Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lump On A Log

That was me today. It was a dull day with rain on and off, my hubby was gone a good chunk of the afternoon playing hockey and I pretty much sat on my derriere for the majority of the day!

I started out with another great pumpkiny breakfast. 100_5821

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup of PC 5 grain cereal
  • cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg
  • dried currants
  • almond butter
  • Nature Valley granola cluster crumbs


The taste of pumpkin has really brought out the urge to bake. I have a few things in mind to put together in the next week. Here’s a shot of the granola clusters that I’m talking about. I found them at Meijer’s in Michigan.


After eating I threw some laundry in and then DD and I went to get the groceries done. That was the most ambitious thing I did all day! :) When we got back I did a few more chores, got some computer time in and then it was lunch.

I went with a toasted WW bagel, pepper jack cheese, a slice of deli roasted chicken and 3 tbsp of egg whites. On the side was some leftover grilled zucchini; 100_5832

Then I enjoyed this Rachel’s yogurt; 100_5831

The kids wanted to take K.C. for a walk so off we went around the big block at a very leisurely pace. We took umbrellas just in case but didn’t end up needing them. When we got home I was craving some chocolate so I indulged in a handful of carob chips while reading out on the deck; 100_5833

A few other snacks that weren’t photographed were a handful of corn chips, the crust from DS’s grilled cheese and a 1/2 decaf, 1/2 hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s brought to me by my hubby. Yes, it was that kind of day where boredom sets in and munching mindlessly begins!

I was able to read out on the deck until about 4 when it started to rain so I brought myself inside and parked my butt on the couch to watch some Food TV. Very exciting, I know. The fam had requested tacos for dinner so I pulled out a trusty El Paso soft taco kit and got to work chopping tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. For myself, I steamed down a huge pot of kale, Swiss chard and beet greens as part of my dinner. Check out how full my Dutch oven was! 100_5834

Of course by the time it cooks, it loses tons of volume! I decorated my portion with some sharp aged cheddar, pistachios and dried cherries. I also baked up some polenta rounds that were just seasoned up with some S&P. Voila! 100_5835

Here’s a close up of the salad just because I think it’s pretty! 100_5836

Dessert was a small serving of Maple Walnut fro-yo. I use a very small bowl to keep my portions in check! 100_5838

And that about sums up my day. I can see some dark clouds moving in so it looks like the rain will be here again sooner rather than later. Ugh…Another movie will likely be in store for later on. Last night we watched “What Happens in Vegas”. Not a bad watch as long as you’re not wanting something too deep. As far as I’m concerned, anything with Ashton Kutcher is worth watching! :D

Anybody out there who has great plans tonight…remember to send some fun vibes my way! :) I’ll sign off with a picture of my baby…Pepper;


Bye for now!!


  1. Rain here too :( Don't let it get you down, my friend!!

    Aww Pepper :)

  2. Hi Pepper! You're a cutie ;) hahah- I think it was just a lazy Saturday all around :) Whatever- we probably both needed it!!! I forgot to get polenta at the store today (darn it!) Thank you for the reminder ;) What happens in Vegas is cute (def not deep haha). Have a nice night

  3. As did I! Oh the crazy weather. Hope your spirits are bright despite it :) enjoy the movie. I actually liked it a lot sans the cheesy last line, ha.

  4. I've been eyeing those nut clusters for several months now! AND the Lavender yogurt--I LOVE the scent....does it taste good though?

    Gorgeous salad! Looks like you had a great Saturday overall. I like relaxing days just as much as busy ones.

  5. that breakfast looks sooo tasty :) I love your creations! & That Vegas movie was crazy! Hope you had a great night :)

  6. Kitty! :D

    Your polenta is calling my name, and I don't even know what it tastes like. I'm determined to make some this week since my parents will be out of town and I'll have full reign in the kitchen to play.

  7. it seems to be a rainy day in north hemisphere... luckily south hemisphere was sunny and will continue to be! :)
    Like your dinner combo...all my favorites together!
    have a nice Sunday.

  8. Your kitty is so adorable--I miss mine :-( Wish I could have pets in my apartment!

  9. I'll have to check out my Meijer for those clusters! They sound crunchy and delicious :)

    Watching Ashton Kutcher for 2 hours doesn't sound like a problem to me! Glad you enjoyed the movie!

  10. Everything looks sooo good! yum! I loved 'What Happens in Vegas".. I laughed my @ss of! lol!

    The Polenta rounds look soo good!! Never had them, did you make them yourself? If so, have a recipe you'd share? :)

    Love your blog, going to add you to my blogroll... Have a fabulous Sunday!

  11. We've had a pretty wet weekend too. Your dinner greens look so good, what a good idea to sprinkle on dried cherries! I've got to try that!


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