Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Dream Up A Good Title!!!

Today was very dull and dreary weather wise. Thankfully, it wasn’t cold to boot! After a bit of running around making sure that all the bake sale items were labeled and ready to go, I sat down to a hearty bowl of oats.
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain oats
-1 tbsp PB2
-mashed banana
-palmful of Enjoy Life Foods Mountain Mambo trail mix
I am thoroughly enjoying the PB2 in my oats. I’d buy it again for that reason alone!

I had on hell of a chocolate craving last night and figured there was no better way to cure that than by indulging in a Cravings Macaroon
These little guys were such a good find!! I got the pineapple cupcakes all iced up last night before going to bed. Here is a picture although I apologize for the crappy shot. With all the fog today, there was no natural light and the flash just made it look like a light bulb!! I’ll try to get some better ones at the sale tonight!!
I may or may not have eaten one of these, too. There’s absolutely no evidence to prove that, though! :)

So, I decided to join the Bikini Challenge over at Oh She Glows. I’ll not likely wear a bikini in public, though! After a few kids my belly looks like a road map!! I would like to tone up a bit and am really bad for doing anything other than cardio so I think this challenge will be the motivation that I need!!! You’ll most likely be hearing about my progress from now until the end of the challenge so I’m determined to pull some good “numbers” for ya! And if you see me slacking, feel free to give me a kick in the butt! :)

Before hitting the gym today I ate a Dempsters cranberry fresh square
This was the last one. I’ll need to pick some more up soon because DS loves them. He calls them “energy bars”!! If you are Canadian and would like to try the fresh squares for FREE, go here to enter my contest to receive 2 coupons to try them or the Pro Cardio bread at no cost to you!

Speaking of the gym, I busted out 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the elliptical. I was initially going for 20 on the elliptical, but ran out of time. Damn lunch hour restrictions!!! :)

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 172
Max Hr: 183
Calories Burned: 469
Distance (on treadmill): 3.17 miles

Lunch today was a repeat of last night’s dinner, of course! I was looking forward to this the whole time I was at the gym and it did not disappoint!
There was about a third of a cup of rice in there and a cup of chili. I had to use white rice because the store was out of brown and this is the Uncle Ben’s fast cooking rice. Unfortunately, I did not have time to make a pot of my brown rice last night!

**QUESTION** I have a green monster question for ya! Do you think that if I made the monster before work, it would keep in the fridge until lunch without separating? I really want to start incorporating one into my midday meal but don’t want a gross mess when I go to drink it 4-5hrs after it’s been made!! Any advice, experiences, comments would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!

My “just before leaving work” snack was a juicy blood orange….
And to go with the orange was a few pieces of orange infused dark chocolate that us payroll gals shared....
While I’ve got fruit on my mind, last night I peeled half the bananas that I bought and broke them into pieces for the freezer. The rest are on the counter as I found that most of them weren’t all that ripe….just a little bruised. I have a few recipes that I plan on taking a crack at over the next couple of days so watch out for some yummies!!

In true Sarah fashion (I love that girl!), I rescued some “found” fruit at work today! I love me some melon!!!
This will likely make an appearance in tomorrow’s post!!!

I had parent teacher interviews right after work which went very well. Both the kids have improved their grades from first term and I'm happy with that! We got home at about 5:30 and had to have a quick dinner because DD is manning the bake sale table from 7-8 tonight. I nuked them a burrito each (I know, so healthy) and made sure they had some veggies on the side. Cukes, tomatoes and celery with dip to be exact! I sauteed a few big handfuls of spinach and heated up a Weight Watchers Ravioli Smart One to serve on top. A little dusting of parm finished it off!
I'm always amazed at how much spinach shrinks when cooked!!! My sweet end was a mint chip Cadbury Thin. My fam took care of the box of toffee ones!
DS and I will be staying at the school while DD is there because there is also a book fair going on that he wants to attend. According to his teacher, he has his eye on a few books! All hockey related, of course!! By the time we get home it will be beddy bye time for them and put my feet up time for me! CSI is on tonight! YAY! Gotta go!!!

Bye for now!!!


  1. I bet the Green Monster WOULD keep in the fridge - go for it!!

    LOVE YOUR FOOD!!!!!!! ;-)

    Enjoy CSI tonight!!

  2. Is that funfetti icing?! YUM! That is my ultimate favorite! Glad to hear the conferences went well with the teachers :)

  3. Good boy, wanting his hockey books :D Very Canadian of him.

    Hope the bake sale goes well!

  4. Love the little cupcake, and dinner looks amazing!!

  5. YES! So glad the cupcakes turned out well! They are seriously delicious! Thank you for telling me about that bikini boot camp! i want to join!

  6. yummmm oatmeal looks awesome! the blood oranges look great too I have never had one and i never see them in the store! :( hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one soon!

  7. Oh wow, everything looks great! I totally need to try blood oranges!

  8. Everything looks fantastic! I love Lindt chocolate! Divine :)

  9. Ooh! I love that trail mix--it's one of my faves.

  10. Great post title! :)

    That Weight Watcher's ravioli looks oddly appealing...

  11. I have never tried a blood orange before. What does it taste like? I think the name sort of puts me off of it!

    Your oats always look fab!

    Great news about the kids improving their grades! You must be a proud Mom!



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