Monday, March 30, 2009

A Chilly Start to the Week

I woke up to an icky, wet, snow dusted morning! EEK! It’s hard enough to get out of bed on Monday mornings! I knew that as soon as I was out of the shower I wanted some hefty, creamy oats!
-1.25 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-1 Tbsp PB2
-a small banana, mashed
-carob chips
This turned out to be a really big bowl! I definitely used more banana this time and the result was excellent! This is quickly becoming my favourite combination of ingredients for my oats!

The morning went by pretty smoothly at work. I nibbled on my standard Parnoosh dates at tea time and before the gym I ate the other half of my Maple Nut Clif Bar from last week.
The OSG BBCC required me to “break a bad cardio habit” today as well as completing 3 sets of tricep dips. What is my bad habit, you may be wondering? Well, I tend to compete with myself every day on how fast I can run and how many miles I can squeeze into my lunch hour. I’ve been finding that by the end of the week I’m burnt out and my joints are achy. So today instead of running full out for 45-50 minutes, I picked a course called “smooth strolling” and off I went. This required me to pick a top speed which I set to 6.2 mph (I normally run at 6.5-6.7) and goes through a series of inclines ranging from 0% to 2%. The speed started out at 4.5 and gradually made its way to 6.2 then back down again. Here’s my stats;

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 159
Max Hr: 178
Calories Burned: 411
Distance: 4.16 miles
Avg Speed: 5.5 mph

I’d be lying if I said the mileage didn’t sting a little but it’s still respectable and I guess that is part of the challenge. I really need to get out of the “go fast and far” mind set and start enjoying my runs again! Keep on reading for my tricep dips!

My lunch was the last of the pork tenderloin chili I made last week. Funny thing was; there was no more pork in it!!! My hubby left just veggies. :) That’s okay by me….I don’t need the meat! I did add a big ole handful of spinach, though!!
No long after I was hungry again so I dug into my orange!
I was really craving some chocolate so thankfully there was none in sight!

My after work/pre Pilates snack was a muffin. This did a really good job of holding me over until I was able to eat supper.
Tonight was my last regular Pilates class of this session! 12 weeks has gone by already! I have a class that I'm taking Wednesday and then the new series starts next Friday. The new class is called "Precision Pilates" and I'm pretty excited to try it out! After that, I'll move on to core.

We finally made it home by 6:45 and I warmed up a serving of vegan chili from the freezer to which I added a dollop of plain yogurt. This is my favourite way to eat this stuff!!
Dessert was a blueberry Cravings cheesecake...
It's pushing 8pm now and I still have a few things to do before I can settle in to watch Dancing With the Stars. I use to follow it every season but I'm having trouble getting into this one. I still have one Pineapple Curry chicken breast in the fridge so I'll probably transform that into some kind of lunch for tomorrow and the kids already picked out what they would like. DS has to get his reading done and DD is currently working on some math that will need checking. I plan on a green monster later and I have a few apples that need some love so I'm thinking they're going the applesauce way! OH! And I still have to do my tricep dips. I can manage that while Dancing is on.... Hope everyone has a fantastic evening!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I woke up to snow this morning too!! Not welcomed.

    Great workout!!


    Yeah, this season of 'Dancing With The Stars' isn't that great - especially since everyone keeps getting injured!! ;-)

  2. Why do I always get excited to see oatmeal pictures? It's like I have some weird fetish... ;)

  3. That's funny that your husband robbed the meat out of the chili. I do the same thing. My wife doesn't mind either because she is only after the the veggies.

  4. I've seen quite a few oatmeal pictures recently, and they all look great!

    Pork tenderloin chili sounds good! To bad your hubby snatched all the meat out of it :)

  5. I totally thought about you this morning when I woke up to snow flurries!! I hope the cold didn't kill your lovely flowers!!

    I love the chips in the oats. They look so delish as they melt!

  6. Hahah, that is so funny with your husband grabbing all the meat. Veggies win.

  7. yucky! Sorry about the weather! Glad you got some great eats to warm you up! The chili with yogurt on top looks and sounds just right! Great job on breaking the bad habit! I didn't do cardio today! Maybe I will work on that one tomorrow ;)

  8. i always stick an entire banana in my's just not the same without it!

  9. Your breakfast reminds me of my own this morning (except I didn't have any carob chips). And you woke up to snow? Crazy. It's almost April! The cherry trees are blossoming here :D

  10. Snow! Yuck! It must have been hard to get out of bed! I'd want to just burrow under the covers :)
    What a great way to challenge yourself with your run. I'm in awe of people who run so the fact that you wanted to tone it down a little boggles the mind! And I think it's great that you had body awareness and noticed joint pain instead of ignoring it.
    I hope the weather gets better for ya'll!

  11. glad that you allowed your body to take a rest. i know the kind of feeling of wanting to run more and faster everyone... it's natural to compete with ourselves, but I think we also need to learn to take care of ourselves sometimes! You're doing great job! :)

  12. Carob!! I love using Greek yogurt as sour cream - such a great replacement, isn't it?

    I got sucked into Dancing With The Stars last night and now I'm addicted!

  13. As always great post! I really need to invest in carob chips. It would make a great addition to my oats.

  14. i LOVE the look of those mini cheesecakes! where can a girl get those?! theyre so cute :)


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