Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

I must admit that I’m becoming quite impatient waiting on summer to arrive. Today was overcast and cold…more like a November day than June. Blah! Guess I should be glad that it’s not too hot to enjoy my bowl of comfort food for breakfast!
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-cinnamon honey
-hulled hemp seeds
Some of you have asked how the hemp seeds taste. Well, they certainly don’t have an over powering taste. They add more of a background nuttiness to a dish. I love the subtlety that they offer. I just have a small bag which was a great buy for me to be able to see if I liked them or not. I plan on getting a bigger size once this one is done.

Work was work. What can ya say? I did eat my dates, but didn’t bother with a picture of them. No gym again today because I had a medical appointment at noon. Nothing serious, just routine. *wink* I noshed on a banana rhubarb muffin on the drive over to the office;
I'm not real sure why this photo insists on staying sideways! This was enough to hold me over until almost 2pm! Yowzers! Actually, I think the oats had more of a hand in that.

I packed myself a terrific lunch. I found some leftover rice and broccoli in the fridge and decided to top it with a mild curry tuna steak.
I’ve preached my thoughts on how fabulous I find these tuna steaks on the blog before. I find them so convenient and healthy. This is the kind I ate today;
Snacky, snacky later in the day was the rest of my mango from yesterday;
While enjoying it I realized that it would have been a great addition to my lunch. Ah, the bright ideas always come after the fact around here!

This morning I pulled some mystery fish out of the freezer for dinner. I really need to remember to label ALL bags that I put in the freezer. Anywho, it ended up being a cod fillet. I cut it into 3 pieces and seasoned it with with salmon spice and spritz of butter. On the side I had a mix of steamed spinach and about a 1/3 cup of lentils which was all drizzled with some avocado oil.
My sweet end was some stewed rhubarb topped off with Cool Whip Free;
I hope that cool whip blob didn't blind anybody! It's pretty sad when I have to use a flash at 6pm! There was also a handful of Gold fish crackers consumed while dinner prep was going on and I just finished savouring 3 chocolate filled Werther's candies. :~) I'm off to tuck in with a few new magazine's that have come in the mail. I was planning on a run this evening seeing as I missed the gym 2 days this week, but I can't summon the motivation to go out into this nasty weather. Sigh. I'll be back at it tomorrow!

Bye for now!


  1. Its more like fall here too... and im annoyed, because today was my first official day of Summer!

  2. I'm interested in trying the hemp seeds - I'm not a huge fan of hemp protein powder as I find the taste quite strong! Hope the weather clears up for you soon out there.

  3. Mmm I like the idea of the mango in the salad with tuna. Definitely a good option for lunch later this week :)

    I like your attitude about exercise - back at it tomorrow!

  4. Where, oh, WHERE is summer?! I love fall weather and all but it can wait ;)

    Even though it's only been on the blog once, leftover rice/veggies is one of my favorite things! Just throw in a bowl, add some soy sauce, shake it up = stir fry!H Hope you have a great evening!!

  5. hahaha...can i just say how much that muffin loks like it's floating!? hahaha!

    and i hope summer comes for you soon! i'll send some of my florida heat your way!!!

  6. I feel the same way today- work was sort of bleh whatever! That dessert looks like the perfect way to finish off the day :) Have a good night.

  7. That's a great combo - spinach and lentils - I love it!
    Way to get the fish needs met today!
    Work is work...totally.

  8. The sideways photo of the muffin is so trippy. Bizarre that it refuses to turn itself the right way.

    I find the hemp seeds have an almost sunflower seed flavour. Subtle for sure, but that's the closest comparison I can think of.

    I think I'll need to try out those tuna steaks one of these days. If you rave about them that much, they must be good! And I do like me some tuna.

  9. It's hard to motivate in this weather. Even though I like cloudy days, I want to curl up in a blanket and read.
    The muffin looks like it is flying through outer space!

  10. Lovin the Cool Whip dollop! That definitely makes any dessert 10 times better :)

  11. the weather have been crazy lately, yesterday we had a terrible storm and then hot hot hot!
    hemp seeds have great nutrients, right? I should get some too!
    that tuna steak sounds delish!

  12. I was having the same problem with my pictures! I found that if you right click on the photo in "my photos" it gives you the option to rotate the picture clockwise. I hope this helps!

  13. thanks for the hemp review! am going to try and get a small bag to try- so far only found 1kg bags, ha...

    have a great Wednesday!

  14. Gee, so i'm not missing any good weather over there?? That is reassuring :)

    Hey, Krista- i've been wondering- when you were doing the BBBC did you take your measurements throughout the challenge or just right at the end? Did you notice your clothes getting looser? Specifically your work trousers (since it seems you lost the most in your hip/thigh area!)?

    Just curious :)

  15. I can always count on your blog for some cool food ideas!! Like I never knew stewed rhubarb could look THAT fancy and delicious!!! Now i gotta try that out!!

    hahah i also laughed at how you managed to "find" some rice in the fridge. HMMM i wonder how that got there??


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