Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Tad Confused

I somehow convinced myself late yesterday that today was Friday. I told the kids that daddy would be home to take them to school and I even had my jeans pulled out of the closet for casual Friday. Oops! Man, were they disappointed this morning when they realized Dad wasn’t home! They both looked at me with these accusatory stares and the only explanation I could muster up was “Mommy got a bit confused”. Not sure if that cut it, but it was accepted! What a dork I am! Here’s my oats!
-1/2 cup water
-1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-pumpkin butter (end of the jar)
-sweet hazelnut mocha sprinkles

Sweet hazelnut mocha sprinkles, you ask? They’re from my Pampered Chef stash! What a great addition to my breakfast!

I put the container in the back of my cupboard so I don’t see them every time I open it…that would be dangerous! Here’s the rest of my stash;

Rotary grater, small bar pan, ice cream scoop, crinkle cutter, spatulas x 3 (I used the smallest one today to get every last bit of pumpkin butter out of the jar) and Twixt ties. Opening all this was just like Christmas time all over again! I sorted through the rest of the goodies and got them all delivered at work today. I enjoyed a blueberry latte and 2 treats from 7-11 while going through everything.

Here’s a peek at the stack of paperwork that I’m working on in preparation for T4 (income tax) time!

Doesn’t that look like fun? It all had to be entered into a spreadsheet. I don’t mind doing it because it really helps my boss out and she really is the BEST boss ever! I took a wee break mid morning for some tea and medjool dates.

Man, they’re just like eating candy!! Mother Nature’s pretty brilliant! There were 3 in there, but 2 were shy. And then at noon, which is a ½ hour before treadmill time, I munched on the other half of my pistachio Lara bar.

I’ve been finding that eating half of a bar before I run really helps me out energy and strength wise. I didn’t realize how much I really need that bit of fuel to power me through a 45 minute run. Speaking of my run, here are my numbers!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg HR: 167
Max HR: 182
Calories Burned: 493
Distance: 8.3 kilometers (which I think is roughly 5.2 miles)

I bumped up the speed and incline and ran an extra 5 minutes today and boy does my calorie burn ever show it! I was amazed when I got off and saw that number!

Lunch was leftover turkey stew from last night. Like you couldn’t guess that one, eh?! :) This stew was seriously super and tasted even better today! It’s a real rib sticker, too, which gives it extra brownie points in my book! I also ate the last of my cucumber for some freshness….

DD had skating lessons tonight at 5:20 across town and with me working until 4:30 this week, it doesn't give any time for dinner. Before we left I made a cinnamon raisin PB sandwich on Weight Watchers WW bread.

This was enough to hold me over until I had a chance to eat dinner at 7pm. Pretty good for an itty bitty sandwich! For supper I heated up the last of the salmon and veggies from Sunday night. Quick and delish!

I'm enjoying a Camino hot chocolate while I type this out as a sweet end. I'm looking forward to watching CSI later so I hope it's not a repeat. I feel like today has been a very long day and I'm glad to be at the end of it! Good night, everybody!

Bye for now!!


  1. I wish it WAS Friday - ahh!! Hang in there!!

  2. that bowl of oats looks amazingg...if i were on a deserted island i would def. choose oats as my # 1

  3. Fancy sprinkles! And nice stash of kitchen gadgets from Pampered Chef. I have a rotary grater as well, I really like it for parmesan.

    If only it was Friday! That would mean I wouldn't be moving boxes. HA!

  4. That is an insane amount of paper work!! Those sprinkles from PC sound amazing! Nice loot :)

  5. Josh said the same thing! He said that mix was even better the second day! Haha I often wake up thinking (or maybe just hoping) its later in the week than it actually is :) Have a good night!

  6. amazing bowl of oatmeal and great workout!

    Friday is soooooo close!

  7. I need those sprinkles NOW! YUM!

  8. Oh? Is not Friday yet? LOL
    Anyway, your oatmeal sound so delicious, I love that hazelnut mocha sprinkle.

  9. Awh, your kids are too cute though.
    And oh my gosh, I want those sprinkles!!!!

  10. Man, that sprinkle looks divine!!

  11. Those sprinkles are delish......from
    Robin, Krista's Pampered Chef consultant.
    Cool website Krista!! :)


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