Friday, March 13, 2009

Rink Bunny Family

Hooray for Friday!! And I’m off all next week so I’m extra excited! I might’ve slept in a wee bit today so my morning was a little on the hectic side. I did manage to get things in order with enough time left for a delicious breakfast, though!
-1 cup water
-1/2 Flax Seed porridge
-1/2 mashed banana
-carob chips

I love how the chips melt into the warm oats for a great malt-y taste throughout. Man, carob is REALLY growing on me!! I can’t wait to bake something with them! Next week, friends, next week!

When I got to my desk this morning, this was waiting for me;
A large Chai tea! Compliments of a co-worker who won’t see me on my b-day next week. How did my roll up the win play out?
Not good…again! I swear I never win even a measly donut! Throughout the course of the morning I once again snacked on some Parnoosh dates and dried figs.

I kicked it for 50 minutes with the elliptical today at the gym. My knees have been hurting me this week, but they seem fine on the elliptical so I went for it. I was surprised that my stat’s aren’t much lower than if I’d been on the treadmill for the same amount of time!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 160
Max Hr: 175
Calories Burned: 449

At one point I decided to try to go backwards and it reset the whole course! No biggie, but now I know for the next time! :)

Lunch was the rest of the V8 Broccoli soup from the other day, a Bodywise bagel, toasted with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and my last blood orange.

Fantastic lunch and it took me a while to eat seeing as I was taking bites between time sheet entries!!

Considering I was looking at the last few hours before a week of freedom, the afternoon clipped by at a nice speed! Just before packing it all in for the day…I mean week…I ate ½ of a Clif Banana Nut bar.

While it was very good, it was also very sweet! Half was the perfect amount for me. DD took the other half in her lunch bag. She really like it, too! :)

I made another attempt at the goat cheese and mushroom sandwich tonight with MUCH better results! I bought some plain goat cheese and it made a world of difference. To recap, I cooked down 1 onion and sliced mushrooms in about 1/2 a cup of vegetable broth total, then piled the mixture high on a Pita Break thin coated in goat cheese and lettuce. Roasted asparagus finished off the meal;

Look at that. A moment of silence, please! For my sweet end I warmed up a slice of pumpkin bread and topped it with some cinnamon plum tea jam.
The perfect end. There may or may not have been a mint chip Cadbury thin bar consumed, too. I have no evidence or witness', though!

We are off to yet another hockey game tonight! I think this may be the last one because the last game of the season is on Sunday. We might make it to some play off games, but that's up in the air for now. When we get back I plan on making myself a green monster to drink while I wind down. The boys are up at 5am for a 6am practice, then they have 8am hair appointments and then my hubby has to work until 3:30. Needless to say, they'll be in bed as soon as we get home!!!

**REMEMBER! Get Us Baking & Win!!!***

Have a GREAT night!

Bye for now!!


  1. AWWWHhhh, maybe you'll win next round with Roll up the Rim to win! =D

  2. You getting next week off = luuuucky!!

    You breakfast + pumpkin bread with cinnamon-plum jam = fooood porn!!

  3. I love that last square plate - very cute!!

    The mushroom/goat cheese sandwich looks AMAZING! I think it's the onions that have got me obsessing over it ;)

  4. Yummy sandwich.

    Did you make the pumpkin bread,or can you buy it? I couldn't find it in your recipes, but maybe I missed it.

  5. ok wow. your sandwich looks so amazing. i'm not craving that for dinner! anything with goat cheese, carmelized onions, and mushrooms, and i'm in!

    i found you because i read about your idea for tiramasu oats and think that sounds sooooooo delicious!

  6. Your breakfast looks fantastic!

    I've been wanting to try carob chips? How do they taste?!

  7. Love your breakfast. You are so lucky to have next week off.

  8. Yaay for a week off! :o) Enjoy! And have lots of fun with the kidlets!

  9. I LOVE all the french on everything!!!! Great breakfast ;)

  10. I still have never tried carob chips but I really want to! I also haven't yet gotten a roll up the rim cup... I feel like a shameful Canadian!

  11. How exciting that you have all next week off- I am totally jealous :) I hope you enjoy every minute. Great looking dinner- you know I love those Arnolds thins. Have fun tonight ;)

  12. I must try out that sandwich combo one of these days. It seems so simple, yet so flavourful :)

    And don't feel bad, I never win Roll Up The Rim. But that probably has to do with the fact I never order hot drinks from T Ho's.

  13. Woohoo for March break!!!
    I bet you can't wait!!


  14. I laugh that Im OBVIOUSLY not a food blogger as Ive never ever ever eaten goat cheese!

  15. that mushroom cheese sandwich looks scrumptious!!! :D

  16. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I lived in Vancouver for several years - I went to SFU for undergrad, so I was SO excited to see the roll up the rim & the english/french food labels.

    I got here from Beadie's Blog. I am going to have to try the green monster. Maybe with some Boba/Pearls on the bottom ;)

  17. Those carob chips looks huge! Where did you get such big ones from? I can only find minis at the Bulk Barn.

    That sandwich sounds awesome! I love Pita Break Pitas! The apple one is amazing!

  18. Your bagel and orange looks like a monster with crazy hair. I know I am weird, yes.


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