Friday, June 19, 2009

The Weeks End

**Before I get this post started, I wanted to let you all know that I may or may not be around tomorrow. We have a super busy weekend ahead (special trip to the market, ball hockey tournament and wedding) and I’m not sure if there’ll be time for posting.**

On to today! I am ever glad it’s Friday! I started my day off with some kamut flakes that I’ve been neglecting.
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup kamut flakes
-cinnamon, salt, vanilla
-goji berries
-stewed rhubarb (about a 1/3 cup)
-hulled hemp seeds and a sprinkle of maple flakes
The goji berries got extra plump today which was a real treat. I’ve got to remember to try the flakes as a savoury side at dinner sometime soon. I think they’d be great cooked up a as “pilaf” in some stock with peas and corn. Mmmm….

I was feeling hungry all morning even though I knew I couldn’t be. I was feeling a little unsettled (about what, I’m not sure) and I think that’s what was causing it. I did end up making a trip to the office candy dish where I found this; Two of my weaknesses…Swedish berries and rosettes! I actually ate double what you see here, but stayed away the rest of the day. Funnily enough, that bit of sugar seemed to dull the edginess I was feeling. See, candy can be good for you! :) On the more natural side of things, I did also enjoy three big figs that I scooped up at the Bulk Barn last night;
These are great! I’m guessing there’s loads of fibre in the little seeds!

So, the forecast is calling for massive amounts of rain and storms tonight and all tomorrow. The sun wash shining brightly at lunch so I decided to go home at lunch instead of the gym. I enjoyed an hour of vitamin D with a magazine and felt better for it.

Lunch was another beautiful en salata;
This baby contained some romaine, all the leftover steamed Swiss chard form dinner, 5 chopped asparagus stalks, sliced strawberries, the rest of my pork chop form a few nights ago and grilled peach bruschetta in lieu of dressing.
I swear the pork chops I buy at the market are a great deal because I got 3 “meals” out of mine alone. Now, my hubby can eat a whole one in a sitting, but they’re too big for me to do that! I also ate a few unpictured crackers before leaving the house to come back to work.

The afternoon went by pretty slow. I had some non-thinking jobs to do which was probably a good thing! When I got home I relaxed a bit and snacked on the last banana rhubarb muffin with some Mighty Maple spread on top and some tea before heading out to Pilate’s:
When I got home I made myself an egg sandwich with egg whites, avocado & LC smashed together and a wee bit of Sabra hummus. I ate some cantaloupe cubes on the side;

I'm finally posting from my laptop so I plan on spending some time on the decking blog reading tonight. My hubby bought me some of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches so I think I'll have one of those while I'm at it. If I don't check in tomorrow, I'll be back for sure on Sunday with a recap!

Bye for now!!


  1. I'm eating figs right now as I type this comment :-)

    Gorgeous salad!!

    Good luck with your busy weekend!!

  2. Love your salad! Salsa for dressing is the best!! Also, your dinner looks great - I think I need to finally buy an avocado!

    Enjoy your busy weekend - don't let the weather get in the way!

  3. I'm guessing that swedish berries are the same thing as swedish fish? If so--I am in love =) haha

  4. I need to find some kamut flakes!

    I haven't had rosettes in a long time. Yum!

  5. Great idea to mix LC & avocado!
    Have a great weekend:)

  6. I should get some figs... it must taste good for you to have it everyday!
    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  7. Oh wow! Your salad looks scrumptious! And who doesnt love a nice skinny cow IC sammie!? I sure doooo! :D

  8. Those darling figs are the cutest things I've ever seen! Your salad is also super gorge. I love it!


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