Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few New Eats

The sun finally decided to make an appearance this morning! It’s about time, Mr. Sunshine. As much as my new plants need water, they need your heat and light, too!

I stopped by the Bulk Barn last night to pick a few things up after soccer. Which, by the way, was wet and miserable….for the parents, anyways. DS came with me. Please remind me to never take him there again. The little twerp conned me into buying MUCH more than I intended to. All crap, of course! I did purchase an awesome new grain blend to try out, though. It’s called Sunrise Blend with Quinoa Flakes. I even snuck a picture so I would remember!
It was the look of it that grabbed my attention. Lots of grains in there and that’s a big bonus for a texture gal like me;
How great does that look? How did it taste? AWESOME! I prepared it much like my oats…
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Sunrise Blend with Quinoa Flakes
-hemp seeds
-splash of vanilla coffee creamer
There was definitely a marvelous party going on in my mouth this morning!

Work bumped along today. I was glad to see the end of it. I ate 3 fat figs (also from the Bulk Barn) before going to the gym;
I love biting into these figs and being able to see all the little seeds inside. I really should’ve taken a picture of that. Next time.

I had planned a ½ hour on the elliptical today but it was in use so I hopped on a treadmill for a run instead. Then I did 20 minutes of strength work. Was I ever sweaty when it was over!

*2 sets of 20 lunges with 5lbs weight (each leg)
*2 set of 20 squats with 5lbs weights
*3 sets of 15 tricep dips
*3 sets of 10 (girly) push ups
*2 sets of 10 reverse crunches
*1 set of 50 bicycle crunches

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 155
Max Hr: 180
Calories Burned: 411
Distance: 3 miles

Lunch was something totally new to me…Ocean’s Pacific Salmon Thai Salad;
Here the nutrition info on it;
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the can to find it packed tight with rice and veg and hunks of salmon!
I served some of it on top of 2 pumpkin oat Ryvita cracker and ate the rest out of the can.
This was nicely spiced with no overly strong flavours and had a nice texture to it. There are a few other salad kinds as well. I, for one, will most definitely be purchasing this product again. Very impressed! Lunch dessert was a cut up nectarine and some strawberries;
Before going home I ate this muffin that I made a batch of last night.
I just can’t reveal this recipe quite yet, though! You’ll have to make sure to stay tuned so you won’t miss the unveiling a bit later in the week! Such a teaser, I know!

I made a trip to the post office before I came home, but once I got here it was straight into cooking dinner as my hubby had a 6:15 appointment. We BBQ'd up some chicken breast and I served mine with some veggies and sauteed spinach. After reading Angela's post on raw vs cooked foods today, I felt all glowy knowing that I was getting the most bang for my spinach buck!
My sweet end was some rhubarb rumble and an unpictured piece of rhubarb square.
Tonight we have the exciting task of helping DD with a medieval castle project that is due Thursday. She's nearing the end point and I can honestly say that I can't wait until it's over. This has been one frustrating, expensive task. None of us are crafty people so patience has been running thin over this one. I will post a photo of it when it's all done. Wish me luck!

Don't miss out on my Full Bar contest! Go check it out!

Bye for now!!


  1. YeS! I can finally comment on your blog! I keep reading at work, and comments are blocked :( I want to visit the bulk barn!

  2. Good to know about the Bulk Barn purchase! I'll be on the lookout during my next BB trip :)

    That salmon salad looks great too. Amazing what kind of good stuff they can pack into a can.

    I remember the days of finishing up projects and how they basically became family projects because my mom would end up sitting there doing half of it while I would moan and cry about how difficult/time consuming etc etc it was. This happened a lot with arty/creative projects. They sure can be frustrating!

  3. That grain blend sounds so good! I wish we had something like the Bulk Barn!

  4. I laughed at "little twerp," haha! That muffin looks so moist and delicious - I can't wait for the recipe!! Nice mix up with the breakfast, sounds great :)

  5. Can't wait to hear about those new muffins! and that quinoa flake mix sounds interesting! great breakfast w/ it!

  6. Hey girl! How are you? I wish we had a bulk barn!! That place looks awesome. Glad you got another fabulous workout in. Good luck with the project

  7. Wow, I have NEVER seen a food company divide the fats (omega-3 and omega-6) like that! Do they do that on all labels in Canada? I've always wished labels wold do that, but it's not a requirement so not one does.

  8. New eats totally make my day! :)

    I want to go to bulk barn! It sound awesome!

  9. The bulk barn sounds fun, and what a cool find! That breakfast looks great. The thai salmon salad looks really good, too--I love how the fats are all broken down on the nutrition label.

  10. Why is this Bulk Barn place not out west?! Seriously. Tell them to get out here.

    I've never seen those Ocean's products before either - are they new? Looks interesting.

    And I was at the post office today as well ;)

  11. so fun to try new products!!! I haven't tried any new lately... really looking forward to! :)

  12. bulk barn sounds incredible! i love the looks of your new grain mix. i hope the castle project worked out ok!

  13. the grains look great! do you know what is in it specifically?

    the salmon things looks a lot like something I eat all the time here in the UK- do they do a tuna kind? I have a salsa/tuna/rice one a few times a week...such a fast/easy/delicious lunch!

  14. That sunrise blend sounds delish. I wish there was a Bulk Barn near me!

  15. I don't think I've ever seen quinoa flakes - so cool!


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