Saturday, March 14, 2009

At My Own Pace

I officially started my vacation by taking my time at everything I did today! Nothing like starting the relaxing right off the bat! The hockey game last night was AWESOME! Our team was down 5-1 at the beginning of the third period and they came back to win 6-5. That’s my kind of hockey game!!! Unfortunately, I was so pysched up when we got home that I didn’t fall asleep until well after 1am!!! I got up at 7:30 and got some laundry going before I settled in for this fantastic breakfast! **I totally stole the flavour combo from Heather @ Hangry Pants!!**
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-5 baby carrots chopped into tiny pieces
-1/2 mashed banana
-cinnamon, nutmeg
-Sahale Snack mix-walnut
Holy crap this was one freaking AMAZING bowl of oats! It took me almost a ½ hour to eat!!! I chopped up the carrots with my Pampered Chef chopper and put them along with the banana in the microwave for about 1 min to soften it up a bit. Worked like a charm!

I watched some Food TV while eating this and then hit up the computer for some blog reading/weather checking and before I knew it, it was pert near lunch time! I was still pretty full from breakfast so I made the kids what they wanted and then we took a stroll in this beautiful weather we had today to grab hot chocolates from 7-11. I had a ½ hazelnut coffee (SORRY to tease you, Leah!), ½ FF French vanilla cap.
I didn’t drink mine right away… was warmed up later in the afternoon. I started to get mildly hungry about 1pm so I made a quick egg white sammie on WW toast with a scoop of Sabra jalapeno hummus.
Next up was more laundry and vacuuming. My most favourite chore….NOT! Then it was kitchen clean up. Housework generally puts me in a foul mood because it’s not like the house stays tidy for long with 2 kids and 3 cats! I know it has to be done, but it feels like such a waste of time!!! What I really wanted to do was take a walk down to the grocery store for almonds. I talked myself out of it because 1) I didn’t really need the almonds right away and 2) I always buy more than what I go there for and I promised myself not over spend on food while off this week. See, some gals have an addiction to shoe or purse or clothes shopping….my addiction is food shopping. Go figure, eh?! :) I decided that I could still go for a walk with the kids, just not near any stores!!!

We never did go…instead, the kids decided to enjoy the sunshine while playing on the deck and I made a batch of chocolate chip muffins using a pre made batter that I had bought from a fund raiser in the fall and forgotten about! The place is called McMillan's and they make all sorts of things including pre made batter for muffins and cookies, cheesecake's, brownies, appetizers, meats, etc. They're fairly close to where I live, but I usually only buy their products through fund raisers. The batters keep for a year in the freezer and 3 weeks in the fridge. I just made the whole tub because cookie dough in the fridge is not a good thing for my waistline! As it was, I probably at at least a 1/3 cup in batter over the course of the afternoon. I control!
Late in the afternoon I made myself a green monster so I wouldn't be tempted to eat a cooked muffin! This one had 1/2 cup water, strawberries, 1/2 a banana and 1 tbsp flax in it. It was my first true green one!
I enjoyed this out on my deck, in the sunshine with NO coat on! YIPEE!!!!! I've waited a lot of months to be able to do that!

I pulled out an already marinated pork tenderloin for dinner tonight. 425* for 30 mins and it's done. Perfect! I also made some mixed veggie's and roasted brussel sprouts. The sprouts had cumin, salt & pepper, Mrs. Dash seasoning and some SF maple syrup on them.

Delicious din din if I do say so myself!! :) This is the kind of Mrs Dash that I like to use on my stuff. It's a tad too spicy for the rest of the fam.
My sweet end was a mint chip Cadbury bar. I won't bore you with a repeat photo!

My parents were suppose to come over tonight but they bailed onus so I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight. Probably not much of anything. The boys are tired and cranky from their early morning and will likely be hitting the sack on the early side. Maybe I'll just tuck in with my book and call it a night. Anyone have any exciting plans? Tomorrow's agenda will be visiting the farm, going to DS's last hockey game of the season and then to Mom's for my birthday dinner. In other words, more exciting than today!!! :)

Bye for now!


  1. Great hockey game outcome!!

    I'm addicted to food-shopping too, haha :-D

    Enjoy reading tonight!! I'll be doing the same, since I actually have some time to do so - hooray!!

    Enjoy your BIRTHDAY DINNER tomorrow!! So exciting :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a jam packed day. This nice weather is putting everyone in a good mood. Yay for sping.

  3. Oh wow, super tasty eats, yum yum yum! =) I wonder if they have MacMillians in my area, that is so cool it's already prepared and such. =D

  4. We always had to sell those batters when I was a kid too! I'm from St. Catharines by the way and I hear you on the waiting months for beautifual weather!! This winter has been brutal! Enjoy your holidays, you're going to have some great weather!

  5. Hmm...carrots in oatmeal? That's a new one I haven't tried. Did it taste like carrot cake?

  6. WOOHOO for the hockey game!! I have a serious food shopping problem as well!

    I'm so happy the weather is starting to warm up! Enjoy it!!

  7. I officially want to spend every morning at your house eating your breakfast creations! YUM!

  8. Aren't carrots in oats the best!

    The brussels sprouts look deliciously crispy.

  9. that's a new oatmeal combo, so interesting!
    The cookies look great too!
    And so glad that you "controlled" yourself from going to groceries..hahhaa.... I'm also addictive to groceries shopping... and I always buy more than I planned/needed.
    enjoy your week off!

  10. hehe, what a tease!! That's ok.. glad you are enjoying the lovely hazelnut!!!!

    I want to pick up that Yogi tea that you had the other day... where did you get it? (sorry if you answered this Q already, I might have missed it!).

    Looks like you had a GREAT day. What an awesome start to your March break. Do you guys have any big plans next week?? Your kids must be on cloud 9!


  11. I'm so glad you got some nice weather! I think we traded! It's been freezing in TX this wknd!
    I can relate to the housework woes, even though I don't have kids. My husband is a slob and I have two cats and their fur is EVERYWHERE.
    I'd be all up in that batter too. Those muffins look really tasty!
    I hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing! Today I'm just grocery shopping (your fave), cleaning the house (not your fave), doing mani/pedi (my fave), and going bowling!

  12. I am glad you are getting some nice weather. I can't wait till it arrives for good here.

    LOVE the green monster!!

  13. What food blogger isn't addicted to grocery shopping? Although, I do like my purses. Fortunately, the ones I like are too expensive to buy them often, so I can keep that addiction in check :)

    The muffins look tasty, and would match my chocolate chip cookies!

  14. what a busy day!! i'm a food shopping addict, too. and a batter addict :-P


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