Thursday, June 18, 2009


After reading Caitlin’s post yesterday on Operation Beautiful,
I decided to leave a random note stuck to the washroom mirror at work first thing this morning!
I was happy to see that it remained there all day long! It was a riot for me to sit in my little corner cubicle out of sight listening to everybody talk about the note! The staff had a good laugh over it. Here are a few comments that I overheard throughout the day;

*what a great idea
*such a moral booster
*we should start leaving notes everywhere
*take the mirror away and just leave nice quotes in its place

The only person I revealed myself to was my D, my most awesome supervisor. She was caught saying that she wished she knew who it was so she could say thank you. I couldn’t resist!

In keeping up with my June challenge of eating something other than oats for b-fast one day a week, I switched it up today. After seeing Sarah make some fancy pants chia yogurt I knew I had to have it. Here’s what went into mine;
-3/4 cup plain NF yogurt
-4 chopped strawberries
-1/2 cup blueberries
-1 tbsp hulled hemp seeds
-1 tbsp chia seeds
-1 tbsp ground flax
-splash of vanilla extract

I apologize for the crappy pictures; it was SO overcast this morning that I had to use the flash. They really don’t do this concoction justice because it was delectable! All the ingredients got mixed together last night before bed so it was uber creamy this morning.

I picked some peonies from my garden yesterday before the rain had a chance to weigh the petals down. I opted to bring it in to work because Pepper is really bad for knocking vases of flowers over. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way! Aren’t the stunning?

Before going to the gym I ate a few dried apricots and parnoosh dates;

I found a big fan hiding in the gym today that I made sure to plug in and point right in my direction! Worked like a charm even though it was really only blowing hot air around. I was just happy with the air movement!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 159
Max Hr: 179
Calories Burned: 426
Miles: 3.5

I was on the ‘mill for 35 minutes and then spent 10 minutes working on my core. Can’t let that slide!!!

Lunch was a mish mosh of dinner leftovers. I threw together some of the pasta sauce with the rest of the lentils and some fresh broccoli florets, then the whole shebang got a garlic hummus hat,

I also enjoyed a banana rhubarb muffin…

And then later on some green grapes;
Sweet and crisp…just how I like’em! And a handful of these...

I was suffering some major munchies! There was also a box of chocolate in the kitchen that I managed to avoid....okay, was empty by the time I saw it there! :)

For dinner we had BBQ'd pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus and steamed rainbow Swiss chard (picked up at Whole Foods). Here are the greens pre cooking;
Dinner is served!
For dessert I pulled out a SOY JOY bar that Julie sent to me...
The first bite was kinda meh, but by the time it was done I wished there was more of it! It sure looked strange....just like a hunk baked tofu, but there were lots of dried berries and it had an almost cakey consistency. I couldn't take a photo because I was driving while eating it. I have 2 more waiting for me to dig in to!

I had a follow up appointment with the podiatrist to make sure my orthotics were OK, which they are. Phew! Seeing as I was on the side of town where the Bulk Barn is, I ran in to grab a few things. Two items I could not pass up were some Celestial Teas in chocolate raspberry and strawberry vanilla rose.
Can you blame me for having to buy them? Right now I am sipping on the chocolate raspberry one (DUH!) and it smells just great and tastes good, too! Once I post I'm going to fiddle with the laptop as we have wireless set up now! WAHOO! I need to set up some folders and I want to download Windows Live Writer, too. Any advice, comments or tips on how to use the program from those of you who like it would me much appreciated!!! Have a great night....

Bye for now!


  1. LOVE your operation beautiful note. Jenny (Josh's sister) and I are going out tomorrow to stick up notes! I sort of felt mehhh about the soy joy bar too!

  2. Operation beautiful is such a cute idea!

    Your peonies are lovely!

  3. The note is such a great idea, how motivating. I would probably just start to cry uncontrollably. Probably not the best idea to sob at work . . .I feel like you lose some power.

  4. I am loving Operation Beautiful and how it has "exploded" (as Caitlin would say)! I hope to put some in public places next time I'm out and about (I'm a SAHM). But I did one for myself and a few as Facebook statuses.

  5. Hehe, your flowers match your breakfast!

  6. Windows Live Writer is the best. I love that I can set up things to automatically link to websites when I just type in the name. So much faster! And it's quick for adding watermarks to my photos.

    Here's a funny story about peonies. My mom has some in her yard, and as a kid, I always thought she was calling them PNE, which is the the name of the fair in Vancouver ever summer (Pacific National Exhibition). I thought it was weird the flower had the same name as the fair! HA!

    And those teas! They had them out at one store here around Valentine's day, but I never picked any up then, and I haven't seen them anymore. They sound really good :)

  7. that operation beautiful is soooo cute!! :) Actually I put a message in my celphone that says" Today is going to be a great day! "
    Love Celetials teas, they're the best!!! :)

  8. What a great idea with the note, that would make my day too.
    I love the colour of the peonies, perfect pink.
    And the teas what amazing flavours, I'm so jealous right now.

  9. What an awesome yogurt creation!

    I really want to get in on this Operation Beautiful! I think it's exciting how well yours was received! :D

  10. Nothing like finding inspiring quotes and such in random places!! And I need to look for that tea!(not like I don't have WAY too much tea now anyway ha)

  11. Aw I love that you included what your coworkers said - that note probably made them feel a lot better! I love this movement!

    I love your mishmosh lunch! It looks delicious :) Windows Live Writer is heaven sent! Hope you don't have any problems with it!


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