Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sensational Sunday!

I woke up naturally at 7:30 this morning and had some quiet time to myself as everyone else was still sleeping. That doesn’t happen very often around here! DD was exhausted from her sleep over and voluntarily went to bed before 7:30 last night. She slept until 8 this morning! I’m betting her bed felt pretty darn good! :)

Here’s my breakfast;

-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain cereal
-1/2 mashed banana
-scoop of pear/ginger jam
-walnut sahale snack mix

The flavour of ginger totally made this bowl awesome! Between the pear ginger jam and the ginger in the snack mix, each bite had a burst of spiciness to it. YUM! I bought the jam a few weeks back at our favourite country store, Knapp’s. All their preserves are homemade and delicious.

I’m slowly making my way through all the different varieties. I’ve also raved about their magnificent pies before!

Last night I got busy making my entry for Angela’s Healthy Valentine’s Day Meal contest. I knew right off the bat that I would make something sweet because that’s what goes fastest in this house. The idea was to make a dish that was “healthied” (yes, I made up that word!!) up some. I chose to do cupcakes. Here are the ingredients that I used;

A box of 50% less sugar devil’s food cake mix, a can of pure pumpkin (those are my 2 healthier ingredients), a tube of icing, red sprinkles and multi coloured candy. One ingredient that is not pictured is dark Belgian chocolate morsels. I simply mixed the cake mix and pumpkin together. This counted as an arm workout because you really need some elbow grease to incorporate it all! I then filled a 12 cup muffin tin with the batter, pressed about 4 chocolate morsels into each and baked for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Once the cakes were completely cooled, I made icing hearts on them and gave them a good douse of red sprinkles, then I decorated with the heart candies.

Voila! Healthy Valentine’s Day cupcakes! And peanut free, too so they can be packed in the kids lunches.

I bought a deodorant the other day with a wicked new scent…. Vanilla Chai.

This smells SO good! I could almost walk around with my nose stuffed into my pit all day long! :) I know I randomly threw deodorant smack in the middle of a food blog, but it does have a food scent!

I had the time to get a little creative with my lunch today so I made an egg white pizza! I’ve been wanting to make this for a while so I was psyched to finally be able to get it done. First, I cooked up a portabello mushroom cap and some diced red and orange bell pepper. When they were nice and soft, I transferred them to a plate and poured a 1/3 cup of egg whites into the pan. When the whites were almost set I topped them with 2 tbsp of tomato sauce, dried basil and oregano and S & P. Next came the veggies and the crowning glory was grated smoked cheddar cheese.

How AMAZING does that look? It was seriously out of this world scrumptious. So glad I finally took them time to make this. Well, it didn’t take that long, but you know what I mean! My sweet end was 2 medjool dates. No photo, though….don’t want to bore anybody!

Once lunch was done, DD and I trekked up to the mall to hunt out a sexy little dress for a Valentine’s Dance my hubby and I are going to next Saturday. By some miracle, the first one I tried on was a winner! That almost never happens to me when I shop for clothes! Next was shoes and accessories. DD found a nice simple red and silver earring/necklace set for me and after looking at the shoes for a bit, I decided that all the stores carried a style of shoe that I already have so I decided to forgo new shoes and wear the ones I have. Anyways, here’s the outfit.

Pretty cute, eh? It looks MUCH better on so I will be sure to get lots of pictures from our night out to post for ya! Next up was a trip to Williams Pub to grab us some lattes. I had a BOGO free coupon to use before it expired at the end of the month. DD had a vanilla latte and I went with the non fat green tea latte.

Silky smooth! It must have been a bit strong because I got a little buzz near the end of it! Then, I hit up Zehrs to take advantage of the 5 for $5 Clif Bar sale they had going. They only had 4 flavours left, so I doubled up on the Maple Nut. I also grabbed some Enjoy Life Foods Not Nuts Mountain Mambo granola, 2 Simply Bars (lemon coconut & coffee cocoa), I new fruit bar called “Fruitnola” to try and some Ezekiel English muffins.

We were just about set to come home when my hubby called and told mt that Best Buy had just phoned and my camera was ready. WAHOO! So, we made the ½ hour trip to the next town over to pick that up. I am SO glad to have it back in my hands! Happy times!

For dinner I "made" a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner....Chicken Teriyaki Stirfry.

I added more veggies and some extra chicken breast to beef it up some.

This was super good! There was enough sauce to completely cover my extras and it was tasty to boot! I'd certainly buy this one again. We went to my parents for our Sunday night visit and I munched on 3 chocolate chips cookies while there. I left my camera at home on the charger, though! It's just past 8pm now and I still have lunches to prepare and backpacks to sort out. I think I may snack on an orange because my body seems to be craving fruit still. Hope everybody had a really good weekend....and here's wishing you all a great night's sleep!

Bye for now!!


  1. Gorgeous preserves and V-Day cupcakes!!

  2. the v-day cupcakes are really cute :)
    i love the maple nut cliff bar - its the best!

  3. Those cupcakes look great!! Pretty dress and that's the exact kind of deodorant I use!! You've got good tastes ;)

  4. pear ginger jam?! yummy. Lovely dress, too!!

  5. Love your healthy v-day treats and your dress.

    I wish I could find those Simply Bars. They sound so good!

  6. WHOA productive day!! That dress is adorable!

  7. such cute cupcakes!!! great submission!

  8. Great entry for the contest! My kids would love them.

    Your dress is so cute :)

  9. amazing V-days cupcake! so romantic, so sweet and so cute!!!

    and that eggwhite pizza looks great too! i made it once and love it!

  10. Cute cupcakes! You didn't add any liquid to the batter at all?

    I've never seen that scent of deodorant. Too bad it has the chai - if it was just vanilla it would be perfect!

  11. Your cupcakes look so cute! And I love the dress! Your egg-white pizza is a great idea!


  12. I hope you are going to post a pic in that gorgeous dress!

  13. Lovely dress and eats, have a good week krista!

  14. dang you had such an eventful Sunday!! I can totally see your love for green tea now! It is SO saaad that we have to use it sparingly when in asia, they come in bulk - and it's so common that it's super-affordable.

    Your dinner is absolutely phenomenal looking. I LOVE that you beefed up a frozen meal with veggies and have it look even better.

  15. Cutie pie cupcakes and kick ass haul from the store!

  16. Hi,
    That cereal/oatmeal combo looked tasty! Try -- custom-made granola anyway you like it.



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