Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

I was thrilled to have today off work for Ontario's Family Day holiday! I woke up around 7 after a great sleep and lounged around in bed until 8. So nice to not have to rush about! I decided to make pancakes for everyone for breakfast. The fam had their usual chocolate chip pancakes and I had my usual blueberry pancakes!

I used my Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain oats as a change and realized that they don't soak up the liquid as well and were still a little "raw" once the pancakes were browned. They were still yummy, but next time I'll be sticking to good ole Quaker oats!

I ate a delicious bowl of yogurt/blueberries/agave and Nature's Path pumpkin granola last night while watching The Race.

This was so good that I almost went back for another. Almost! Instead, DD and I split a Dr. Weil Chocolata Walnut bar. The picture of the actual bar didn't turn out, but it looked similar to a Lara Bar only flatter.

We both really like this! It had a nice deep chocolate flavour and big pieces of walnut throughout. I'm a texture gal and this really hit the spot! Now I'm psyched to try the other flavours!!!

I spent the morning doing, I mean HELPING, DD with her Nunavut project. She had everything ready to go so it was primarily organizing the info on the bristol board. She forgot one of the most important elements (the map of the territory) at school, so we had to make sure to leave room for that to be glued in tomorrow, which is when it's due. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!! When that was done I baked up 2 batches of muffins to get us through the week. The first batch was my Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins, only I made them with cranberries this time so i guess I should call these ones Cranberry Oatmeal Muffins!!.

The second batch was Apple Bran Flax Muffins. The date at the bottom of my printout reads "8/22/2007" and this is the first time I've made them. Nothing like hanging on to a recipe for-ever!!!

While they were in the oven, I did some dishes and general tidying. Then, the 4 of us went to play "Big Brain" on the Wii. What a fun game! Have any of you ever tried it? You have to do exercises in each of the following categories; analyze, compute, memorize, visual and identify. Then it tells you how big your brain is. It's actually quite a challenge! Our sitter brought it over for the kids to play Saturday night and they loved it. Then, they brought my MIL's home to use.

Around 1pm I decided I'd better get some lunch into my kids (and myself!) They opted for grilled cheese and I figured that seeing as I had a pan out I'd make myself some egg whites to pop on a toasted WW bagel with smoked cheddar and Sabra hummus. A nice salad finished the meal off!

I hit the computer for some blog reading after lunch and then hopped in the shower around 3 to get cleaned up for Pilate's. I'm pretty stiff from my adventure's the other night and was looking forward to class all day long!! Before I left, I ate an apple bran flax muffin...

Delish!! Class was everything I hoped it would be tonight. Our focus was the upper back/shoulder region which is exactly where I needed a good stretch. By the time the hour was up, I wasn't stiff at all. Wonderful!! My hubby had BBQ'd pork chops for dinner so I asked him to leave a small one aside for me. He also left me some corn. To this I added some steamed asparagus and swiss chard that had been cooked down with a little garlic, salt & pepper. Then I hit it with a drizzle of agave. I also topped the pork chop with mango chutney....

Oh, yeah! This was one tasty plate!! I ate another small slice of apple pie for my sweet end.

There's not much on the agenda for the rest of the evening. I've got lunches and backpacks ready to go and all homework has been done! I did get a magazine in the mail today so I think I'll give that a look through while my hubby watches hockey! Be sure to check out Itzy's Kitchen and What's for Dinner to see how they responded to my interview questions! That was such a neat idea that someone thought up!!! I'll leave you with a photo of Pepper. He is one kitty that does not appreciate his picture being taken!!

Thanks for taking the time to check in!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Delish eats + cute Pepper = perfect post :-)

  2. Great looking food today! Pepper is just SCREAMING for a LOL Catz caption...

    OH i posted my interview today :)

  3. such an enjoyable day-off! so many good eats and bakings!
    and lovely pic of Pepper! :D

  4. Lovely meal Krista,a nd the cat look so cute too.

  5. Krista,

    I am glad your day was great!

    Your dinner looks great and very kid friendly!

  6. Looks like a great family day was had! Love all the baking and that melty cheese?! Yum :)

  7. Yayyy! I can't wait to answer your interview questions! You rock! It has been a ridiculously busy night so I am hoping to post them tomorrow (sorry I'm slow!!). What a fun day off you've had. Your muffins always look so good. One of these days I am going to sneak up to Canada and steal one ;)

  8. OMG the kittie is adorable!
    loving the eats and the muffins!

  9. love the muffins and their variations! i seriously need to try them!

    oh yeah, your daughter sounds just like me when i was in elementary and junior high...procrastination till the night before...ahaha!

    and those pancakes look great

  10. I wish I had a family day today - it would have been much better than my 10 hour day at work!

    All your muffins looks great! Especially the cranberry ones. Love me some cranberry :D

  11. I gotta admit that big brain game sounds super fun!! I am a HUUUGE dork and love things like crosswords so I'm sure I'd love that game! hahaha

    I also love the muffins you baked! Do you keep them in the freezer and let them thaw every day you just keep them out? I'm havin' some issues on how to best "keep" muffins!

  12. Family Day sounds like such a nice thing! I've never played Big Brain, but it sounds super fun.

  13. I have so many recipes that I print out, write out etc and take forever to get around to making... if I ever even make them at all. It's so sad. There are too many great food possibilities out there to keep track of!

    Aw Pepper may not like his picture taken but he sure knows how to put on a lovely little smile for the camera.


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