Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm a Clif Girl

Here we are at Monday again! It’s getting kinda scary how time goes by so darn fast! And waking up this morning was no fun, of course! Ah, well…I don’t like the alternative!! I found a mango hiding out in the back of my fridge last night so I chopped it up and used part of it in my oats for a bit of a tropical spin.

-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-1/2 mashed banana
-1/4 of a chopped mango
-1 Tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

This turned into one hearty bowl!! I love the texture the coconut gives the oats. It’s like there’s little crunchies in every bite!

My morning was very uneventful. I snacked on some medjool dates before my treadmill run. I wasn’t really feeling hungry at all, but wanted something in my tummy. I ate 3, but 2 were camera shy!!

I was a bird brain this morning and left my HRM at home. DUH! I had a really good run, though. I hammered out 5.06 miles (8.15 kilometers) in 50 minutes. The treadmill said I burned 452 calories which is pretty close to what my HRM said last week on a run that was the same length. At the gym today there were 2 people to my left and one to my right. Each one came in a good half hour after me and hopped on a machine. One of these 3 people was wearing PERFUME while huffing it out. Thank God I only had 20 minutes left because by the time I was done I was ready to puke. What a nasty, cloying smell to have to put up with while working out! Just had to vent……

Lunch was a serving of my bean chili from the vat that I made a few weeks ago!

This meal really does a good job of filling me up for the afternoon. This mug holds 3 cups of water so I’m guessing there was about 2 cups of deliciousness in there!

My afternoon was much the same as my morning….slow. I did give me the opportunity to monitor my bid for goodies at Meghann’s Bake Sale! :) I’ve got my fingers crossed! I had the nibbles later in the day so I snacked on some grapes. Ever since that pizza Saturday night, my body has really been craving fruit.

I was done work at 4pm today and wasn't really hungry at that time but I knew dinner was still 3.5 hrs away and I needed something to tie me over. I had brought 1/2 of a Maple Pecan Clif Bar to work to eat before my run, so I decided to dig into that.

OMG. I haven't tasted anything this good in a very long time! Hungry or not, I had no problem getting this down! I have turned into a HUGE Clif Bar fan. I may never buy another Lara Bar again!!!!

Pilate's was awesome tonight. We worked on our core and I think I'll have some sore abs in the morning! Actually, when this session is done I'd like to enroll in the core Pilate's class.

Supper was an Arnold Thin with Sabra hummus, smoked cheddar cheese and a 1/3 cup of egg whites. I also had a salad on the side with some Bountifuls berry delight dressing drizzled on top.
My sweet end was an energy bar. There's only one left from the batch and my hubby has claimed it.

And then I went back for one of my Valentine's Day cupcakes. It's the first whole one I've eaten and it was SO good!!!

Well, I'm off to do my nightly chores. I hear the kids fighting, too, so I should go break that up before something gets broken. Ah, the joys! And just to complete my night, the litter boxes need to be cleaned. Jealous, aren't ya? :)

Bye for now!!


  1. funny, i was thinking the same thing after tasting the white choc macadamia clif and luna's. i never understood the perfume, unless they've been at work. but if you can still smell it at the end of the day, too much!! i've had a guy sweat on me before. nasty.

  2. I am also a huge Cliff bar fan. With the current peanut butter recall I have taken a break from them. They make a great snack!

  3. I like Clifs better than Laras too! And I LOVE grapes... yum. Always craving fruit.

  4. Sorry, I'm a Larabar girl ;-) I eat Larabars every single day!!

    Happy Monday evening!!

  5. Oh my gosh- when people where perfume to the gym it makes me want to vomit! Ugh! Breakfast looks awesome- I love mango- def one of my favorite fruits. Hope your Monday night is treating you well!

  6. Your dinner looks yummy!! I'm a total Clif girl too and that is one of my favorite flavors!

  7. love that cliff bar flavor!
    the chili looks really good!

  8. I'm so glad that you still love that chili!! I have a huge thing in the freezer just waiting to be eaten!

  9. I hate when people wear excessive perfume anywhere. It's just so suffocating. What I hate worse at the gym though is when someone with insane BO gets on a machine beside you after you were there, and that's all you can smell. Ick.

    Coconut on oats is like, my staple!

  10. Delicious eats as always! Love the oats!

  11. love your tropical oatmeal!!! I miss mine! :D

    I've tried larabars and luna bars so bar, need to give a chance to the Clif bar now! :D

  12. I hate when people stink it up at the gym. I'd rather smell sweat than floral scents.

    I really like clif bars too! I love the texture and many of the flavors.

    Your cupcake is so pretty and I bet delicious!

  13. that cupcake is GORGEOUS!
    i'm a clif girl too:D
    and i haaaaaaate when people run next to me drenched in some kind of fragrance. blech!

  14. awww...those cupcakes are so adorable with that heart shaped "Frosting"!! What are you gonna make for the actual day if you've already made such a fabulous treat early???

  15. I recently bought a Maple Clif bar and have yet to dig in! This post is inspiring me to change that ASAP! I definitely like Clifs more than Larabars...sorry VeggieGirl ;o)

    I hate when people run in perfume! It definitely makes me queasy, too. Just thinking about it makes me scrunch my nose!

    Those cupcakes are just amazing. I'm glad you got to enjoy a whole one for yourself!


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