Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of Freedom For The Kiddies

Well, summer vacation has ended for my offspring! While they won’t admit it, I think they are looking forward to the routine that going back to school offers. Back packs and lunch boxes are all set to go and I’ve already made their sandwiches. Off to a good start!

While buying some school items last night I came across some neat looking English muffins that I HAD to try! 100_5948 100_5960

Sorry about the sideways picture. It just doesn’t want to cooperate for some reason! Anyways, back to the goods. These have all natural ingredients so need to be refrigerated or frozen just like Ezekiel 4:9 products. The fact that they look more like buns didn’t deter me in the least; 100_5950 100_5949

For breakfast I cut one in half, toasted it up and spread one side with cinnamon plum tea jam and the other with cinnamon honey; 100_5952

What a fabulous breakfast….and it held me over as long as oats do. BONUS!

I discovered a few treats in the office candy bowl today that my hand automatically reached out and grabbed… 100_5953

Swedish berries and macaroons! YUM! I countered these treats with a container full of grapes a few hours later. 100_5954

These also served as my pre gym snack. Speaking of the gym….I decided to set the treadmill on a pre programmed incline course and knocked the speed back some. While the mileage wasn’t as high as I normally do, the calories burn was the same. Proof to myself that a quality workout doesn’t have to include an all out speed run.

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 154
  • Max Hr: 174
  • Calories Burned: 448
  • Distance: 4.33 miles

I brought the leftover Chicken Piccata from Saturday night for my lunch today. I have to apologize in advance for the picture. While this meal tasted stellar, it is NOT photogenic in the least! 100_5956

As a bit of a sweet end I nibbled my way through a bag of Yoga Chips in the original flavour; 100_5957

I pulled salmon out for dinner before I left work today but by the time I got home from work I totally wasn’t feeling it. Weird, cuz I love me some salmon! What I really felt like was eggs in some form or another. So, the fam got salmon and I made a little egg white omelette with broccoli & mushrooms. I set it atop a toasted Arnold Thin and spinach. I also finished off some grilled zucchini that were hanging out in the fridge. 100_5958

And to complete the feast I warmed up a blueberry muffin and topped it with some smooth macadamia nut butter! 100_5959

I’ve got a few things to get ready yet for the morning so that things run as smoothly as possible so I need to end the fun here. I hope this Monday was nice to everybody….I know it treated me pretty good. I’ll “see” yak all tomorrow!

Bye for now!


  1. Aw! The night before starting school is always a nervous one! Hope the kids have a great first day. Those english muffins sound yummy- fabulous toppings as well. I hate those nights when you aren't feeling what you had planned for dinner. Looks like you ended up with something incredible regardless!

  2. It's my first day tomorrow too (as a teacher)- I think I feel exactly like your kids right now, I don't REALLY want school to start but part of me is looking forward to the routine!

  3. holy cow those english muffins are huge!! they look amazing :)

  4. The English muffins look great!

    Happy first day of school to your kids! :)

  5. Good luck to all on their first days!

  6. That e. muffin looks AMAZING. What a great find! Gotta order some yogachips asap

  7. that english muffin looks fantastic, with so many seeds in it! I can see why it hold you as long as the oats!!
    hope your kids had a great first day back to school! :)

  8. Those English muffins look so dense and delicious!! Hope your kiddos have a great first day back :)

  9. Seems like summer just flew by! We didn't even have summer here weatherwise. :-( Typical MN for ya!

    Anyway, those English muffins look super! My favorite are TJ's. Too bad I bought them, because now I want more, but can't drive 4 hrs just for muffins LOL

  10. I can hardly believe that summer is over! Wow, those English muffins look incredible...I'll be looking for those!

  11. Cran-Apple english muffins? Yum! Where did you find those? They would be a fun alternative to regular ol' english muffins.


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