Monday, February 23, 2009

Home for the Day!

Oh, it was SO nice to have been off work today! I got up at 7 and followed my normal getting ready for work routine because DS had hockey camp from 8:30-4:30 across town that I had to get him to. I also started off the morning with my much missed oats!
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-1/2 banana, 2 strawberries, handful cranberries all mashed up
-sprinkle of Nature’s path pumpkin granola
YUM! I loved all the fruit in this meal! I set a goal for myself this week to try to squeeze as much fruits and veggies into each meal as I can. This was a good start!

After DS was safe and sound at the rink, DD and I headed over to Walmart to get ourselves some rain boots. Hers were too small and I missed the boat last year and regretted not buying any!
Aren’t they the cutest??? I walked out of there with minimal damage to my wallet, too! The only other things I bought were Dino Egg porridge for the kids as the grocery store was out last week and a bag of frozen blueberries. Pretty good for me!!

The 2 of us spent the morning playing Big Brain on the Wii. I really need to practice at this because she kicked my butt at almost every challenge! I ate many a medjool date in the process….probably 5? I’m gonna have to hide them because I can’t stay away!!

We had eggs, toast and salad for lunch. DD’s were easy over with 2 pieces of WW toast and a Caesar salad, mine was egg whites on WW toast with jalapeno hummus and another huge salad like last night only this one had leftover steamed veggies on it instead of fruit.
Spectacular! In hindsight, I should’ve taken a photo of DD’s plate, as well. It was pretty impressive, too! ;) After lunch I put ingredients in the bread machine for pizza dough then we hit up the mall. There wasn’t really too much happening there, but it was nice to walk around for a few hours! Before we left we stopped in at Starbucks where I got a grande NF Vanilla Rooibos tea latte.
DD noticed that they had their small size V-day tumblers on sale for $6.00 so she decided to use the $10.00 that she brought with her to buy one. She then proceeded to get a complimentary hot chocolate along with a double chocolate chip cookie. She was very proud of herself for that buy!! ;)

Before I left for Pilate's, I ate the other half of my Clif Bar from Saturday....
Then I prepared the pizza's for the oven. All my hubby had to do was pop them in when he returned from picking DS up. Here's mine before it got all toasty....
This was 4oz of dough, red, orange and yellow bell pepper, green and black olives and hot peppers all topped off with 2oz of a mix of orange cheddar and smoked cheddar. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that I ate the whole thing! It all started with these 3 pieces...
Then I realized how hungry I actually was and downed the rest! No sweet end, though!! I do have about a cup of mango waiting for me should the need for a snack arise later on!

I totally multi tasked while making the pizza and prepared lunches for tomorrow, too. I washed all the sheets today so I still have beds to make and as I type, DD is in the tub with DS in line behind her. I plan on getting those 2 off to bed a little earlier tonight because they both have colds and haven't been sleeping well. Then I plan on finishing up my book! I'll catch you all tomorrow!!

Bye for now!!


  1. CUTE boots!!

    Lovely breakfast and pizza!!

    Hooray for mulitasking!! I'm a pro at that, haha :-D


  2. GREAT BOOTS!! I'm such a shoewench...

    The pizza looks fantastic too :)

  3. Totally love those cute boots. And oh my gosh, I really need to try that Nature's Path granola! It looks great! =D

  4. I'm making pizza for dinner...once I finally leave work...which might be never. HA!

    I love cranberries in oatmeal. I'm all about the tart flavours :D

  5. Such a enjoyable day, lovely breakfast (you know pink is my weakness, don't you? ^_^)
    and those rainshoes are soooo cute!!!
    oh.... pizza looks fantastic too!

  6. That pizza looks FANTASTIC! Hockey camp was long!! I'll be he loved it though :)

    Those are cute boots!!

  7. That oatmeal looks sooo good!! And the pizza... just wow!

    Here in England they call rain boots Wellies..

    Just a random fact for you! :)

  8. omgosh I love how the first 3 pictures are all pink!! i love pink oatmeal! hahah it's SO cute! now if only it were in a pink heart-shaped bowl too! :P

    Dinner also looks ridiculously tasty. Mmmm I'm jealous....of your culinary skills.

  9. Krista, looking at all of this food that you have here make me so hungry again. I just had my lunch not so long ago. What is wrong with me?

  10. Oh I was going to say that boot is super cute!


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