Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rough Start, Great End!

We were rudely awakened at 7am this morning by our middle cat, Charlie;
Looks pretty innocent, doesn't he? Well, for some unknown reason, he decided to pee in DS's room. Thankfully my hubby recognized what was happening and caught him in the act. Boy did that cat ever regret that move!

So, although I was up, I was not yet hungry for breakfast so I got started on my weekend chores, namely, vacuuming. Once that was done I cleaned out the litter and swept up the laundry room. Then I was ready to eat! I decided on something different for me today....cereal! With milk!! I think my 2 issues with cereal for breakfast is that is never keeps me full as long as oats and I find I eat it way too fast. Plus, it's cold and in the winter especially, I don't want anymore cold than what's outside. But today, I really wanted to try one of the cereal's that I received from Kari at nature's Path last week...and I was warm from vacuuming so something cool actually sounded good for a change! I'll stop rambling now and get on with the picture's!!
-1 cup of Optimum Slim
-1/2 cup unsweetened Almond Breeze
The verdict? Me likes...a lot! It wasn't sweet, which is a bonus and it didn't get soggy by the end of the bowl. Like I thought, though, it only kept me feeling full for just about 2.5 hrs. Less than my oats for sure. I'll definitely pop it into the breakfast rotation for weekends as I'm busier so I won't notice that I'm hungry sooner than usual. Does that make sense? All in all, I still prefer cereal dry as a snack rather than a meal!

So, I broke into one of the Dempsters Fresh Squares for a snack last night! Isn't it purdy?! :)
What did I think? Not bad.....not great. PROS: it was a decent size for only 140 calories, you could actually see the cranberries and seeds, 7 grams of fibre! Ingredient list was pretty healthy. CONS: it was sweeter than I expected and "stickier", too, and little pricey ($3.97/box). Would I buy these again? Yes, I would. I think they're a great little snack to have on hand and they're peanut free so they can go with the kids to school. I don't know that I would have them as a staple in my pantry, but they are certainly better than a lot of snacks out there!

After my shower DD and I trekked downtown as she had a gift certificate to a bookstore that she had won at school and wanted to use. There's a cafe attached so when she had her books, we scoped it out. I ended up with a skim chai tea latte and DD had a double chocolate chip cookie. I had 2 small bites of the cookie.
Both treats were superb and seeing as we had one more store to walk to, the latte kept me nice and toasty! A local reader emailed to let me know that there was a health food store downtown that still had some Clif holiday flavours. You just know I had to go, right??? I found 4 flavours that I haven't seen in any other stores (iced gingerbread, spiced pumpkin pie, cool mint chocolate and chocolate almond fudge) , plus I picked up some more Stash tea, a cute new bowl and 3 little spoons (the last 2 were at a different store).
And all this in less than an hour! I decided we'd better head back home before I spent any more money on frivolous things!!! A big THANKS to M for sharing the Clif bar find with me!!

Lunch was the last 1/2 cup of Amy's lentil soup from last night and a grilled cinnamon raisin PB/green apple/Arnold Thin sandwich. PHEW...that was a mouth full!
Then I shared an orange with DS. It was super juicy!
DD went off to a friends house this afternoon so I went with the boys to hockey practice. I spent the hour having a nice chat with one of the other Mom's about books and Pilates. I didn't really end up watching any hockey at all. :~) By the time we got home at 3:30 I was STARVING so I ate half of the chocolate almond fudge Clif Bar.
Holy YUM, as Veggie Girl would say! Clif Bars....where have you been all my life??

After picking DD up from her friends house I got started on dinner. We had what DS is fond of calling "cheesy" chicken. It's basically just chicken breast with tomato sauce (sometimes I use salsa) and cheese melted on top. I ate the rest of the butternut squash with mine and some steamed veggies.

My sweet end may or may not have involved some chocolate. Yum!

My parents should be here soon for a visit. I have a feeling that after they leave hockey will be dominating the TV so I think I will catch up on all my blogs and continue reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. That book has kept me awake much longer than I should be the past few nights! I can't put it down!! I hope everyone is have a thrilling Saturday night!!

Bye for now!!


  1. UGH there's something so nasty about cat pee anywhere but the litter box... our older cat likes to pee on the fiance's jeans, no matter where they are!

  2. Aww so sorry about Charlie :-( Can't be mad at him for long though, since he's too cute!! :-D

    LOVE the roasted vegetables!!

    Happy reading!!

  3. Ooooh I HATE it when my dogs pee in my room - in fact one of them peed on my bed!! I was not a happy pet mommy! Plus, as you know, that smell lingers :(

    YAY CLIFS!! Oh cereal - it's such a love/hate relationship as it doesn't do the trick of filling you up! Have a great night!!

  4. delicious eats :D
    sorry about the pee :\
    love the look of your cliff bar wrappers! haha

  5. Good books are always great to read! esp if they' don't put your to sleep like most of them do at night before bed!

    today sounds like it was a productive day! yay for the new cereal too! maybe if you added some berries or a banana it would help with the fullness time factor. ;)

  6. I prefer cereals as snack rather than for meal too! I like them plain, with no milk at all! :D

    oh... I don't like too-sweet and too sticky bars either. Sorry that you've spent $$ on something that was not great. But, that happens all the time! And it won't stop us to try new products!!

    have a great evening!

  7. Totally agree that dry cereal as a snack is the best! Hope you have a great time with your parents!

  8. I LOVE Clif bars! I think my favourite has to be oatmeal chocolate chip!

    Your cat is so cute.

  9. You found HOLIDAY CLIF BARS?! No way. I am insanely jealous right about now. I wonder if there are any hiding away at any of the little health stores around here that I've never been in... I should go on a hunt! I seriously thought finding those around these parts was hopeless, but apparently NOT! WOW

  10. They have holiday clif bars in Canada?! I've never seen them. Although, it's okay, because I don't really like gingerbread flavoured things, and I can do without the pumpkin as well. That chocolate hazelnut tea is great, I have some in my cupboard.

    If you find your cereal isn't filling enough, maybe try adding a few things to it like fruit/coconut/nuts? Or mixing a few different kinds of cereal? Or even having a slightly bigger serving. I love me some cereal, because it's just so easy!


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