Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Day 12 - Casa Loma

Hi, lovelies! Well, we ended up going with an indoor option today as there were severe thunderstorm warnings in the region all day. Read on to see where we went!

I made some killer pancakes for breakfast to get me going… 100_5455

These beauty’s had a a packet of Amazing Grass Green Super Food blended into them as well as some chopped up strawberries. I spread each pancake with some Crofter’s super fruit jam and then sprinkled them with walnut pieces…. 100_5454

Here’s a close up of the jam I used which was awesome, by the way!


After packing up some lunches and taking a much needed shower, we were off to our destination; Casa Loma. Casa Loma is in T.O. (most everything is in T.O.!) and I’d never been before. We weren’t sure if the kid’s would enjoy it as it’s mainly a tour of the caslte, but we had tickets that came with our Toronto City Pass and, most importantly, the bulk of stuff to see was inside. It turned out to be a way cool joint! Here are some shots of the place… 100_5459 100_5463

100_5478 100_5476

If you look to the top of the next photo, you can just make out the CN Tower. I would imagine that it would be a very clear view on a bright day.


I took some photos inside, but my camera wasn’t playing nice so they’re a bit dark. 100_5473 100_5466

And here’s a few with us in them! 100_5488 100_5461 100_5469 100_5479

The one of the kids at the top was taken in one of the horse stables. Pretty nice, eh? I did end up pouring so we didn’t get to see as much of the grounds as we would’ve liked, but as we were leaving the kids told us that they thought the castle was very cool and they were glad we went. Mission accomplished!

I almost forgot about lunch! I had myself a sammie made with WW bread, fig preserves, LC cheese, deli ham and lettuce… 100_5456

And some freshly picked yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden! 100_5457

Traffic going in to the city was great, but coming home was a snails pace again. A 1hr ride turned into 2. Blah. By the time we got back to town it was after 6 and the kids were apparently dying of starvation even though we ate our snacks upon leaving. I tried out a Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar; 100_5489

As with the Dark Chocolate Coconut, this one had a creamy coating atop it with some nuts sprinkled on… 100_5490

This bar was just meh. I felt like I was straining to taste the pumpkin pie flavour. It won’t kill me to finish the box but I won’t buy this flavour again.

Back to how I starve my kids…DS had his player of the game get a free kids meal coupon from soccer so we hit up the specified for some grub. The place is called Shoeless Joe’s and it turned out to be pretty darn good! We started with some “feta bruschetta” 100_5493

Times that wedge by 2. Then I had a Cajun Chicken sandwich.. 100_5491

This was one huge beast! It came with sweet potato fries. Check it out! 100_5494

It was actually much bigger than the pictures lets on! My hubby helped out with the fries and I didn’t eat all the foccacia, but I came darn close. Although some of the desserts looked extremely tempting, I was just too full and decided to wait until later on for some froyo at home.

And that’s where I’m at now, folks! I have a phone call to make when I’m done here and then I’ll be settling in with some maple walnut goodness. The rain has long stopped, but the air is still pretty heavy so I think this will be a great cooling treat! Tomorrow is suppose to be gorgeous so we have plans to head to T.O. once again. Check back in 24 to see where we ended up!

Bye for now!!


  1. Your morning pancakes look fabulous Krista! Another fun day- you guys do SO much cool stuff with your kids. Great din din too- I am SO making sweet potato fries tomorrow night! YUM

  2. Your pancakes are a work of art! And wouldn't ya just love to live in one of those castles? Ah, dreams...

  3. Gosh only a true chef/incredible cook makes such gourmet breakfasts WHILE on vacation. MY GAWD to think i almost bought frozen pancakes at Whole foods....ohhh i'm ashamed. The crofter spread on top really just makes it all restaurant worthy.

    Ahhh thanks for sharing the travels in Toronto!! I never knew Canada could be so...interesting? My cousins live there and i haven't had the chance to visit! Now i'm totally inspired!

  4. Casa Loma!!! I've actually been there! That place is gorgeous - glad you guys had a great day :)

  5. All of your eats are making me hungry!!! And it's almost 11pm at night lol. First off, those pancakes should be called Feirce Pancakes! :) Those look so amazing.. you are a great cook!

    Your feta bruschetta also sounds highly addicting :) And the chicken sammy with sweet p. fries look way better than anything served in a McDonald's!

  6. You are such a gourmet mom!
    Toronto looks BEAUTIFUL! So excited :) I really hope you don't encounter bad traffic though :/ You and your kids are beautiful.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure! Oh, and I love freshly picked cherry tomatoes. They are the perfect snack! :)

  8. You have such cool places in the area to visit! Also, I can't get over how adorable your kids are. They're so cooperative with picture taking :)

    I'm going to be sad when you're vacay is over.

  9. oh my goodness those pancakes look heavenly!!!!
    love the pics, looks like so much fun!

  10. wooooo..... those killer pancakes again, I wish I was your guest for breakkie! :)
    love those yellow tomatoes too, so cute! :)
    another fun day!

  11. That castle is breathtaking! Looks like something fresh outta a fairytale--I bet your kids had a blasty! And that sandwich looks so great! I love how there are endless sandwich combos I still need to try :-)

  12. what a fun trip :) and your pancakes are GENIUS! love love love your crofters usage!

  13. I love the castle pics, it sounds like another fun day! Wow, that chicken sammy looks amazing!

  14. that castle is freak'n awesome!!! i love old buildings like that...especially old gothic cathedrals..but castles are just as cool!

  15. One of the reasons I avoid Toronto... terrible driving!
    What a SWEET castle though. That's SO awesome. Straight out of a movie.

    Anything that comes with sweet potato fries is fine by me. That sandwich looks seriously DELICIOUS.

  16. There are so many great things in TO, my friends George and Lauren and you included!! I'm glad you tried the pumpkin flavour and subtly glad it was just meh since I'm sure I would hve bought it immediately. Since we both agree on the chocolate coconut just being mediocre as well I feel like I can trust your reviews!!
    Also that sandwich and fries looks amazingly large !! if I didn't know better I would have thought you bought it in America!!

  17. I love all the pics. Your food looks amazing!


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