Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Recital Time!

The day started out so promising, but it was pouring again by 2pm. BOO!! I booked tomorrow and Monday off work so I hope I get some sunshine in there. I had one of my favourite oat combos for breakfast today. Stayed tuned for tomorrow's morning eats as I have something other than oats planned!
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-cinnamon, vanilla, salt -banana
-carob chips
Ah, heaven! I used up the last of my PB2 so as soon as I got to work I logged on to The Low Carb Grocery to order more. I was ecstatic to see that they now carry the chocolate PB2! You bet I ordered one of each! I also stocked up on Shiritaki noodles and a few other things that I'll share with you when the order arrives. **To all my Canadian readers....if you want to try PB2, this store ships across the country for pretty decent rates!**

Work plodded along. I decided it was time to post my date picture again. :)
This bucket that I bought is almost gone. Mind you, it's lasted me a few months. I'm not going to buy any for a while once this is gone to try to get myself out of the habit of eating them most days of the week. I think too much of a good thing can be....well, too much.

I ran into a bit of a dilemma over the lunch hour. DD needed new nylons for the recital tonight that I forgot about, but I wanted to hit up the gym. Solution? I skipped morning break, hit the gym a little earlier for a 35 minute run then ran to Zellers (like Target) to pick up the tights. Luckily for me, the store is fairly close to my work. The plan worked out beautifully...

Time: 35 minutes
Avg Hr: 159
Max Hr: 175
Calories Burned: 328Distance: 3.3 miles

The half hour went by wicked fast because I chatted the whole time with a co worker who was on the elliptical. Between the 2 of us there was a lot of heavy breathing going on! *wink* On my way to the store I ate a banana rhubarb muffin;
Lunch was pretty good for a microwave meal! I combined this Lean Cuisine Oriental Ginger Beef Stir Fry...
with some steamed broccoli to bulk it up...
Lunch was served. And yummalicious. A lady I work with was 100% impressed with the fact that I added broccoli to the mix. It's a foreign thought to me that people wouldn't do this, but I suppose that's a bit of tunnel vision on my part!

I scored some melon and grapes from the staff kitchen that were leftover from a meeting, too;
Most days when I download my picture's to the computer I find some funny ones that the kids have taken "behind my back". I don't mind this....I actually find it pretty hilarious. DS would have to be the biggest culprit. Here are a few pictures that I found today...

What a ham! I popped a few of these in my yapper this afternoon,
I love the chocolate filled Werther's!

Dinner was a quickie again tonight. I had a BBQ'd Yves Veggie dog on a WW wrap with smashed LC and avocado. There was also some peach bruschetta going on there;
All wrapped up with a side of fruit;
Dessert saw me eating some of this Caramilk treat the the boys bought me;
Mmmmm....I had 2 pieces. Here's a cross section;

Now I must jet as it's time to get the girl prepped and ready for show time. She has to be at the theatre for 6:45 and the show starts at 7:30. I love going to the recitals....they're a ton of fun! Have a great evening!

Bye for now!


  1. OMG! Did DS take a picture of his food?? :) Send a "break a leg" to DD from me!

  2. I love the char on the veggie dog - mmmmm! Yay for chocolate PB2!! I hope you like it :)

    GOOD LUCK to DD!! you have a future blogger on your hands?!

  3. I've been popping worther's all day..I find them veryyy addicting! Good luck to DD!

  4. I agree, frozen entrees are much better if you add extra veggies!

    Have fun at the recital!

  5. Your hot dog wrap looks pretty fancy & tasty :) Now I kinda want hot dogs for dinner. HA!

    I'm still torn on the whole PB2 thing. Part of me wants to try it, because I like trying new things, but part of me is a cheap bastard and hates that I have to order it to get it - regular PB is way more budget friendly!

  6. Good luck to DD on the recital!!

  7. Your kids are so adorable! I would probably steal my moms camera if she was a food blogger too. Do you think DD will develop her own blogging likes---best of wishes with the recital =) I'm sure it will be fab!

  8. I love the regular PB2, not wild about the chocolate. Its such a great mix in. I love that your kids take pics- thats so cute. Hope the recital goes well!!

  9. lovin that veggie dog wrap! :) looks delish!

  10. MMMM! That veggie dog wrap looks AWESOME!

    Loving the random pictures! Too cute!

    I hope the recital goes well!

  11. DS is a freakin hoot!
    Ya'll can't get a break up there with the weather, am I right?

  12. The Lean Cuisine looks delicious, and I would add broccoli too.

  13. great idea to bulk frozen meal with veggies, otherwise they're not filling enough!
    I'm so curious about your non-oat! :D

  14. I love PB2! I haven't tried the chocolate yet though. I think that you can get it for cheaper though on

  15. yesssssss pb2!! those oats look fab girl :)

    hope D has an awesome recital!!

  16. I'd ordered both the original and chocolate pb2 when I did my low carb order. Love it!

    I told myself I was going to take a break from the dates once I finish up my container too haha. It's almost done. Sigh!

    That Caramilk is totally droolworthy. Wowzers.


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