Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three Kitchen Stories & The Dempsters Winners

I had a late night last night which is pretty typical for me on a Friday! The result was a lazy 9am wake up time. That's one thing that I love about the alarm! I promised some funny kitchen stories today so I'll start with one right away!

Kitchen Flubs #1

When my hubby and I met, he was a coffee drinker while I enjoyed tea. Shortly after we moved in together he bought a coffee pot and I decided one morning that I would get his coffee brewing for him while he was in the shower. I was SO proud having just made my very first pot of perk so I was a little offended when he started laughing hysterically after he poured a cup. When he calmed down a bit he informed me that instant coffee was not for the coffee maker, I had to use the grounds in the can that he stored in the freezer! Yes, I put instant coffee in the filter to make a pot of perk! :)

I warmed up a bowl of my pumpkin pie crock pot oats for breakfast and topped them with some chopped pecans.

Mucho buonos!! After eating I spent some time on the computer to allow my food to digest. Then I hopped on my treadmill for 30 minutes of cardio as per the OSG BBCC !

Time: 30 mins
Avg Hr: 152

Max Hr: 172

Calories Burned: 253

Distance: 3 miles

I really wasn't planning on any cardio today but I want to stay true to the challenge and as always ended up being glad that I did! I still have to do my 2 set of lunges and squats as soon as I'm done posting. As soon as I got off the treadmill I started on chores. I left the HRM on and was pleasantly surprised to see that I burned another 200 calories in the hour of cleaning that I did!

By the time I was done and showered it was 1pm and I was ready for lunch. I made a 1/3 cup of egg whites which I spread with Sabra jalapeno hummus. Then I rolled some asparagus stalks inside. A big green salad with strawberry pomegranate dressing finished off the plate.
I made some delicious Coco Nutty Banana muffins last night after posting and enjoyed one as my lunch "dessert". After i took the picture I spread some homemade almond butter on top.
I did take some liberties with this recipe, the first being that I made muffins instead of 2 loaves which is what the original recipe said. I also subbed in a 1/3 cup of agave for the sugar, 3/4 cup egg beaters for the 3 eggs and I cut the coconut and almonds back from 1 cup to a half. The texture of this recipe was fabulous but the next time I make them I will add in lots of cinnamon and maybe some nutmeg.

Kitchen Flubs #2

Shortly after moving into our first house we bought a BBQ. Like most men, my hubby rules the grill, but I wanted some BBQ action, too! I called my Dad and he said I needed to go buy some brickets to line the bottom with before I could start cooking. Off I went to the store, bought what I needed, came home and spread said brickets on the bottom of the BBQ. Then I got to work doing some serious grilling. My hubby was very impressed when he came home from work (I was off on mat leave with DD at the time) to find a BBQ'd chicken dinner! My parents came for a visit later on that night and my dad noticed a pile of dust under the BBQ. After some inspecting, the boys informed me that I had bought coals that would be used in a camp fire, not the brickets for the BBQ. The coals had disintegrated into a neat little mound ready to be swept up! :)

After lunch we made our way down to the arena for DS's last "hooray" hockey game where they played on the "big" ice and received awards afterwards. The kids had a really good time and it was awesome to watch! Here's DS with his medal;
I did some yard inspection when we got home to see if anything green is making an appearance. I was delighted to find some little white flowers growing under a tree that separates our yard from the neighbours!
These are a sure fire sign of spring!

Dinner was very easy tonight as it was all store bought!! We went down to Market Fresh where the kids picked out a cheese pizza, my hubby picked out some pasta with meatballs and bruscetta and I grabbed some pineapple curry chicken breasts.
I also steamed up some frozen veggies for a side. My plate had chicken, veggies and a small piece of bruscetta with a bowl of mango along side.
I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the chicken because it was on the dry side. Also, once I pulled the skin off (which I've always detested) I lost all the pineapple curry flavour. :( Boo! Oh, well...c'est la vie! I finished the meal off with a Cabdury Mint Chip 100 cal bar.

Kitchen Flubs #3

This one goes back again to when we first moved out together. I decided to make a roasted chicken dinner which I had made before so I was quite confident that all would go well. Along with the chicken onions, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes all went into the roasting pan. I only used a bit of sweet potato because my hubby doesn't like them so I made enough for myself. We settled sown to eat and all was well until we tasted the chicken. It tasted like someone had injected it with sugar! Neither of us could figure out what the heck was going on and finally just made the assumption that it was the "brand" of chicken that I had bought. We tossed it out and moved on to something else. I relayed our misfortune to my Mom later on that night as I was still perplexed and she told me that it was my sweet potato that had infused itself throughout the chicken making it sweet. Duh! I've never cooked sweet potato in the same pan as the chicken again!!

So there you have my 3 funny kitchen stories! I hope they at least made you giggle! And now to move on to the 2 winner's of my Dempster's contest! I had only 8 Canadians enter so the odds were pretty good! I used the random generator site and got numbers 1 and 6. The winning names are Sharon and Martha!!! Congrats have won 2 coupons to try Dempsters new Pro Cardio line of breads and Fresh Squares! Please email me you mailing addresses at so I can get them to you ASAP!

We folks, I hope you have an amazing Saturday night! I'm off to do my squats and lunges and then we're watching Journey to the Center of the Earth! Catch you all tomorrow!

Bye for now!


  1. I DEFINITELY enjoyed reading your kitchen stories, since I just talked about a kitchen disaster in my latest video post, haha :-D

    Mmm, love those muffins.

    Hooray for DS's game!!

    Congratulations to Sharon and Martha!!

  2. fun kitchen stories! You and your man are sooo lovely!!!~~~
    those muffins look delicious!!!~~~
    good luck with your squats and lunges! :)

  3. Loved reading your stories! Congrats to the winners!

  4. Hahaha, I don't know much about coffee myself! LOL, but I love the smell of coffee, but I much rather drink tea instead! =) Well, I wouldn't refuse a scrumptious tim horton's ice capp. =D

    Oh wow, that chicken looks so good! I want some!!

    And OMGZ, SOOO COOL!!! You're totally feeding to my carb addiction!! Love it!! =D

  5. OMG I love the kitchen flubs!!! HILARIOUS!!!

    So... would you be interested in a Canada/Chicago food swap?

  6. Hmmm. I wouldn't have thought a little sweet potato would infuse the whole chicken with sweetness. Crazy. Good to know though!

  7. Sweet potato as a flavoring agent, heh.

    It's too bad about the pineapple curry chicken, I guess even "freshly cooked" foods are starting to take a "mass produced" quality.

  8. Thanks for sharing your funny stories. I think the first one is really cute because when I moved in my my DH, I have him two criteria. He had to buy a coffee pot and cable tv. He had no idea how to make coffee so I taught him and now he drinks it and is in charge of making it at night for the auto perk!

  9. im sorry that the pineapple curry was kind of a dud :\
    all your eats look great though!

  10. I LOVED reading about your kitchen flubs!!

    What a tasty lunch, reminds me of a crepe :)

  11. Glad you liked the recipe! :oD

    And yeah I was impressed with the texture too - in fact even days after the bread was still moist! (Stored it in the fridge)

  12. I loved those stories!!! So funny. I think anyone who has cooked for any period of time has quite a few!

    I can't believe how big your flowers are already!!! I'm so excited spring is here too, except it's raining today!!!

  13. it's fun to think of all the stories as you grow and learn about cooking! i have many :) horray for your winners!

  14. Love the kitchen stories! Too funny!

    Someone did your coffee flub at work the other day!

  15. THOSe chicken breasts sound so delicious and they look like their PERFECT too!! I love carcinogens on my chicken...the charr is too tasty to pass up. *sigh* Don't eat too much of it though!


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