Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to start this post by thanking all of you who commented on my “junk” food dilemma from yesterday’s post. All the comments truly meant a lot to me and went a long way towards re-building my confidence that I do indeed feed my child well and what the teacher thinks just doesn’t matter. After all, she doesn’t see what he eats at home, right? So, THANK YOU for taking the time to voice your opinion on the matter!! 100_6983

-1 cup coffee
-1/2 cup rye flakes
-frozen raspberries
-Enjoy Life Foods trail mix 100_6982

I have to admit to a mini melt down before leaving the house this morning. It was one of those days where the kids were at each other, the cat was howling to go out; I was trying to pack lunches/make breakfasts/load the dishwasher all at once. Clearly, not activities that a non morning person should attempt. On top of all this I’m calling out DS’s spelling words and he’s deliberately spelling everything wrong. Example: DS, how do you spell “always”? DS “Alzlvjowshtg”. Are you kidding me? Melt down time. Once I had my rant, ate my scrumptious bowl of oats, I was calm enough to proceed again….and he spelled all 10 correct. Imagine that. The lesson here? Do not try to do 100 things at once when you KNOW you are not a morning person. And eat your oats….they calm you down! :D

Pre workout snack;


This delicious confection was spotted on another blog today! Great minds think alike?? :)

The workout;

Time: 45 minutes on the treadmill
Avg Hr: 160
Max Hr: 206 (pretty sure I did not hit this while running. This morning? Probably!)
Calories Torched: 464
Distance: 4.54 miles

This run felt really good today. It made me happy and calm. Perfect attitude for a paperwork filled afternoon. My most awesome lunch helped out, too! 100_6987

I rescued a grilled chicken breast from last night’s Mexican chicken bake and paired it up with green beans and a scoop of Manon’s raw sunflower seed pate. The fact that I forgot a knife didn’t not dissuade me. I simply ate it with my hands like a caveman. Luckily my cubicle is in the corner!!

Tonight was pizza night at our house. I had bought some Pillsbury pizza crust to try and it was passable. Definitely good in a pinch! I made one big pizza and used the second can to make mini pizza’s. I topped mine with some pizza sauce, goat’s cheese and basil. One pizza had some deli turkey on it, too; 100_6988

I made some of Manon’s raw chocolate pudding for dessert; 100_6989

Yabba, yabba! This stuff is GREAT! After clean up was done DD and I made a trip out to the mall. We haven’t been in a long while so it was time. We went into Old Navy because they have all their winter coats 50% off and I wanted to check it out. I didn’t find anything that caught my eye, but DD found one that she fell in love with. She picked a scarf to go with it, too; 100_6991

Then I used my 25% off coupon to buy her a book to use for her book report that’s due later this month. After much window shopping we popped into William’s Pub for some latte’s. I also had a coupon for a free specialty drink so it was cheap-o. DD wrestled with a Rubix cube while we waited for our order; 100_6992

Here we are enjoying our beverages! 100_6996 100_6994

LOL! I still owe you guys a good photo of my new spec’s!! I’m currently parked on the couch in my pj’s chugging back some water. DS has an 11am game tomorrow, but there’s not much else on the agenda. I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit!

Candy confession time… 100_6984 100_6997

Bye for now!!


  1. Rubix cubes!! Old school toys at their finest :)

    Wishing you a stress-free weekend, my friend!

  2. ow! I need to get to old navy! That is such a cute scarf. I hate crazy mornings...I feel like I go into work with high blood pressure :) Glad you got in a nice workout and great lunch. The mini dinner pizzas are adorable. ENJOY the weekend.

  3. Hope your morning tomorrow goes a little more smoothly :( I'm not a morning person either.. i just don't know how people can be so alive in the AM! lol. Those mini pizzas are a great idea-- the goat cheese sounds delicious!

  4. See, I'm totally a morning person, and this has disadvantages too, like I'm in bed now and it's not even 8pm. L-O-S-E-R.
    I am making the avocado pudding this weekend. It's just too tempting not to! Yum-O!

  5. glad that morning meltdown was just a mini one and how funny when you say oatmeal is a calmer! hahah....I'll remember that! :)

  6. So cool you and your daughter get to share time together! I treasure my relationship with my mom SO much!!! :-) Hey, I had Reeses Pieces today too! I should have had a mini bag though because portion control went out the window lol.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I am also parked on the couch this morning. That is such a great mother and daughter day. I am enjoying my girls with girlie movies and lots of laughs :)

  8. Great minds DEFINITELY think alike! What a lovely flavor :)

    Your mini pizzas and raw chocolate pudding look so tasty!! So glad you and DD had a great evening together. I love the coat she picked out!

  9. Wow breakfast looks great! and the raw pudding super yummy!

    Looks like a fun mother daughter shopping day! Have a super day!

  10. I am in serious need of a new coat. I should have stopped into Old Navy when I was at the mall today. Although, I'm never happy with anything in there.


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