Monday, June 22, 2009

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!

We left our bedroom window open last night which made for a great sleep. That was, until the birds began chirping at 4am! Do bird’s ever sleep I wonder? HA! Here’s my morning eats;
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Red River cereal
-cinnamon, salt, vanilla
-chocolate PB2
-hemp seeds
-carob chips
This bowl had some serious staying power! I ate my figs around 11:15, but that was more to curb my sweet tooth that anything else!
The morning whipped right along which is always appreciated. I hit up the gym today for a nice run. I made sure to have that fan pointing at me again because it was still 77*F in there! BLETCH. If the air continues to be problematic, I’m going to really have to commit to later in the evening runs because the heat makes me feel sick. No motivation in that!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 161
Max Hr: 178
Calories Burned: 451
Distance: 4.26 miles

I enjoyed a fabulous salad again today. After the indulgences of the weekend (which were TOTALLY worth it, by the way) it’s nice to get back into my regular eating routine.
In here we have baby spinach, asparagus, steamed broccoli, chicken and Sabra hummus as dressing.
I didn’t realize how green this salad was until I went to eat it! Terrific!

My afternoon pick me up was one of Angela’s On The Glo PB bars
In the words of MarianneHOLY BATMAN was this ever tasty! I meant to just eat half and save the rest for later on, but I couldn’t resist eating it all. There was also some honeydew melon and watermelon slices leftover from a meeting. I wanted something cold and this fit the bill!
It was wonderfully HOT outside today so instead of putting the oven on we grilled up some burgers. I had a Sun Dried Tomato Basil Garden burger on an Ezekiel English muffin with some LC & avocado smash and a wee bit of BBQ sauce. Some berries rounded out my plate quite nicely,
Here's the gardenburger box so you can see exactly what kind these were.
I really like the taste and would buy them again in a heartbeat. My sweet end was the very last mini burger cupcake....
I ate this on the way to DS's soccer game. For me the best part of these little guys was the "patty"! I loved the peppermintiness (is that even a word?).

I'm off to gather the necessities for the morning. Then I plan on sitting outside with a magazine until it's too dark to read anymore. Gotta take full advantage of these warmer nights.

Bye for now!!


  1. Glad to hear Angela's baked goods are as good as they look- yum! Great lunchy salad and love seeing the fresh melon! We have a HUGE watermelon sitting on the counter and I cannot wait to eat it.

  2. What is LC?
    Also, how do you make your avocado mash (or do you buy it)? I feel like I'm completely lost with avocados but i love them... I just can't seem to get one that seems ripe. Too crunchy! Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Haha.

  3. Your breakfast looks so yummy! I love the addition of the hemp seeds. Sabra hummus is sooo good, and I love that you used it as a dressing! I'll have to try that sometime.

    That little burger cupcake is adorable! Have a lovely night :)

  4. Hehe, love your BBQ swirl!

  5. I asked the same question since summer came along... when they (birds) sleep? they always wake me up in the early morning!!!

    like the avocado LC combo for sandwich! :)

  6. The birds always wake me up too! At least their chirping means summer has arrived--finally!! And I love the grill meals, so great on hot days! It's sooo muggy here, I hate even cooking in the kitchen :-(

  7. The birds wake me up too but I figure it's better than my alarm! Angela's baked goods look REALLY good! I should order some from her!

  8. You are my thinspiration. You eat so clean and lovely!

  9. LOL - do I say that alot? I didn't realize it. Too funny!

    Interesting to hear that you enjoyed those burgers. One of my coworkers bought them and was saying how she didn't really like them. I haven't had a Gardenburger in ages, and I think they only had the "regular" ones the last time I bought them.


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