Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Someone’s Exhausted

And it’s not me….much! I have never seen DS as wiped out as he is tonight after 2 days of hockey camp. The poor sap could barely make it up the stairs and into the tub. I don’t think he’ll be doing any arguing about going to bed tonight. I think he’ll be a puddle of mud by Friday evening.

I had a bit of extra time this a.m. so I made a batch of pancakes for myself. As usual, I added a pack of Amazing Grass to the mix; 100_5772

Blueberries were also added the the ‘cakes…. 100_5774

For the top I mixed some raspberry jam and almond butter…. 100_5773

These really filled me up…almost too much!

Work was work. Another day another dollar; what can I say? Thank heavens for the gym! I snacked on half of this apricot Clif bar before heading down the hall; 100_5775

I gotta be honest here. I love Clif bars, but I did not love this flavour…and I love apricots. This bar was just too sweet. Now I’m not sad that I haven’t seen this flavour in Canada.

I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 on the treadmill walking at 4mph with a 5% incline.

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 157
  • Max Hr: 175
  • Calories Burned: 432
  • Distance: 4.4 miles total

Nothing inspiring was coming to me while getting lunches ready last night so I brought a serving of vegan chili to work with me today. It’s pretty spicy stuff so I also packed some plain NF yogurt to stir in. 100_5778 Next up was a bag of these Yogachips! 100_5779

After seeing these on my blog a few weeks ago, Jennifer contacted me to see if I would like to try some other flavours. Of course I jumped on the offer because I really enjoyed the bag I had bought. Yogavive was generous enough to send me 8 bags! Here are the flavours that are available; 100_5770

I already knew that I liked them so I shared my baggie with a few co-workers who all thought they were really good. When I asked what they thought they tasted like, they all replied, “APPLES!!” and with good reason because the only ingredient in the plain is 100% organic Fugi apples. 100_5780

If you see these kicking around your friendly supermarket, give’em a try!

I was suppose to meet my bestie for some more gym time tonight, but my hubby ended up working late and I had to bail. We changed our plans to tomorrow instead. Once getting home from picking DS up, I ate some honeydew and cantaloupe chunks; 100_5781

I made some pasta for DS then we took K.C. for a walk around the block before I settled in with a small meal of my own. 100_5783

I sautéed some kale, swiss chard and beet greens then tossed them with some raspberry walnut dressing, feta, pistachios and dried cherries; 100_5782

So good!!! I finished off the meal with a small scoop of froyo that wasn’t even enough to take a picture of. I chilled on the porch for a bit with my book and now I’m going to tuck in to watch SYTYCD. Then, just before bed, I have to prepare DS’s lunch for tomorrow. As for right now? I need to go tuck my tired baby into beddy bye!

Bye for now!!


  1. Lovin' the abundance of green!!

    Aww, wishing DS a restful night's sleep!!

  2. Those apple chips look SO awesome. Are they freeze dried? I found a similar product at whole foods and I am in LOVE with them. But they only sell small small bags. I wonder if those are availble near me?? Great looking din din salad. Hope DS gets some rest!

  3. I love the green pancakes. That salad is one of my favorite - I like mine with goat cheese!

  4. Wow, your dinner looks incredible, I love the combo of flavors and textures!

  5. those little chips look good!

  6. What a colorful lookin' salad! My favorite flavor of Yogachips is definitely caramel. I wish I could get a good workout in like DS too...ohh how I miss team sports :)

  7. love those pancakes... I guess they are really make a good use of the wheat grass (which plain is pretty gross).
    oh~~~ those yoga chips.... so lucky you to try other flavors too! :D
    Love your meh attitude to work...hahha.....it made me laugh!

  8. I remember when I would go to volleyball camp before school started and I would be VERY exhausted!! Probably due to the fact that I was coming from a lazy summer :-)

    Those chips look yummy! I have never heard of or seen them. Gotta keep my eyes peeled!

  9. Oh those chips sound good!! You know I love my apples ;)

    Good to know that the apricot Clif isn't worth it. Those chunks of feta look mighty tasty! Hope your son got a lot of rest!!

  10. Aww, he's all tuckered out... Yup, camp'll do that to ya. Pancakes look cool! And hooray for free samples! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)

  11. ah, ds must be pooped! nothing like a good camp that'll work all the energy out of em'!

    and those pancakes look awesome! i love the swirled ingredients on the top!

    and whoo hoo for those samples! they look really delicious!

  12. Oh, I want those yoga chips! Where did you get them? I've never seen them before.

  13. I always love the look of those green pancakes. I bet you could get the same kind of look using matcha in the batter as well :)


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