Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Sun Shone Through

I woke up to the sound of rain and the birds chirping this morning. Very relaxing indeed! I always enjoy the birds chirping for the first week. After that, I want to kill them! :) They get up SO damn early...hence the saying "early bird gets the worm" I suppose! I had made a pot of tiramisu coffee yesterday and saved a cup of it to use in my oats this morning. Here what all went in the pot;
-1 cup decaf tiramisu coffee
-1/2 cup kamut flakes
-splash of French Vanilla International Delight coffee creamer
I loved the coffee flavour and I love the chewiness of the kamut flakes! Too bad they're all gone now!

After breakfast I came up to do my favourite reading! The Internet was so slow, though, that I ended up giving up after a 1/2 hour! One can only be booted offline so many times before calling it quits! I should really stop being cheap and get some high speed going on! Anyways, I decided to get ready so that we could head out to the farm. I ate 3 unpictured Peek Frean Blueberry Flax cookies with my coffee. Thank goodness that was the end of the box cuz those cookies rock!

By 1pm I still wasn't hungry for lunch but I had some errands to run so I knew I had to eat something or I'd impulse buy big time. I decided to eat a Coco-Nutty Banana muffin with some homemade almond butter and pear ginger jam. I cut the muffin cross ways into 3 pieces and warmed it in the microwave...
Then I spread one piece with AB, one with jam and one with both;
This is the pear ginger jam that I used. It's from my favourite country store, Knapp's
After that was done DD and I headed out to Walmart because she was in dire need of new running shoes. While there I bought a few items I've never seen before...
Praeventia Digestive Health 70% dark chocolate chip cookies (there are 7 pouches in the box which makes them handy for lunches)
And some Spicy Curry Tapenade. Read on to see how I used this at dinner! And a few non food related things...I know! Non food related??? :)

These 2 tops and one workout shirt were reduced to $4.00 each which is why they came home with me! SCORE!

We got home by 3pm and I was feeling a little munchy so I made a smaller than normal green monster to tide me over until dinner time.

This was a blend of 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 2 big handfuls of baby spinach, and a small very ripe naner. This one tasted just like a milkshake! YUM!

By this time the clouds had cleared up and the rest of the day was bright and sunny, although very wet! You can really see that everything is starting to turn green! I'm so excited for the ground to firm up so I can start doing some yard clean up and planting my veggie garden and flowers!

I was still a little snacky before dinner so I ate a few cheesy mini rice cakes;

DD went to dinner with a classmate and my hubby had hockey at 5:30 so it was just DS and I for dinner. I made turkey burgers and oven baked zucchini. DS also had a noodle side dish. I used an English muffin instead of a bun and topped the burger off with a LC cheese wedge, lettuce and a scoop of the spicy curry tapenade.
So delish! all together now...
After DD returned we hightailed it to my parents for a quick visit. I ate my obligatory 3 chocolate chip cookies with my tea. One Sunday I will photograph them, I promise!!! Before you sign off for the night go on over and visit for a great prize pack!!! I'm in a mad dash now to get lunches ready, beds made and some laundry folded before the Amazing Race begins! I'll "see" you all tomorrow!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Great buys girl! I love bows on tops- I am SUCH a sucker for them ;) Dinner looks super pro! Nice work! Hope you have a good night

  2. I love sleeping when it's raining but I feel you on the bird issue! It always seems like one just perches on your window chirping right at you!!

    Nice buys!

  3. Damn those birds, haha ;-)

    Love the Knapp's pear-ginger jam, spicy curry tapenade, and clothes!! :

  4. I HATE birds! I'm always glad when someone doesn't like them. They are just too loved :)
    Beautiful clothes and I really want to try Kamut flakes! They look so chewy and yummy!

  5. great idea with the English Muffins!!
    i love that green/blue shirt with the bow :) super cute

  6. fabulous day of eats!!
    and beautiful clothes!!! :)

  7. Great purchases and love the muffins!

  8. Oh yes to Amazing Race! And such awesome eats and awesome finds!

  9. I wish I could hear the rain when I'm lying in bed - living in my cave...I mean, basement suite, you really can't hear it. It's so soothing! Only a few more months and I'll get my rain back :D

    I've seen the Praeventia products before, but haven't tried them. I'll be interested to see how you like them.

    Love the turkey burgers :D


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