a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side;
For the main course I chose the scallops, shrimp and chicken with a side of steamed broccoli,
The broc and half the chicken came home with me for tomorrow's lunch and I left all the rice on the plate. I was like eating salt. Nastiness. Instead of getting a heavy, over priced dessert there, we grabbed sundae`s at McDonald`s on our way home. I had raspberry and blueberry sauce on mine;
Delish! Last stop for the day was my parents place. We hung out there for a few hours before finally making our way home to RELAX. I am so behind on many different things that I`m kinda sticking my head in the sand right now. We only have soccer this week so I know I have plenty of time to catch up. I hope everyone enjoyed some time with their Dad`s today where possible. It was a gorgeous one out there! I`m off to make lunches and then plan on doing some blog reading to end the night off. Congrats to you if you`ve managed to read this far along. You`re a champ!!! Have a great evening...

Bye for now!!


  1. Looks like you have had a great couple of days and Angela's Glo Bakery samples look amazing!

    Those Red Lobster biscuits are so ADDICTING. I think if I ever had to go on an all liquid diet, I would just hook an IV of those up to me (LOL) :)

  2. I can only imagine how delicious Angela's treats are, my mouth was watering looking at the pics of them!

  3. What a fun and super busy weekend -- too cool how you met up with Angela, all her treats look amazing.

  4. What a great few days you had and some wonderful eats. Angela's baked goodies look amazing.

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I can't get over how amazing those burger cupcakes look. They're almost too good to eat (almost!)

  6. what a great weekend! you definitely enjoyed it a lot! :D

  7. WOW- you sure did cover a lot of ground this weekend! Very cool that you got to meet Angela- I love her glo bakery concept! Those little burger cupcakes are too cute for words

  8. WOW!! What a fun filled weekend - wedding, baby, baby animals, baked goods! I'm kind of jealous ;)

  9. Wow she sure had a glorious display set up!! I wish I could nibble some of those cupcakes haha! Looks like you had an eventful and FUN weekend :-)

  10. Ohh! I haven't seen those Breadsticks, but I'm OBSESSED with Suzie's Spelt Crackers!!! I LOVE them! Glad you and Angela had fun :-)

  11. wow, what a fun weekend :)
    angelas baked goods look so good!

  12. what a crazy and fun weekend you had! those baked goods look SOO good :)

  13. What a busy weekend! Saturday's oats look like an ice cream sundae -- so good! And Angela's baked goods look amazing!!!

  14. Sounds like a jam packed weekend for sure! The action shots of you and DD in the car with your treats are pretty funny ;)

    I've only ever been to Red Lobster once, because they don't have them out in BC. I think it was on a skating trip in Winnipeg, which just seems wrong - there's no ocean there!


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