Monday, March 2, 2009

If You Blinked You May Have Missed Monday!

WOW! I have gotten a FABULOUS response to my Goodie Bag Giveaway!! THANKS! So far, it seems like there are a whole lotta coconut lovers out there!! :) Keep on spreading the word, everyone!!! Want to see another great giveaway? Check out One Frugal Foodie for your chance to snag some Erin’s Bakers treats! Double Chocolate Chunk cookies? Yes, please!

For breakfast, I had a serving of the Apple Pie Crock Pot Oats that I made last night and they were fantastic!!!
I portioned the batch out last night and ended up with 7 one cup servings, one of which I promptly ate!! This method will be a regular occurrence at my house because all I had to do this morning was toss the bowl into the microwave for a few minutes and breakfast was served! I topped it off with a splash of French Vanilla International Delight coffee creamer.

Heaven, I tell you!

The morning trundled along quite nicely. I ate 3 medjool dates as I worked;
These are the last three. Sad times!

My hubby met me at the gym again today. Looks like he’s becoming as hard core as me! :) I did an interval course on the treadmill today. My speeds were 6.5mph/0% incline and 6mph/3% incline. I felt really good when my 50 minutes was up and wish I could’ve kept going. Here’s my numbers!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 167
Max Hr: 177
Calories Burned: 471
Distance: 5.07 miles (8.17k)

That really helped perk me up for the afternoon!

For lunch I had a WW bun with Sabra jalapeno hummus, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, deli ham and lettuce. My last blood orange was my side!!
It was a good lunch but I find that I always eat sandwiches way too fast! I like my meals to linger some. I found this cute little fruit skewer in the staff kitchen today. Leftovers from a meeting, I guess!
Tonight was the beginning of the madness that this week is shaping up to be. DD started dance at 5 and I started Pilate’s at 5. What to do?? I decided to pick DD up from Mom’s, drop her off at dance a tad earlier than normal, then high tail it to my class. When Pilate’s was done at 6, I went back to Mom’s, picked DS up then went to get DD for 6:30. Thank goodness all the places I needed to be are fairly close to each other! I munched on half a chocolate chip Clif Bar before the craziness began so I wasn’t starving when I got home.

The kids had their supper at my parents as per usual on a Monday so it was just lonely ole me! I heated up some leftover chili from the weekend and served it with 2 pieces of WW toast spread with jalapeno hummus on the side as my meal.
Perfect! My sweet end was a chocolate chip All Bran bar.
Love these babies! I have to cut the post short here because both the kids have some homework that I need to help out with and it's already 7:30pm! Holy smokes, today went by super duper fast! Sorry if I miss anyone's posts tonight...I'll be sure to catch up with everyone tomorrow. And if you haven't yet, be sure to enter into my contest!! Deadline is midnight on March 5...see link at the top of this post! :)

Bye for now!!


  1. Hoooray, so glad your contest is going well!

    I haven't had a blood orange this year, I haven't seen any!

  2. Love the apple pie oats, dates (better stock up!!), blood orange, chili... yum!!


  3. Love the crockpot oats! They look so thick and creamy!

  4. The oats look like they turned out just perfect! What a great idea to make the morning so much easier!

  5. crockpot oats? did I miss something? where is the recipe? looks delicious!

  6. The oats look great, but I always like apple & cranberry as a combo :) Glad your busy day all worked out as well.

  7. Those oats look fabulous!! I agree, Monday did fly by pretty fast!

  8. love the oats and the chili (not together...well,i suppose that could happen and go well!)

  9. I am glad that the overnight oats were a success. I am going to make them next week!

  10. You are so right about meals disappearing too fast! Ooo...that chili looks yumm!

  11. those oats look absolutely wonderful! and what a great looking lunch... i recently discovered blood oranges and i really like them (although i don't really like regular oranges, which is weird). you had a great food day!

  12. the oats look amazing!
    the fruit skewer is so cool! what a great idea :D
    i've never tried a blood orange-- they look delicious though
    hope you're having a wonderful day <3

  13. I'm so glad you've had a good response to your contest!!

    I must try these oats you speak of :)


  14. Those oats look so good! I usually make a crock pot of plain steel cut oats and add different toppings each morning, but now I might have to try adding toppings to the pot too...

  15. Hmmm what are chocolate chip all-bran bars??? And dear, you REALLY are a Clif fan aren't you? :) heehee Nothing wrong with that!! It's SO cool that the canadian clif bars have french on it. So much more glamorous than the ones in the US! :P

  16. Krista...i love see all of the OAT concoctions that you make..they all look so yummy and they give me new ideas!!! ur chili looks yumm too i loveee making turkey chili!!!

  17. Wow, everything looks delightful!

  18. Those oats look so incredibly good, I can't get over it. I need to get over the crock pot fear and try that out!

    Those chocolate chip all brans... I've been tempted by them before but didn't know if they'd be worth it. Glad they have your stamp of approval now, I might have to pick some up next time!


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