Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Monster Review

Monday, Monday! Here we are again. Even though I feel like my weekend was a bit of a write off, I got some much needed down time in. My life is pretty much go, go, go and I forget that it’s a requirement of good health to do nothing sometimes. I did hop on my treadmill last night while watching the Amazing Race and ended up doing some running and walking.

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 143
Max Hr: 166
Calories Burned: 384
Distance: 4 miles

The house was on the cool side and this warmed me right up!! And then I had a green monster which cooled me right back down!!! No photo, though….don’t want to be boring. So, that brings me to 7 days of green monsters! How fast was that??? Over the past week I have developed a love for these drinks as my night time snack. Here are a few observations I have regarding how I have been feeling over the week.

*I’ve been sleeping MUCH better. I think the smoothies are easier to digest than my traditional dry cereal

*As an IBS sufferer, my digestive track is very sensitive and #2 has long been an issue of mine. Since drinking the monsters, my system has been much more regular, which makes the smoothies worth their weight in gold to me.

*I’ve noticed that my tummy is not nearly as bloated by the end of the day as it usually would be. Again, I think this is because the veggies are easier to digest.

Will I be continuing to drink one each night? You bet! There hasn’t been one negative “side effect” that would give me reason not to.

Moving right along to breakfast now! I warmed up a bowl of the Pumpkin Pie oats that I made yesterday and topped them off with a tbsp of SS maple syrup and some French vanilla coffee creamer.
Um, yum, yum!!! So smooth and creamy! My next serving will have a smattering of raisins on top, I do think!!!

I snacked on these figs with my morning lemon water refill!
Then before the gym I ate half of this stellar muffin that my sister made;

It seemed to be a basic bran muffin with loads of yummies added in…raisins, coconut….I’m sure there’s more but I can’t tell what! It was all I could do to save the rest for later!

At the gym I did my elliptical/treadmill/bike workout. Here’s your double dose of stats for the day!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 166
Max Hr: 178
Calories Burned: 505

I’m pretty thrilled with that calorie burn!! Although it was a tough workout today, I was glad to have done it! I always feel so much better after a good sweat session!! :)

I brought a serving of the Lentil Peanut soup from Saturday night’s meal for my lunch. I added about a ¼ cup of water before heating it to thin it out a bit.
This soup is so thick that it makes for a great rib-sticker of a meal! :) Some gorgeous grapes were also consumed.
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After dropping DD off at dance I made my way to Pilate's. We have only 3 classes left! They have the new schedule up for next session so I signed up for Presicion Pilate's which will be at 5:30 Friday night's. This is a much better time slot for me!

When I arrived home I promptly microwaved the other half of last night's quick chickpea curry. I put some yogurt on top and used a biscuit for sauce sopping!
It was even better tonight as a result of some flavour blending that went on over night. My sweet end was an unphotographed mint chip Cadbury thin.

Tonight will be dedicated to homework, lunch making and laundry folding.And guess what! It's 7:30 here and still light out! As much as I dislike getting up in the dark, I love the longer evenings! Now if it would just warm up some! Enjoy your evening!

Bye for now!!


  1. Sooo glad that you're feeling better - as a fellow "digestive issues" sufferer (with my Crohn's Disease), I'm particularly happy to read that you're not suffering as much with your IBS.

    I have a recipe in Zesty's ebook too!! Hooray!! :-D

  2. Those grapes look particularily spectacular today. Perhaps it's the way the light is hitting them.

    I've tried to download the e-book, but alas, it crashes my Adobe reader every time.

  3. Hey! I am also a fellow digestive issue sufferer and am interested in trying smoothies to see if they help me too!! I agree, its so nice to have some down time! I rarely take time for myself like I did this weekend.

  4. SO GLAD the green monsters are helping you!! I havent been brave enough to try one yet...

  5. Yay for green monsters and that soup looks delightful!

  6. Oh man, I love bran muffins. They are second to double chocolate chip muffins. Haha!

  7. Tasty eats all around! Thanks for posting your thoughts on the smoothies! Slowly but surely I've been inching toward making them as a night snack. You're review gave me another push to do it!

  8. such a great review of green monsters. I've been wondering why people are having it, since I think don't it tastes great.
    do you suffer from IBS? I used to have it too and # 2 was a huge problem for me. But now I've so regular thanks to GYG (it helped me with my sleeping issues as well). Please keep me updated about other benefits of those green smoothies!

  9. krista, those pumpkin oats look aFRIGGINmazing....yummm :)

  10. Chickpea curry with biscuit sounds like a good combination. Must try them sometime.

  11. Hi Krista! I was wondering what HRM you have! I'd like to get myself one and was hoping you could give me some tips. :)

    How awesome! Pilates! It is SO expensive at my gym I don't even think about signing up for them. :( *sigh*

  12. Green Monsters are awesome - one day when I decided not to have one I totally noticed a difference in how I felt.

    Having said that I've had a bit of a different result on the bloated side of things. Honestly at first I think my body didn't know what to do with all that fiber! lol

  13. Great review on the smoothies!!! Glad you are enjoying them!

    Your life does sound very busy! You should always take some down time for yourself! :)


  14. i'm glad the smoothies are doing good things for your body!!

    and i'm glad you're enjoying that soup. i so need to make it again!

  15. OK. I am finally convinced. I am going to get the ingredients to make a green monster!

  16. Lovethe green monster review!!! YAY!
    I am so glad so many people are trying them and loving them :)

  17. Thanks for your thouhts on the green monster. I think the bloating thing is interesting b/c I always feel like my stomach is a little bloated. What do you think about fulness?


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