Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humpity Hump Day

Happy mid week, everybody! The day here started off with rain, but the sun decided to come out and play around noon so all was well! I ate a nice, filling breakfast this morning; 100_5884

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Windy Hill Cremo cereal
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries
  • almond butter
  • splash USVAB


This may not be the prettiest bowl of food, but the taste was bang on!

We had another meeting today that lasted most of the morning. There was actually a lot of useful information so I didn’t mind sitting there for 2+ hours. The only issue was my more than full bladder. By the time the meeting was over, my eyeballs were yellow! :/ I pulled out this Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar when I got back to my desk; 100_5885

I love. love. LOVED this flavour! YUM-O! Too bad I haven’t seen it here in Canada. :(

The gym rocked again today. I ran until I hit the 4 mile mark which took 39:10 and then I walked the remaining 6 minutes at 4.1mph with an incline of 5%. Then I got some great leg stretching done.

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 164
  • Max Hr: 183
  • Calories Burned: 490
  • Distance: 4.35 miles

Awesome..and so was my lunch! 100_5887

  • romaine & spinach
  • grilled chicken breast
  • cherry tomatoes
  • feta
  • balsamic fig dressing


I actually got full before this was done. I picked out all the chicken and feta and left about a 1/4 of the greens. Interesting trait of mine that I picked up in childhood. When we were kids and got full at a meal, Mom would always say for us to finish the meat and leave the rest. Looking back, I would thing finishing the veggies would’ve been healthier for us, but I’m sure the cost of meat played a big part in why we were to eat that at least. Does anybody else have any traits held over form your childhood that don’t necessarily make sense now?

The fam ate a mixture of tortellini an ravioli in a meat sauce. While this looked exceptionally tasty, I know that pasta sits in my belly like a rock so I made myself something lighter. I read about this cool little quinoa dish at Sarah’s blog and decided to try it out. I served it with a toasted English muffin; 100_5890

The only things I switched up was mushrooms in place of carrots and 2 tbsp of this tapenade;


….as the “sauce”. I’m very glad that I made this as it was marvellous! I highly recommend checking out Sarah’s post and trying the recipe out yourself! My sweet end was a chocolate chip All Bran bar; 100_5891

Every little bit helps, you know! ;) And they taste awesome….just like a chocolate chip cookie! DD and I are going to be taking the pup for a walk and then I’ll be settling in with some cantaloupe and SYTYCD Canada! Have a great night!

Bye for now!!


  1. That quinoa mixture looks so good. I haven't made quinoa in forever! I haven't tried that flavor of luna! I just bought the lemon to try- I find with lunas I either love them or hate them! I will put that on the list as the next to try

  2. I haaaate when I'm stuck somewhere and HAVE to go! That's the worst! That Luna is one of only a few that I'll eat - it's pretty delish :)

    Your dinner and dessert sound tasty! That's funny about your mom's meat comments although it does kind of make sense economically!

  3. That quinoa looks amazing! I need to get some more. Dessert also looks delish!

  4. Yay so glad you liked the quinoa dish - I like the idea of using mushrooms too. I love the Luna/Cliff/Zbar/Kashi flavours they have in the US so much more than the ones here - I'll have to pick up that Luna one soon.

  5. I really wish Canada would get more Luna flavours. We have, what, like 4? At least that's about all I ever see. Not cool!

    The quinoa dish looks SO good. I'll have it give it a try for sure.

  6. What?! I hot cereal that I have not yet tried? Sounds delish!

  7. it's so common in my family to ask us to finish the meat, both because of the relatively higher cost of the meat and also the conception of these are good source of nutrients. I think I'll definitely adopt the reverse policy for my kids. :) finish your veggies!!!

  8. Thanks for the sweet potato cooking tip! I could never get mine to come out good, I guess because I wasn't doing it in increments--just zapped it for like 8 min and then it got all hard. LOL!

    I looove grilled chicken salads--so satisfying!

  9. Believe it or not I have yet to try looks so good though so I'm going to have to try it soon!

  10. You have GOT to get those LUNA flavors in Canada! It's the best flavor :)

  11. I still haven't made quinoa... Your dish looks tasty!

  12. If I'm out for dinner, and I'm getting full, I always make sure to eat the parts of my meal that are costing me the most money - which usually means the protein. I figure if I'm paying all that money for it, I'm gonna get my money's worth, even if I can't finish it. LOL.


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