Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I had trouble falling asleep last night and slept horribly so I was very glad that I set my alarm for 7:15am to get up and make the boys their promised pancakes! I blame my sleep issues on a cup of coffee that I drank to close to bed time. Lesson learned! Anywho, DD got up shortly after me and helped out in the kitchen by preparing a bowl of sliced strawberries and a bowl of blueberries. For the fam's pancakes, I used 2 cups heart healthy Bisquick, 1.25 cups milk and an egg. I also threw in a handful on mini semi sweet chocolate chips. I made a Hungry Girl blueberry pancake recipe for myself. Here's my plate complete with strawberries, blueberries and sugar free maple syrup...

DS at 3 big pancakes, but caved on the last bite so I ate it for him. You know what? I found their pancakes WAY too sweet. Glad I made my own healthier batch! I also sipped on a big cup of green tea.

Once clean up was done and I was all showered, we drove out to the farm. While there, my hubby cracked open a box that had 6 different kinds of nuts and trail mixes in it. Needless to say, I ate way too many nuts and 3 cookies!! What the heck? Talk about random snacking...I wasn't even hungry so I "failed" at this temptation! But man, they were tasty! I managed to capture a picture before they all disappeared....just kidding, we didn't eat all of it!

Getting back to some good for me foods, I was feeling rather snackie late last night and decided to eat a huge, juicy orange instead of some random empty calorie crap.

I forgot how good oranges are when they're in season!

I was not hungry when lunch rolled around due to my nut consumption, so I decided to pull out my Wii Fit instead. I finished all the yoga poses (15 of them) and 14 out of 15 strength moves. I tried #15, but couldn't figure it out. I'll try that one another time. I put my HRM on for shits and giggles and burned 200 calories in just over an hour. Not a super star workout, but I wasn't looking for one. I felt nice and loose and limber when it was over, but more importantly, I was RELAXED! It was just after 2pm at this point and I was starting to feel a bit hungry. I threw ingredients in the bread machine for pizza dough and then made myself a little something to eat.

This is a peeled and diced apple, a single serve container of FF vanilla and about a 1/4 cup of pumpkin granola. I also filled my Starbuck's tumbler with another round of green tea. I decided to spare you all a repeat picture! I ate this up while blog reading.

I never did make that energy bar recipe last night, so I made it today while I waited for the pizza dough to rise. I got the recipe out of and Ellie Krieger book called "The Food You Crave". It's actually called "energy bars" and is chalk full of dried fruits and nuts and oats. It was easy to make, as well....just pop all the ingredients into a food processor and spread in a 9 x 13 pan. The recipe yields 24 bars. Here they are just out of the oven...

Here they are all cut up into bars;

These bars are SO yummy! My hubby and DS had no problem gobbling them up! There are quite a few tasty looking recipes in this cookbook that I want to try that I think I may just by it! Has anybody else checked out this cookbook? If so, what do you think of it?

Next up was pizza assembly. I made a big one for the family because they like all the same things on their pizza. This one had pepperoni, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and cheese. My hubby's side also had hot pepper rings on it.

My had all the same veggies with no meat and the addition of olives. Also, I didn't have as much cheese on mine...

That's a leftover piece of dough that I had thought to make into a bun. I didn't work out very well at all, though. :( Here's piece # 1;

I ate one more this size and packed the rest up for tomorrow's lunch. My sweet end was an energy bar, of course! You had to know that! :) We went to visit my parents for a little bit after dinner and when we got home I chatted with a friend for awhile . He's going through a nasty personal situation right now and needs to vent every now and then. Poor guy! Left on the agenda tonight is lunches and one last load of laundry to fold. I'm aiming to get to bed early again due to my poor sleep last night. First up tomorrow is a dentist appointment. Yuck. Not looking forward to that! Anyways, enjoy the rest of the night!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Pancakes + energy bars + pizza = WOWZA yum.

    Hang in there with the dentist appointment tomorrow!!

  2. What a great day of eats!! Nuts are soooo yummy! I love when healthy magazines say grab a hand full of nuts for a healthy and filling treat. I think....1 handful is filling?

    The energy bars look great, I have always wanted to try that recipe. Love Ellie!

    Good luck at the dentist- I hate going so much!

  3. Your pizza looks like a heart! I LOVE Ellie's recipes :) There are quite a few on the Food Network's website too!

    Sorry about the dentist appointment - that's not a fun way to kick off the week :(

  4. So many great eats!! i love ellie krieger, haven't made a recipe i didn't like yet :) most recently i did those red-wine poached pears... yum!

  5. Oh man...those bars look amazing! So does that pizza!

  6. mmmm nice food pictures you have posted!
    i'm getting hungry again! ;]

  7. haha i LOVE the shape your your pizza! So homemade and delish looking :D

  8. Mmmmmm there is a lot of good food in this post! Not that that would be unusual for you, Krista ;o) I love Hungry Girl recipes! I've never tried the pancakes before, though - need to get on that.

    Those bars look fantastic! They are cut so cleanly, too. I'm impressed by that, haha! And I love the shape of the pizza, as carolinebee said. Yum!

  9. Monday morning & the dentist? Ick! Pizza looks good though.

  10. everything look amazingly good! Love the chewy bar and the pizza! :D

  11. The pizza and the bats look delicious!

    DId you have all the ingredients for the bars or did you make some changes? I've seen the recipe, but I feel like there were some special things I would have to go get to make them and am wondering if you can omit some things.


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