Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weeding Exhaustion

Today was hot, hot, hot. Just how I like it! I started my Sunday out with a cool breakfast; 100_5727

  • single serve container of Fage
  • 1/2 cup TJ’s blueberry muesli
  • drizzle of agave


Perfect meal for the weather….and very filling, too!

We went out to the farm today for the first time in a few weeks. I was in horsey withdrawal! My little Lacey is a big girl now. She’s out in the pasture with all the other Mom’s and babies. Here’s the little doll face; 100_5733

She was all about giving kisses today! Behind her is another way cool horse….Mister; 100_5728

Gotta love the markings on him, eh?

I made a great lunch as soon as we got home. I utilized a bunch of leftovers to make a “quesadilla”. WW wrap, broc dip, LC cheese, beer butt chicken and grilled zucchini; 100_5741

On the side was some orange and yellow bell pepper strips, carrot sticks, yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden and the last of the broc dip. T’was a fabulous lunch! 100_5740

Then I enjoyed a juicy peach from the market; 100_5743

I <3 peach season in Ontario!!!

I spent the next hour and 45 minutes pulling weeds. OMG….did that ever wipe me out! My gardens look great now, though! It was one of those times where I felt great while at it, but as soon as I sat down….BAM……exhaustion hit me like a sledge hammer. I put my HRM on for shits and giggles and was shocked to see 361 calories gone! Holy smokes! I wasn’t at all hungry but knew I needed some fuel in me so I pulled out this green drink that I picked up at TJ’s last weekend;


I’m not very good at drinking my calories….never have been….so I poured about half of this bottle into a glass instead of chugging some straight from it. I also had an iced Stash coconut mango tea that I had made earlier in the day; 100_5752

The juice was good, but s-w-e-e-t. I’m glad I only poured what I did because it was a little overwhelming by the end of the glass. That being said, I would buy it again if I had the chance and just drink it in smaller amounts because it had some great ingredients going on.

After sitting in a catatonic state on the front porch for a good hour, it was time to get some supper going. A while back we had bought a club pack of sausages and BBQ’d the whole batch, then froze them into single dinner servings. I pulled out one of these for the fam and had my hubby throw a leftover veggie Portobello & Swiss burger on the grill for me. I plopped it on a multi grain Arnold Thin with some chipotle mustard and raw marinara sauce. On the side was the second half of last night’s sweet potato and another candy cane beet. 100_5753

Another home run dinner….and just to throw it out of the ball park? Cappuccino fro-yo with chocolate espresso flakes for dessert! :D

100_5756 100_5755

We visited my parents after dinner and I slammed back a bottle of water and 2 cookies while there. Left to do on today’s list is lunch for me and one for DS as his hockey camp starts tomorrow (8:30-4:30), getting my gym clothes ready to go and chilling on the deck as long as I can before the bugs come out to play. I hope you all had a fab weekend…

Bye for now!!


  1. Aww Lacey IS growing up!! So cute :)

  2. Great looking breakfast. Again- I so want that TJs mix! Weeding is totallllly exhausting! I need to get back out in our yard.... Love the horses

  3. I love peach season ANYWHERE. :D Pluots, plums, nectarines, apricots... They're all so fresh right now. August is definitely the perfect month for all of those pit fruits.

  4. Those horses are too cute! Love the spotted pattern on him :) The quesadilla wrap you made looks very tasty!

  5. beautiful horses! Did you get my email?

  6. Yay for the fish bowl again & those plump blueberries to match! ;-)

    I absolutely hate weeding the garden, when I lived at home my dad would try to plead with me to help out--ohh the perks of living alone now! hehe!

  7. Aww I love the mini horses!! Their round bellies just get me!

    Yardwork is a surprising work out isn't it? For us northerners, shoveling snow is like THE winter work out ;)

  8. love how you began and ended your day.... cold breakkie and capucchino ice cream!!!! Yummiest food ever~~~~~ :D
    I wish I had a garden to grow my own produces too!!!

  9. I love when housework/yardwork doubles as a workout! I've seen that green drink at TJ's but have never tried it. Maybe it'd be good as an addition to a smoothie?

  10. Lacey is absolutely adorable!

    That quesadilla looks incredible!


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