Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Oddball Breakfast

The day started out cloudy again but by the time noon rolled around the sun was shining! YEAH! Happy day. My breakfast was a little different this morning, but I’m not counting it as part of my “eat a different breakfast once a week for June” challenge because it wasn’t too far off what I normally eat. Follow me;
-1/2 cup Silk
-1/4 cup water
-1/2 cup cooked rice
-cinnamon, salt, vanilla
-1 tbsp Flanigan’s Farm trail mix
-hulled hemp seeds
This was a great switch up! It was close enough to my oats so that I didn’t miss them and held me over just as well. This is what the package of trail mix looks like;
This was a really nice addition. I enjoy having raisins and peanuts mixed in the same bite!

As usual, I ate my dates around 10:30ish. I think these are becoming a bit of a bad habit! On the weekend, I forget about them completely, but find that I miss them through the mornings at work. I’m on 12:30 lunch this week so before the gym I chowed down on this Chia Raspberry Cashew Dr. Weil bar;
Holy Hannah, this was most definitely my favourite flavour of the 5 that Nature’s Path sent me a while back. It was jammed with raspberry flavour and cashew pieces. I didn’t notice the chia, but I’ve never tried it before so maybe I just missed it? Anyways, I would buy this one again for sure.

It was so awesome to finally get back in the gym! I hammered out a fantastic run today. But it was HOT….76*F when I finished up. S-weaty!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 164
Max Hr: 179
Calories Burned: 493
Distance: 5.08 miles

I’m back in the game! Yahoo!

I brought the leftover cod and veggies for lunch today. I wasn’t really feeling it, mostly because I forgot to pack the peach bruschetta with it! Oh, well. It did the trick.
Don’t ya just hate an unfulfilling meal? My lunch dessert was a cup of stewed rhubarb, sans Cool Whip!
My fresh fruit supply is dwindling terribly but this made a great substitution. Shopping day is Friday and I want to wait until then to restock.

For dinner I made myself a "burger" using lentils. Here's what I mixed together;

-1/3 cup cooked lentils
-1 tbsp Sabra hummus
-1 butt end slice of WW bread (made into breadcrumbs using the Magic Bullet)
-2 tbsp Eggbeaters
-chili powder

I just mashed it all up, formed it into a patty and let it sit in the fridge for a 1/2 hour. I cooked it up in a greased pan until brown on both sides. I topped it with a generous scoop of peach bruschetta once plated. On the side was a pile a steamed veggies;
This is the first patty I've made using beans and it was stellar. It held its shape pretty good and the blend of hummus and peach was out of this world. I'm sitting here wondering why it took me so long to try this! And I just realized how many of these steamed vegetables I ate today! Holy out for me later! :) My sweet end was a Cravings macaroon...
No words are needed here! In a few minutes I'm off to the pool for the kids swimming lessons. I believe that next week is the last night and then that will be it for swimming until the end of September. My hubby has just gone up to Purolator to pick up my laptop! SO excited!! I can't wait to be able to blog where ever I want. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!

Bye for now!


  1. I have never made lentil burgers but I've been looking for a good recipe...I will definitely be making this soon!

  2. Yum, that burger looks great! I love the idea of adding the trail mix to your oats/rice, for a little crunch and saltiness, glad it worked out :)

  3. I love lentil/bean burgers! You can be so creative and add in all sorts of different veggies etc! That bowl o macaroon looks just incredible!

  4. That lentil burger looks fantastic! Hummus and peach? Hmm I'm intrigued!!

    YAY for the laptop :)

  5. I hate when you pack a perfectly good lunch for work, and then you totally aren't into it by lunch time. Then it's like, do I go out and get something, but waste the lunch I packed, or just eat it anyways?

    Totally jealous of the laptop. I swear, I'm the only person on the planet still rocking the desktop.

  6. I'd have thought you had blended oats... but these are blended rice!!! great idea!!! :D
    and your lentil burger looks yummy too!
    so glad that you're back to gym for sweaty runs! that feels good!

  7. Wow the lentil burger looks amazing. I wish I had more time to cook things like that. Maybe I could do a big batch and them freeze them.

  8. Your breakfast looks delicious! That lentil burger looks great as well!
    <3 jess

  9. Ooo that bar sounds super good! I have not tried that flavor, but I added it to my growing list of "to try bars"! Thanks


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