Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Happy hump day, everybody! Hope this Wednesday has been treating everyone well. The sun was shining in my neck of the woods and the air is finally starting to warm up again. Happy times.

After seeing Leah put fresh mint in her oats, I decided it was high time to put some of my chocolate mint to use!
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain Oats
-3 mint leaves
-chopped almonds
I only used 3 leaves because I was afraid it would over power the oats. While there was a nice mint flavour in the background, I would’ve liked it to be a bit more prominent. Next time, I’m going chocolate mint wild!!!

I was busy, busy this morning at work and forgot to snap a pic of my dates. I know how upsetting that must be to you all! :) My ankles have been feeling great the past few days considering I’ve been running pretty much the same distance on the treadmill the past 2 days as I was before getting injured. It’s my upper thighs and tush that hate me today! They were thankful that I had some errands to run at lunch today which distracted me from going to the gym! One such errand was going to the dollar store to buy more black paint for this godforsaken Medieval castle of DD’s. I went home and finished painting the rest of it for her because I’m sick of finding paint all over my sinks and towels!

There was a bright spot over my lunch hour in the form of these 2 bags of cookies from Marianne!!
You bet I ate one of each ASAP! Even though I’m a chocolate freak, both the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin were equally amazing! The fam quite enjoyed the treat, too! THANKS, Marianne!!!

I made a monster sized salad for my lunch last night. I opened it up to eat it and wondered what the heck I was thinking! It was seriously good, though!
In here we have a whole head of romaine, left over grilled chicken breast, leftover steamed veggies, blueberries, hemp seeds and cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing.
Gotta love a salad that takes an hour to eat! That McDonald’s salad container has sure come in handy…I ate a mystery muffin over the course of the afternoon;
I can’t post the recipe just yet, but I promise it over the weekend!

Dinner had to be on the early side tonight because I had physio at 5:40 and the kids were in the pool at 7pm. We had turkey sausages and grilled bell peppers. I had a scoop of cottage cheese with salt and pepper, as well. The fam also had some shit in a bag…I mean a Side Kick noodle package. Here’s my plate!
Funny little story here. I have always called canned noodles (ABC’s, Chef Boyardee, etc) shit in a can. No matter how much the kids beg, I will not buy that crap. So one day I’m in the grocery store with DS and they have a big display of Dora the Explorer noodles on sale. DS looks up at me an announces very loudly that they have shit in a can on sale and can we please have some??!! The people around us burst out laughing while I turned a few shades of red! Oh, out of the mouths of babes!

I ate some juicy cantaloupe for my sweet end.
Don’t forget to enter my Full Bar contest! It’s your chance to win a week’s supply of Full Bars to try out!! Certainly can’t go wrong there. I'll leave you with a few picture's of some artwork that DS had done to his head last night. #31 is his ball hockey number, by the way!
They drew the "31" on is head so that they could shave it properly!
Bye for now!!


  1. Glad you liked the chocolate mint addition!! COOKIES! They look delicious! I'm happy to hear that your ankles are feeling better - not a fun situation at all.

    HAHAHA at the shit in a can! I love it!! That's hilarious!

  2. Your salad looks awesome- especially with the seeds on top! Loving the hair- how fun is that

  3. chocolate mint??? intriguing :) love that salad!

  4. Holy crap, I can't believe the cookies arrived today! I only went to the post office yesterday. Amazing what an extra $1.50 in postage will do for you! I'm glad you enjoyed them :) How badly did the oatmeal raisin ones crumble? They don't like staying whole for me.

    The "shit in a can" thing cracks me up. It's like my name for McDonalds - McShits. LOL.

  5. Ooh, chocolate mint oats! That's a great idea :D That salad looks awesome, too! Big salads are my favorite.

    LOL that "shit in a can" thing is hilarious! I love it :D It's true, though ;)

  6. I LOVE mint in my oats! It's perfect with a scoop of cocoa powder--just like a Thin Mint cookie!

  7. wooooo..... DD has something in his head! so cute! :)
    I love your gigantic bowl of salad.... but one question: is that how you bring salad to work? in that container? or you put the salad in a tapper and then transfer to a plate? I think it's much more appetizing than eating from a tapper.

  8. I saw chocolate mint at whole foods the other day and came so close to buying it. I talked myself out of it because I figured "it can't *really* taste like chocolate mint, right?"

    Now that I see it here though, I might have to make a trek back out and pick up a plant or two. It just sounds so interesting and yummy. :D

  9. that 'shit in a can' story is hilarious! haha :)

    I very nearly bought hemp seeds today but thought they needed ground like flaxseeds. Do they taste of much/add flavour to the salad?

  10. love your meals

  11. I love the head shave design, how cute!

    "Shit in a can" ... BAHAHA that is hilarious. Love the story. I actually laughed out loud reading that.

    I haven't had a GIANT salad in far too long. It's one of my favourite kinds of meals!

  12. Your breakfast looks so pretty with the mint!


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