Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Man, this sure feels like a long week. Coming back from vacation can be tough. I fuelled up for the day with a nutrient packed pancake breakfast! I added a packet of Amazing Grass to the mixture for an extra kick;


I find this is that tastiest way to down this stuff! :) And it turns the pancakes a cool shade of green! 100_5672

On top of these babies you will see blueberries and chopped walnuts that I added just before flipping: 100_5671

Once on the plate they got coated with a layer of Crofter’s South America Superfruit jam. The perfect syrup substitute! The base of fruit in this particular jam is maqui & passion fruit blended with morello cherries and red grapes. Click on the link to learn all the health benefits of the maqui berry….you won’t be sorry you took the time! Crofter’s jam has no preservatives in it either making it a clean eating choice, for sure!

I was happy at the end of the work day because I finished up the first leg of a big project that was waiting for me on my desk Tuesday morning. I snacked on this container of grapes & watermelon all day; 100_5673

And just before going to the gym I ate pat of this Clif Mountain Mix Mojo bar.


I liked this bar so much that I bought a box of them in Michigan last weekend! The other bit was enjoyed in the afternoon.

My run was a toughie today! My legs were feeling the burn, I tell ya! I ran 4 miles in just under 38 minutes and then walked until the 45 minute mark. I also did some stretching before and after.

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 170
  • Max Hr: 186
  • Calories Burned: 488
  • Distance: 4.36 miles

Lunch was a bit of a mixed bag. I brought some more Can’t Believe It’s Not Potato Salad ; 100_5678

What a crappy photo! Yikes! Then I ate the last 2 polenta rounds with some raw marinara on top; 100_5676

There’s another hiding under there, I swear!!! :D

I saw a recipe for broccoli dip at Itzy’s Kitchen that I had all the ingredients for, so I whipped some up when I got home. I followed what Erica did, but I had no salsa and I used parsley instead of cilantro. 100_5679

What a tasty dip! I chopped up some yellow & orange pepper sticks and carrots to go along side it; 100_5680

For the main part of my dinner I thoroughly enjoyed a vegetarian Portobello Swiss burger on an Arnold thin with Sabra jalapeno hummus, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mustard, ketchup, lettuce & pickles. 100_5681

Holy Hannah….I did not want this burger to end! It was insanely good! I had cut up a cantaloupe and washed up some grapes for the dinner table as well, but I was too stuffed to eat any of it. I saved what was left for my lunch tomorrow.

DS and I took K.C. for a walk as soon as we were done eating because I knew that once I sat down, I wouldn’t be getting back up! I’m pretty beat out. The weekend can’t come soon enough for this Chiquita! I’ll be putting my lunch together very soon and then sitting down with my Clean Eating mag. I plan on hitting the hay no later than 10pm tonight. Zzzzzzz……

Bye for now!!


  1. yayyyy! So glad the dip turned out yummy :) It looks delicious! mmm grapes and watermelon. Makes me want to have another fruit baby right now ;) Coming back from vaca is super tough! Make sure you take some time to just veg this weekend!

  2. MMM! All your pictures are so colorful. :P I want some green pancakes. And eggs and ham, of course.

  3. Going back to work after a vacation is tough. Hang in there; it's almost Friday! :)

    The dip looks and sounds great!

  4. those pancakes look incredible! Love the extra health benefits with amazing grass in them :) The dip looks yummy!

  5. You get me with those pancakes every time...with the sunlight glimmering on them. I always tell myself I NEED to try that and then forget...and then you give me a friendly reminder nudge :)


  6. That's an innovative way of using Amazing Grass. I just started trying protein powders and am trying to find other ways to consume it besides in a shake. I've not tried Amazing Grass (I actually haven't seen it in the stores here), but I'll keep an eye out.

  7. going back to work after vacation is tough, but you did well and it's finally Friday!!! :D
    Love your breakkie and dinner... yummy~~~

  8. I have never tried polenta! What's your favorite way or favorite meal to make with it?

  9. Happy Friday! That dip looks!

  10. LOVE the sunlit pancakes, polenta rounds and that BROCCO dip. I've gotta try that one. Looks SO good.
    Enjoy your weekend, Krista! :)


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