Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend In Windsor

**We had a wicked thunderstorm last night so I decided to leave the computer off. I’ll be back later tonight with a “normal” post!**

Hello, all! It’s been a few days, eh? We had a great time in Windsor visiting my bestie and I just didn’t have the time to blog. I’ll try to keep this recap short and to the point!


I got up and ate breakie as usual. 100_5553

  • 3/4 cup USVAB
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend w/ quinoa
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter 100_5552

Great, satisfying start to the day! As soon as I was done eating I packed everything we needed for the weekend and we were off! It’s a 3 hour drive and seeing as we’d be travelling over the lunch hour, I brought my leftovers from LIVE Thursday night; 100_5554

A pecan tempura roll, 1 polenta fry and the rest of my sunshine wrap. It was just as tasty the next day!We arrived at my friends place at 1:30 and the kids immediately dove into the pool. The perfect way to tire them out later on! :) Around 3ish we dove into some snacks… 100_5555

  • pickles/olives
  • carrots/cucumbers
  • crackers/blue cheese/pear
  • dip

I had a bit of everything, but stuck mainly to the carrots.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging poolside and before we knew it, it was 7pm and time to get dinner under way! We BBQ’d up some bison burgers and veggie portabello/Swiss burgers along with 2 yellow zucchini that I brought from my garden; 100_5593 100_5591

We also did up a fruit platter with strawberries, grapes and watermelon; 100_5557

And here I am helping with dinner prep! 100_5568

Here’s my plate with a veggie burger between Canada’s version of an Arnold Thin, zukes and fruit; 100_5594

We were able to enjoy our meal outside, but it soon cooled off quite a bit so we headed in for some Rockband. Check out the musicians! IMG_4021


I played paparazzi for the evening! We finally made it to bed around midnight!


“M” and I were up at 8am for some breakfast before heading off to a 9:30 bootcamp class! I was pretty excited about that as I’ve never done a bootcamp before. I ate a bowl of Nature’s Path blueberry optimum cereal with USAB; 100_5595

The class was a BLAST! I had so much fun. It was just challenging enough that I was a sweaty mess, but none of the exercises were new to me so I wasn’t lost the whole hour. I packed my HRM then forgot to take it with me! DUH! I’d estimate that I burned a good 400-500 calories, though. Before showering we enjoyed a nice plate of fruit leftover from Friday night with some dark chocolate cocoa roast almonds; 100_5596

After making ourselves presentable, “M”, DD and I went to pick up “M’s” sister in law and off to Michigan we went! I should mention now that it was pouring buckets for the whole drive over. Insane, but at least traffic didn’t get held up because of it. We arrived at Panera at about 2:30 and were all pretty hungry for lunch. Seeing as it was so miserable out, I went for a whole tomato mozzarella sammie. Sorry about the crapola photo!!! 100_5600

I also enjoyed an iced green tea; 100_5597

The second stop was Somerset Mall in Troy, MI which was about a 45 minute drive. We went here solely to hip up Lululemon as the girls are addicts and even though it’s ridiculously expensive, I had some money set aside to treat myself. Outfit #1 was a tank (which does a splendid job of keeping the tatas in place) and some running shorts which are light as a feather;


I modeled the next 3 pieces as an outfit, but they’re really not. Super comfy 3/4 pants, a great light jacket and my first hat ever.


I’m pretty psyched about all of it! Our next stop was Farmington Hills, MI for Trader Joes! I was thrilled that there was a store so close, but a little let down at how small it was. Never the less, I found some goodies to take home; 100_5619

Harvest Grains blend, blueberry muesli, Luna Bars in chocolate peppermint stick & peanut butter cup, a very green juice blend, spinach tomato sauce, Jamfrakas bars, dark chocolate covered edamame and raw almond butter.

There was a Whole Foods across the street, but we were running out of time and still had 2 more stores to go to. They were both in Allen Park, MI. The neat thing is that were in 3 “cities” and were only ever about 1 hour over the border! Target was up next and I bought a few things there too including a new wallet and a nice little shrug. This is what I bought food wise; 100_5622

Popchips, Quaker oatmeal pancake mix, Quaker True Delight bars, more Kashi dark chocolate mocha bars, a box of Mojo mountain mix bars, pepper jack cheese sticks, 2 dipped Mojo bars, walnut/almond snack packets and cocoa roasted almonds.

And lastly, at 6:30, we went to Meijer's. I hit the yogurt jackpot there in a major way…CHOBANI!!! And 3 Rachael's yogurts just cuz they had cool names for the flavours! 100_5620

I also got more Fage and Stoneyfield Oikos, chipotle mustard and pepper jack cheese slices x 2. Then there was a box of Kashi U cereal and more Arnold Thins for the freezer and 2 packs for Nature Valley Nut Clusters.100_5621

The boys prepared a fantastic dinner for us which was ready when we got back. They made beer butt chicken… 100_5601

Corn on the cob, baked sweet potatoes and there was also a Hungry Girl “potato salad” that “M” had made the day before. Here’s my plate. 100_5602

I went back for more of the salad because it was great! I’ll be making this one in the near future. My sweet end was a toffee nut cookie that I got at Panera. Unfortunately, I deleted the picture by accident!

It was 9:30pm by the time dinner was done so we just got ourselves comfy downstairs and played more Rockband. It was another late night…1:30am to be exact!


I managed to sleep until 9am even though I heard DD get up at 8. (We shared a bed over our stay). Everyone else was up by 10ish and M’s hubby “T”, got to work on making us all some pancakes. What a man! :) He even made the kids first name initials and a heart for M with the last of the batter; 100_5606

I think the kids were glowing when those ‘cakes landed on their plates! I enjoyed my pancakes with some raspberry jam and a side of strawberries; 100_5607

After we cleaned up we changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool as it was hot, hot, hot out! *finally* I even got in the pool and I do not like water; 100_5611

Then I did some relaxing in the lounge chair with my new hat on! 100_5615

We decided to dive into lunch around 2pm. I made up a sammie with leftover beer butt chicken & grilled zucchini, chipotle mustard, provolone cheese, tomato and lettuce. On the side was more “potato salad” and fruit; 100_5616

Here’s a close up of the sandwich. It was SO good! 100_5618

The kids hopped in the pool for another hour or so and then we hit the road for the long, boring 3 hour ride back home. We arrived at 6:30 and everything was soaked! I talked to my Mom who said that some wild thunderstorms had gone through the area earlier in the afternoon. After getting ourselves organized, we ate a quick fend for yourself dinner. I went simple with a toasted Arnold Thin, a slice of pepper jack cheese and a 1/4 cup of egg beaters; 100_5623

Then I had a small bowl of maple walnut ice cream x 2! 100_5624

And that, my friends, is how my weekend went! One more day off and it’s back to work for me. Boo! :) If you’ve stuck through this whole post….THANKS! I know it was a long one, but I had so much to say! I’ll leave you with a photo of M and myself! IMG_4025

Bye for now!!


  1. Krista, what a perfect weekend!! So much fun :-)

    Hope the storms are done!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! You were right by me! That's the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods I go to :)

    Next time you're in MI and in that area let me know! They have AWESOME Greek food out there!

    Glad you guys had a great weekend!!

  3. Look at all those foods you stocked up on!! Your blog is going to be a droolfest the next few weeks! Your vacay just keeps getting better.

  4. What a great weekend!

    I love the carrots in the carrot dish (that is too cute). Dinner from Friday night looks amazing too! So much freshness. I cannot get enough melon right now.

    Glad you liked the bootcamp class- its so great to switch it up and do new things.

    Lulu lemon clothes are so cute but SUPER expensive. I wish I had more of their stuff.

    TJs rocks! Love the harvest grain mix- I use it all the time.

    The pancakes are totally adorable- what a great idea.

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    I love the clothes you got at Lululemon. I have a store nearby but have stayed away since I have been warned that it's expensive... But I think I have to check it out after all...

  6. I hit up TJ's this weekend too...and I got some of that raw almond butter. Great minds think alike:)
    Love the letter pancakes!

  7. What a fun weekend! All of your eats look delicious! Love the cute hat!

  8. Such a wonderful weekend!!! all your groceries pictures made me miss Tj's and WF!!!! I miss groceries shopping in US, it's so much fun with all those healthy goodies!!! :)
    love your swimsuit, you look so pretty!

  9. I got some of those rachel's yogurts a while back and most of them are boring, but i hope you like them!

  10. Oh what adorable children! They look like a lot of do you! Ha!

  11. what a great weekend! i love DD's glasses!! hahahaha!

  12. WOW you had a buuuusy weekend! BUT you picked up some awesome purchases :)

    love the Luna bar choices!

  13. SO cute. Love all your outfits!

  14. Wow what a great weekend!
    Everything looks delicious!

  15. I LOVE your purchases! You wear 'em well! You are so cute and tan and petite, I just love it :)
    I'm so glad you had a blast with your homegirl!

  16. What a great little trip. You scored a ton of great stuff in the States - I'm especially eying up that case of Mountain Mix Mojos. They are definitely my favourite.


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