Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nothing New To Report

Hi everybody! I hafta make this post a quickie because I’m in between storms right now and want to have the computer off before the next one rolls through. Don’t want any nasty lightening crashing my Dell now!

I tried a new cereal for breakfast today. 100_5795

I found this Kashi U at Meijer's and the mix of black currants and walnuts intrigued me. 100_5797

This cereal was chalk full of crunchy flakes big black currants, walnuts and yummy clusters. 100_5796

I don’t often eat cold cereal for breakfast because I find it doesn't hold me over for long. This cereal kept me full as long as my oats do! I highly recommend this if you can find it!

We had a meeting at work until 11 and when I got back to my desk I ate a Clif Bar to get me through my run; 100_5798

This was a total yum-yum flavour! 100 times better than the apricot one of the other day.

The gym was particularly hot today. I think the dense humidity outside contributed to that. It made my run harder for sure!

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 164
  • Max Hr: 181
  • Calories Burned: 507
  • Distance: 4.5 miles

My face looked like a tomato by the time I got off! Yikes…

While making DS’s sandwiches for hockey camp I decided to make one for my lunch, too. On an Arnold Thin I layered pepper jack cheese, deli roasted chicken, lettuce, mayo & chipotle mustard; 100_5799

This was one spicy sammie…..just the way I like them! After eating that I opened a baggie of Yoga Chips in Apple Cinnamon; 100_5800

Apple pie anyone? Cuz that’s just what these tasted like! Simple ingredients, too…organic Fugi apples and organic cinnamon.

Tonight’s din din was BBQ’d pork tenderloin, garden tomatoes and baked beans. I don’t like my food touching on my plate so that’s why you’ll see the beans in their own little bowl. It also helps on the portion control front! 100_5801

Dessert was a big ole bowl of honeydew melon; 100_5804

Sweet as sugar! I think I’m going to make some muffins tonight seeing as our satellite dish is out due to the cloud cover. Boo! At least there’s not much on that’s good tonight. I hope the storms move through before the kids have to go to bed. As soon as there’s thunder they won’t stay up in their rooms. :/

Hope the sun is shining brightly where you are!

Bye for now…


  1. I want that Kashi cereal! Sounds so good. I will be looking for it this weekend!! Hope the storms wear off. I didn't see those apple chips at WFs :( I want them! Hope you have a nice night.

  2. Black currants and walnuts? Yum! Hopefully the storms will blow over soon, it's supposed to storm for the new few days here too!

  3. I saw that cereal awhile back but didn't get it because it was before I knew I could eat walnuts! I can try it now woohoo! Your mini green bowl is so cute.

    I get super red when I run too...natural glow, right? :)

  4. I have the same cereal issue - I can't eat it because it doesn't fill me up. If you say this filled you up, I may have to test it out myself! Chipotle mustard sounds heavenly!!

    I hope the storms pass for your kids sake!

  5. cereal does the same thing to me...i tried that one but it def didn't keep me full! but i loved the currents and walnuts!!!

  6. Ooh, storms are so fun! I LOVE EM! Wish I was up there with ya'll. I'd entertain the kids for you :)

  7. never seen that cereal before! I love cold cereal bc it's always so hot out..but i always love looking at your yummy oats :)

  8. ooo the eats look yummy, esp the melon.

  9. storms? wooo.... you get those pretty often! Hope it wasn't too bad!

  10. Oh, yum! Your sandwich looks great. I just bought those thins today and I'm going to try them at dinner.

  11. We've had some pretty nasty storms too--scary!

    I almost fainted when I saw a bowl of cold cereal today and not oats--that has to be a first ;-) But as long as it holds you over & tastes good, that's all that counts!!!

  12. That cereal looks really good. I agree with you about cold cereals, though -- hard to match the voluminousness of hot ones! Also, thanks for stopping by my new blog the other day :)

  13. I've NEVER seen that cereal!!! I'm totally going to have to keep an eye out for it - thanks for the review!

  14. You can't have your food touching? Too funny - just like alot of kids! What about at restaurants, where they plate it up all fancy?

    I probably would have picked up that cereal as well, simply for the currants. You don't see them often in a breakfast cereal.


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