Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Fun Day at the Museum!

Hello everybody! PHEW! I am wiped out! We left the house at 9am to go to the Royal Ontario Museum and just got back a few minutes's 8:10pm! We went with another Mom and her 3 kids, 2 of which are in the same class as my kids. We had loads of fun there, though so it was worth the long day! I knew I would need a breakfast to last me longer than usual so I decided to make a pot of the organic kamut flakes that I bought yesterday. I LOVED them!
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup kamut flakes
-Sahale snack mix-walnut, Enjoy Life Foods Mountain mambo trail mix
The kamut absorbed the water in the same amount of time as regular oats, but didn't get thick and creamy at all. Rather, they retained their original shape which I really liked! They had a wonderful chewy texture and y'all know that I'm a texture gal! All the add ins made the perfect bowl of fuel!

We got to the museum about 10:15 and immediately hit the dinosaur exhibit. We probably spent the majority of our time on that floor. Here are some photos that I took.

Around 12ish, I snacked on an All Bran bar. I couldn't take a photo, though because we were still in the exhibit and I wasn't really suppose to be eating anything! I was starting to get a bit of heartburn though which happens sometimes if I let myself go too long without food.

Next, the kids did a whole bunch of interactive activities including "digging for bones"....

There was also some costume dress up, a tipi to explore, a rain forest to check out and a bat cave to wander around in. We broke for lunch at 1:30 and ended up having to purchase lunch there as you can't bring any bags in the museum. They kinda catch you by the curlies there. Lunch for me and the kids cost me an outrageous $36.00! BLETCH! DD had a burger, fries and a cookie....DS had chicken fingers, fries and a cupcake (half of which I ate because he was full) and I ended up with a container of butternut squash soup, a bun, an orange and a tea.
I must admit, all the food was very good...taste and quality wise. That piece of cupcake wasn't nearly as large as the picture makes it look! It was a quarter of the cupcake! I ended up saving the orange for later. After lunch we went to the Egyptian and Medieval exhibits. Here are a few picture's from there!

This is what the ROM looks like. It's a really cool building!
We actually left the museum at 4pm after watching a sword fight. The traffic in downtown Toronto was starting to get quite heavy so I decided not to fight with rush hour traffic and made a detour to a favourite mall of mine....Square One for those who are familiar with the area. I ate my orange and a z-bar on the way. I also chugged a bottle of H2O!!
Here are some shots of the CN Tower that I took while stopped in traffic...

Once at the mall I drooled over the ever expensive Lululemon outfits before we wandered around window shopping. I actually got a cute pair of black flats and a necklace....both on sale. Nice! It was pushing 5:30 at this point and the munchkins were getting hungry. They convinced me to go to Moxie's and I caved. I ordered the Tandoori Salmon salad which I've had before. I was VERY disappointed when it arrived to see that the portion size has shrunk to about half of what it used to be and it was covered with these nasty crispy white noodle things. I hate noodle things! It was served with a (pathetic) side of naan with melted brie on it.
Pretty measly for the $14.99 it cost me! The kids had pasta (DS) and pizza (DD) which they thoroughly enjoyed, but at $7.99 each, they were small servings. OH...I also order a vanilla bean tea which cost me $2.89...for a tea bag!!! *sigh* Lesson learned. I should have firmly steered them in the direction of Subway!

We left the mall just after 6pm and a few blocks down the road the police had a whole intersection blocked off for some reason or another. That resulted in a 30 minute delay getting back on the highway. Once we made it around that, it was clear sailing the rest of the way home. OH!! How could I forget to mention the treats I bought myself? Maybe because I just want to forget about them at this point! :) Call it exhaustion or disappointment over my meal, I don't care, but when we walked by a Timothy's (kinda like Starbuck's) and I saw the brownies, I just HAD to have one. I also threw a NF chai tea latte in the mix. Why I ordered NF with a honking brownie is beyond me. Habit, I guess!! Anywho, here's the damage!
I bought it, I ate it and I loved it. Now, I'm going to forget about it and move on! I didn't end up drinking the whole latte. My sugar tolerance isn't what it used to be!

Well, the kids are watching Malcolm in the Middle so I'm going to get my jammies on and see if I can't catch up on all the great posts I missed today while away from the computer! If I don't comment like usual today, I apologize! I'll do my best to catch up and be back on track tomorrow!!

Bye for now!!


  1. kamut flakes look interesting! I'll have it in mind when i want something chewy.
    Museum tour seems fun!
    And salmon salad is a real delish! :)

  2. Phew! Great day with the kids! brownie and a latte? yum- perfect end to a great day ;) Get in those jammies and relax

  3. what a fabulous day :) and you've got the right attitude about the goodies!

  4. "I bought it, I ate it and I loved it. Now, I'm going to forget about it and move on!"

    Love the outlook! The brownie looks FAB!

    Sounds like you had such a nice day with the kids.. what a great Mom you are!

    I love Moxies!!

  5. I love Square One! I haven't been thetre in a while, but you do some serius damage there! I also adore Vaughn Mills.

    I love the ROM! My sister and bil take my nieces on Family Day and they adore it!

    Does it ever feel funny to you talking about all these Cdn places that you know most people have never heard ot?

  6. Ah what a fun day!! CN TOWER!! I've been there :)

    Kamut flakes sound very interesting - in a good way though!!

  7. Looks like a really fun day at the museum. I hate when places won't let you bring your own food and then rob you with the prices.

  8. Looks so fun at the museum!! That is evil that they wont let you bring food! I would have snuck in a Z-Bar too!

  9. Hi there! I found your blog through Coco's and was wondering if I may add you to my blogroll. I love your photos and posts!

    Thanks :)

  10. Wow what a fun and busy day! You must be tired :) I love the ROM!

  11. Sounds like a great day! Mmmm... love the brownie :)

  12. The museum looks like fun! A great place to take the kids on spring break, to keep them out of trouble. They always over charge though when you are in places like that for the food - I try to not be there all day, so I can leave and get something good :)

    Too bad about the salad as well - why would they even melt brie on the naan that came with it? That's a bit weird.

  13. ...just wanted to say that I love your blog and enjoy reading it everyday; keep up the great work...sorry you're lunch was so expensive...that's the worst part about museums, isn't it? I always wanted to bring a lunch inside...hehe


    Amie "The Healthy Apple"

  14. Is THAT what it is, heartburn when you don't eat for a while? I've gotten weird pains in my heart/chest before when going too long without eating and I wasn't sure if it was heart burn or not.. good to know! Strange though.

    I've been to the ROM so many times on school trips, I miss it now! It was practically a yearly thing or so it felt back in school. It's not quite as exciting when you have to go there and actually write about things for grades though haha.

    That brownie looks so tantalizingly tasty... mmm.

  15. I've never had kamut. Interesting. I think I would like them mized with oats. I need my creaminess! The cupcake looks really good! What a fun day at the museum!


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