Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Batch of Energy Bars

I was up at 1am slamming back some extra strength Tylenol for my throat because it hurt so bad. UGH. It’s not much better today but I don’t want to spent this entire post complaining about it so that’s the last you’ll hear of it!!

I had an old favourtie for breakfast that I haven’t had in ages….cream of wheat.

I used to eat this stuff like it was going out of style a few years ago! Maybe that’s why I haven’t has it in so long….

-1 cup water
-1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
-3 Tbsp of cream of wheat
-sprinkle of pumpkin flax granola

Let me tell you, 3 Tbsp of this stuff makes a BIG bowl of breakfast!! It was just as creamy and smooth as I remember. I’ll definitely be putting this into the morning breakfast rotation!

I was in a meeting for a good chunk of the morning and by the end my belly was rumbling. Seeing as it was pretty close to lunch, I whipped out the half piece of Pistachio Lara bar that I packed as a snack.

I wasn’t sure what I would think of this flavour as I’m not big on pistachios, but I loved it! The nut taste was mellow and it was just a wee bit sweet…a nice contrast to the saltiness.

Erica tagged me to divulge 10 random things about myself so here it goes!

1) Wet hair (like what you would find in a drain) truly grosses me out.
2) I am the oldest of 3 (I have a brother & sister)
3) The only vegetable I do not like is eggplant which is sad because…..
4) Purple is my favourite colour
5) I stand 5’7” tall
6) I am a night owl
7) I graduated from high school in 1992
8) Favourite groups are Nickelback & Bon Jovi
9) I wore braces as a teenager
10) My first vehicle was a Chevy “Turbo” Sprint

Wow! That was kina tough! Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me!

I decided to hit the gym at lunch today for a walk only. It was boring at first, but once I got into my tunes it was OK. I walked on a bit of an incline, too. Here’s my walking stats;

Time: 45 minutes
Avg HR: 122
Max HR: 138
Calories Burned: 247
Distance: 2.9 miles

Meh…better than nothing, I guess! It was a good “head clearing” time which is always a good thing!

Lunch was an odd, but good combination. I combined the remainder of the V8 tomato soup (about a cup) with 3oz of leftover baked salmon and ate it hot.

What a pleasant blend of flavours! The salmon gave the soup a bit of a creamy feel and broke down the acidity a bit. I ate a strip of my chocolate bar, too. I can’t believe I forgot I had it! I guess hiding it under my drawer tray worked!

After a few hours of mindless keypunching, it was finally time to head home. Before I left for the day I ate my apple.

I got home a little later than usual which is OK because I have no where that I need to be tonight. The fam was having big ole sausages for supper so i pulled out an Amy's California burger for myself. I served it on a WW bun with lettuce, BBQ sauce & dijon mustard. On the side I had some steamed veggies and half of a sweet potato. YUM!

My sweet end was a partially frozen Cravings blueberry cheesecake cup. I think I only have one left now! Time to go shopping again, soon...

My plan when dinner was done was to bake a batch of muffins. Thank God I didn't start on the wet ingredients because I didn't have enough flour! Did I already mention that I have to do some shopping soon? I can't remember the last time I ran out of flour....whole wheat AND all purpose! I still really wanted to make something and I remembered that Ellie's energy bars only required a 1/4 cup of WW flour. I had that much so energy bars it was!!

Sorry! This is the only photo I can provide right now because the bars are in the oven! The only change I made to the recipe this time was omitting the maple syrup (ran out of that, too!) and replacing it with honey. I'll post the verdict on the taste and picture's in tomorrow's post.

Now I'm going to help DD with a project she's doing at school.It's called "The Province Project". Each child had to pick one of the Canadian provinces to put together a presentation with information about the province on it. DD picked Nunavut. I know....nothing like picking the hardest damn province! I think I may learn a thing or two along with her! The teacher provided some great websites and other resources so this should end up being pretty fun!

And don't forget....it's Biggest Loser night! Wonder who will be eliminated this time? There's no one I dislike this season the way I disliked Vicki last season so there isn't anyone in particular that I'd love to see go home. Oh, the drama!

Bye for now!!


  1. I'm so sorry that you still feel yucky! I use to get sore throats and strep/ear infections all time! They finally took my tonsils out about two years ago and I (knock on wood) rarely ever get sick now!

    Yayy for hidden chocolate yum yum! Please put a pic of the finished bars in tomorrows post (can't wait to see them again- yum!).

  2. I'm praying that you get 100% well soon!!

  3. i've been meaning to make those!!! too many things on the list... get better soon ;-)

  4. I'm so sorry you feel gross!!! My General ickyness took about 10 days to go away, and i hope yours doesn't take that long!!!

  5. We have 2 favorites in common: Cream of Wheat and Bon Jovi. I am a BIG Bon Jovi fan. I was lucky enough to be in the front row the last 2 concerts. I would be glad to share the photos with you if you are interested.

  6. hahaha...i hate wet hair too!

    eck, and no matter how many times i try cream of wheat i still can't get into it like i do my oats! yeep!

  7. Oh, cream of wheat...I can't stand the stuff! Whenever I'm at my parents place and mom asks what I want for breakfast, I just say anything as long as it's not cream of wheat. It's like paste. Ick!

    Sorry that you aren't feeling too well. But have fun learning about Nunavut with the kidlet (which, technically isn't even a province, it is a territory).

  8. I am v. excited about the energy bar results. I feel like the dear husband and I spend so much money on bars, I would love to make my own!

  9. i haven't had cream of wheat in forever! that's one of my favorite larabar flavors!
    hope you have a great day!

  10. I've never had cream of wheat but it looks delish!

    Can't wait to see the bars - Ellie's recipes are so good :)

  11. i love your food!

    cream of wheat MMM tassstyyy.

  12. Cream of Wheat! I totally forgot about that stuff. My mom used to make it for us when we were kids. I haven't had it in ages!

  13. That is one yummy looking dinner!


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