Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Us Baking & Win!!!

The effects of the time change have finally caught up with me. Getting out of bed this morning was soooo hard!! I really pushed it to the last possible second. I even went to bed at a decent hour! Sheesh! For this reason, I had a perky bowl of oats for breakfast!!

-1 cup brewed coffee
-1/2 cup Bob’s 5 grain cereal
-splash of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
-palmful of Enjoy Life Foods Mountain Mambo trail mix

I love how chewy this cereal is. Unfortunately, I finished the bag today and I promised myself that I would finish eating the many open boxes/bags of cereal I have before I buy anymore! My cupboard is getting a bit ridiculous!!!

As per the past week, I had another green monster last night. I think that instead of posting about this everyday, I’ll do it maybe once a week. You can just assume that I am partaking each night and I’ll follow up each week. That way you’re not hearing/seeing the same thing everyday!

Are you getting sick of figs? I’m not so here’s another picture!!

I’ll try to get creative with the fig photos tomorrow!! :)

So I have a request to put out there to all my bloggie buddies!! DD’s class is holding a bake sale on interview night which is March 26. Each child is asked to donate some baked goods for the sale. All proceeds will go toward a class trip they will be taking to Medieval Times in Toronto later in the school year. Now, I have plenty of recipes that I could make, but I wanted to try something new. So, PLEASE email me with your favourite kid friendly treat recipe. The only requirement is that it would have to be peanut free. I will accept recipes up to midnight on March 20. On March 21, I will put all recipes in a box and have DD pick 3 winners. If your treat comes out of that box, you will win a jar of the creamy coconut spread that I featured in my last give away!!!!! My email is kristaskravings@gmail.com. Please pass the news around!!!! The more recipes, the better!!! I will post photos of DD with the goodies at the sale in the days following March 26. Get us baking!!!!!!! **as with my last contest, this is open to everyone!**

Before the gym I snacked on half a piece of my pumpkin bread from the weekend. Can you believe this is my first piece???

It got kinda squishy in my lunch bag! Tasted great, though!! :)

The workout I had planned today got a little skewed because most of the machines were in use when I got there. I hopped on the only available one…the stair climber….for 20 minutes until a treadmill opened up. Then I did 30 mins on there. I averaged a 9.14 minute mile!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 148
Max Hr: 176
Calories Burned: 422
Distance: 3.18 miles on treadmill

Lunch today was my very last serving of Bulgar and bean chili. I had packed a biscuit to go along with it but forgot it at home so I topped it with some mozzarella cheese while still piping hot;

Mmmm…melting cheese! I will definitely have to make another batch of this chili because I’ve really enjoyed the leftovers for lunch. It’s quick, easy and nutritious. Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a lovely blood orange….
I was feeling the need for a little chocolate in my life so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate using a diet Swiss Miss packet that I found in my desk drawer.
I don't know what it is about this kind of hot chocolate, but I find it gives me a very bloated feeling after drinking it. I don't think I have any more hanging around, but if I do I'll be giving it to someone else!!

I had to get DS to hockey practice after work today and when I went home to grab his equipment, I found a box between my door. The most awesome Erin and I did us a little blogger exchange and I was so freaking happy when I opened the box to find....
HELL, YA!!! Erin went all out with my treats! I was so involved in drooling over my goodies that I kinda forgot about hockey and had to speed a little to get the boy there on time! It was just my lucky day that I didn't see one cop! PHEW! Seriously, though....THANK YOU, ERIN!!!!!!! Oh, yeah...I split a z-bar with DS as I was zooming across town!!
My hubby made it to hockey shortly after it stated so DD and I made our way next door to the Zehrs Superstore. Of, course! I rarely go here because it's right across town...AKA...inconvenient! This place has such an great assortment of items that I can't leave without spending more than intended. I came out of there today with some TAZO Chai tea syrup (I used to buy this all the time, but haven't had it in awhile), Parnoosh dates (I got a tip from a reader...I'm SORRY but I can't remember who....that these dates are on par with my beloved medjool dates for only $2.99!) and a bag of carob chips which I've been meaning to try forever!
I have to tell you a beef of mine here. I've been buying the medjool dates at Costco for $9.99 thinking that was a pretty good deal. Well, I saw the EXACT same container today at Zehrs for $6.99!!! WTF?! Here I thought Costco was suppose to have better prices! Lesson learned is all I have to say!!!

I had planned to make the fam some soup & grilled cheese for dinner but ended up buying them some baked ziti. 8 minutes in the microwave and dinner was served. I totally cheated, but I really didn't feel like getting a bunch of dishes dirty. I guess you could call that LAZY!! I made myself an egg white sandwicho using a Pita Break thin, Sabra hummus and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge. I had a nice green salad on the side.
My sweet end was a toffee Cadbury Thin bar...
Once I'm done here I'm throwing DD in the shower. Her feet smell worse than any child's feet have the right to smell. I think I need to stick a deodorizer in her boots. I'll thank the damp weather for that bit of nastiness. Then I will be settling in with The Biggest Loser. Did they make 77lbs????? Have a good night, my friends!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. How about blondies?? Let me know

  2. Hmmm...you say peanut free, but do they have to be nut free? :)

    And $6.99 is an awesome price for medjool dates. Alas, Costco is still the best price out here, since we don't have the store you are talking about, and $9.99 for the giant container at Costco is still cheaper than buying them at the regular grocery store.

    Awesome blogger exchange package. Jealous of the coconut macadamia nut granola bars for sure.

  3. I will send u my choco-nuts petit fours. I think that's really simple to make and have pleased to anyone that have tried. check it here, and please show DD the pic :)

    horay for blogger exchange!let's do one too! :)

  4. Ow! I will def send you some recipes! mmm pumpkin bread- its been too long! I couldn't figure out what I wanted for dessert tonight until I saw your pic of hot cocoa! I'm in ;)

  5. I'm so glad that pkg finally made it! Yay! :) I will hook you up anytime girl!

  6. I've seen and wondered about those Parnoosh dates before. I might have to pick them up once my Medjools run dry (they're getting low!)

    LOVE the package Erin sent you. Clif bars that are seemingly MIA in Canada! And Z BARS. I SO wish those things were available around here.

  7. I never get tired of dried figs! I think I have some at every meal.

  8. AHHH I LOVE CAROB!!!!!!
    And oh my gosh, love your morning oats!

  9. I want those carob chips!!

    I will be sending you a recipe as soon as I talk to the girls about their favorites!

  10. What an awesome package you received in the mail!! Lucky girl!!

    Whenever I am home I hit up Shoppers Drug Mart to get some of those yummy Clif bars. They aren't cheap though!!!


  11. What a great package from Erin!! Banana Nut Clifs are SO GOOD!

    Your pumpkin bread looks amazing - nice and moist, yum!!

  12. That is a great price for dates!! What did you think of the Biggest Loser last night - do you think that Fillipe and Sione will continue to work out with Bob??

    I am with you on an overflower pantry (and fridge and freezer for me!). So far I haven't grocery shopped yet and hope to go the whole week just eating what we have.

  13. cadbury thins! OMG! great find!


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