Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Bunch of Randomness

Oh, it was an early morning! Being up and out of the house before 7 is just odd to me. I made egg sandwiches for DD and I to take along with us… 100_7064

Mine was made up of a toasted Ezekiel 4:9 English muffin, a LC wedge, pomegranate jelly is a ¼ cup of egg whites. Tasty and portable. Good thing the rink was across town because it took me that long to eat this!

I packed a Super Charge Me cookie from ED&BV as a little mid morning pick me up. Trust me when I say I knew I would need it! 100_7066

DS really digs these cookies. He calls them energy cookies which I guess is what they are. He’s been noshing on them before and after hockey.

We had a crazy day at work because tomorrow is a bank holiday for Remembrance Day and Wednesday is when we usually do our bank transfer for the payrolls. That got bumped to today so the heat was ON. Prior to hitting the gym, which was a Godsend today, I ate a coconut cream pie Lara bar; 100_7067

I forgot how much I liked the jam packed coconut texture of these bars. YUM!

Watching Racheal Ray today took my mind right off of running. I’m a sucker for animals and she had a segment on a lady who is running an animal shelter from her farm for abandoned and/or abused fur babies. I learned that choking back tears and running do not go hand in hand. Wow. At least it was a happy (ier) ending!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 160
Max Hr: 203 (not sure what’s up there!)
Calories Torched: 459
Distance: 4.63 miles

Lunch was quick, easy and completely satisfying. I mixed about 1 cup of Aztec grain blend with the last of the raw sunflower seed pate and called it a day; 100_7069

Then I polished off the raw chocolate pudding with cashew cream for “dessert”; 100_7070

This pudding is incredible. If I was at home I would’ve stuck my face in the bowl to lick it clean. Note to self: ask Manon for that recipe.

And now a few photo’s of Pepper with his string;

100_7048 100_7045 100_7047

This is Peppers favourite toy. He plays with it for hours every night. Just saying….

Back to food! Dinner strayed a bit from the menu plan, but that’s OK. First off, I could’ve sworn that I bought turkey. Apparently it was chicken thighs. And I didn’t make any couscous. I just ate extra veg. So, here’s my plate. 100_7072

There’s also some mango chutney for the chicken and raw hummus for the veggies. I was quite full after this so no sweet end….yet. I do plan on a mug of orange pecan hot chocolate while watching the Biggest Loser.

We got to watching some videos after dinner. DS loves to shake his booty. Check it out; 100_7073 100_7074


I advised him to stick with hockey!! :D

I didn’t really eat any Halloween candy today. Just one little coffee crisp. Thank God it’s almost all gone!

And I think that’s all I have for today. Tomorrow’s Wednesday!! Can’t wait.

Bye for now!!


  1. I hate when I think I bought something for my recipe and I didn't. Usually I make do.

    That is too funny that DS was dancing. My little one would love that game.

  2. Haha, such cute pics! That pudding looks really delicious, and your "energy cookies" (I think it's so cute that DS calls them that!)look incredible too!

  3. Glad you had a nice day even though it was busy! Love your lunchy! And the pics of the kitty and DS shaking his booty ;) Life must never have a dull moment once you have kids :)

  4. I have not tried that flavor of Larabar! I also have not tried the Tropical Tart flavor. I have got to get on this!!!

  5. mango chutney sounds delish~ I've got to try different chutney last weekend and I'm hooked to it! :D

  6. That Larabar is all you need in life - delish ;)

    I can't watch shows about fur babies. Fiction or Non-fiction, they make me cry! That lunch dessert looks scrumptous!

  7. mm that lara flavor rocksss I had it for the first time a few wweeks ago!

    I LOVE mango chutney, at TJ's they also have a cranberry chutney which is great!

  8. Pepper is just adorable!

    I must be the only person on Earth who has no tried a Larabar lol. I swear I will in the next week!

  9. Hahaha DS rockin' out! Did he know you were photographing him? Next time you should get a video :)

  10. Aww your cat is soo cute--I still miss mine! :-(

  11. Cats & string. Sienna's favourite toy is an old skate lace of mine. I highly recommend skate laces as cat toys - you can keep a safe distance while still playing with them :)

    You know, I haven't made those Super Charge Me cookies from ED&BV yet. Must get on that.


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