Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A New Chocolate Bar

It has been foggy and overcast all day today. Usually the fog burns off mid morning so it’s odd to see that it’s still hanging around. Eerie! I started the day off with a bit of a sleep in seeing as I’m on 8:30am start this week. Almost felt like a weekend! I made a great breakfast, too! 100_7317
-1 cup USVAB
-1/4 cup polenta
-1/2 cup frozen blueberries
-chopped walnuts 100_7316
I loved this meal. It was completely satisfying. Polenta and blueberries are a great mix, really. Just give my Blueberry Almond Cornbread a try!

Work was the usual today. Earning a few more dollars, anyways! There was an open house in one of the departments today so I popped by at break and grabbed a few treats; 100_7318
This plate of goodies became my pre workout snack!

The gym was on the warm side again today so I stuck to a 10 minutes mile so as not to get that gross sick feeling I got last week when it was a sauna in there.

Time: 40 minutes
Avg Hr: 164
Max Hr: 183
Calories Torched: 446
Distance: 4 miles

Lunch of course was the rest of last night’s dinner. I didn’t bother with any pasta today though because the sauce had thickened up so it was more like rich turkey stew than anything. 100_7319
This smelled wonderful! I actually had a few people comment on the aroma as I pulled it out of the microwave. The turkey stayed nice and moist and this little bit filled my belly right up. Enough so that I didn’t bother with an afternoon snack like I usually do.

I made myself some baked tofu tonight. I let it soak up some soy sauce and OJ while the oven was pre heating to get all nice and flavourful. I baked it up for 20 min at 375*. I served it along side some steamed vegetables and jade grain blend mix; 100_7325

DD helped me out with the tofu…too much for me! Here’s what’s in the grain blend; 100_7324 Dessert was another of Manon’s raw mini orange cheesecakes, but no picture tonight! Most things look bad with the flash, some just look awful and these little gems are way to good to look crappy.

I stopped by the health food store after Pilate’s hoping that they would have the seasonal Clif bars by now. No such luck. I did find this gorgeous chocolate bar, though; 100_7329

Check out this link for more info and a better picture! This chocolate is very intense in flavour and has some crispiness to it from the cacao nibs. YUM!

Well, the Biggest Loser is on now so that means I’m outta here!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Love love polenta. I made a breakfast batch one time and it was totally delicious. I need to finally give in and try making tofu at home. Hope you have a good night

  2. Wish I could see a photo of the raw cheesecake! :-D

  3. Rich turkey stew sounds really good still though :) That cornbread recipe sounds so good!

  4. The chocolate sounds great! And ever after seeing the raw cheesecake last night, I have been dreaming of cheesecake...

  5. ohhh...that chocolate sounds great!

  6. polenta with blueberries? that's a fun combo, need to try that! :)
    I like your dinner plate, so simple, letting out everything ingredient its own special taste and flavor! :) YUM~~

  7. polenta?! what a great idea! I love it and havent had it in so long! this is why I love food blogs, it reminds of taht there are so many foods out there to eat!

  8. I'm definitely off to check out that bread recipe - it sounds delicious! Soy sauce and OJ sounds like a great marindade. I'll have to try it out :)

    Happy Wednesday!!

  9. Wow that new chocolate bar looks so good! and so dark :) because its full of antioxidants i think you should have a lot more ;)

  10. Oh wow, I WILL be giving your blueberry almond cornbread a try! It looks fantastic! Have a great night, Krista!


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