Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally out & About!

Happy Saturday! Hope you’ve all enjoyed a great day. I was up and at’er early this morning because we had an hour drive to the hockey game. The boys tied one and lost one yesterday and then they lost again today. Boo! The score was 3-2…so close. Anyway, the loss put them out of the tournament so we were back home by 2pm.

I knew it would be a bit of time between breakfast and lunch so I made a dense one; 100_7471

  • 1/2 cup water & USVAB
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • tbsp almond butter 100_7470

This stayed with me for 5ish hours. Mission accomplished!

Lunch was a bowl of leftover turkey chilli from Thursday night with some grated marble cheese on top. 100_7472

I also had a Dr. Kracker cracker which was used as a scoop. 100_7473

After lunch I took DS to the mall with me to buy a few more Christmas presents. Usually DD goes with me, but she went to the game this morning and I don’t want to push my luck with her recovery. Besides, it’s cool to hang with my little dude! Before leaving (and getting conned into buying a video game) I stopped at Starbucks for a NF pumpkin spice latte; 100_7478

Then we hit the grocery store because lasagna was requested for dinner tonight (and I was feeling too lazy to make my own). DS picked a meat & cheese filled one (eeek!!) so I grabbed this Amy’s one for me; 100_7476

Just to clarify, I have nothing against meat and cheese, I just don’t like the 2 in large amounts. I also bought this Nature’s Path banana almond cereal after reading about it in this month’s Clean Eating magazine;


I’m excited to try it out!! And I couldn’t resist these golden raspberries that were on sale!! 100_7477

Too bad they had to travel SO FAR to get to my table, though. :( They actually became my “dessert”. YUM!

Before I forget….Cassie gave me an award last week!!! Beautifulbloggeraward150x150_thumb

THANKS! If you haven’t checked Cassie’s blog, A Pinch of This and a Dash of That….you must! She’s got some great Christmas stuff happening each day in December!!

I wasn’t terribly hungry come dinner time so I only ate 1/2 my lasagna and one piece of garlic bread; 100_7480

The kids dug right into their plates! 100_7482 100_7481

This is probably the most DD has eaten since last Sunday.

My parents should be here soon for a visit. I’m enjoying one of my favourite teas while I wait. 100_7479

I’ll leave you tonight with 3 photos that were taken of DS at the game today. There were some professional photographers there and after the game the picture’s they took were available to buy. We couldn't pass up these 3! ENJOY! -3029 -3027 -3028

Bye for now!!


  1. Love the pictures of your lil hockey dude :) Fabulous. Glad to hear/see your daughter is doing well too...enjoying some food = perfect! :)

  2. Those are AWESOME pictures of DS! Bummer that they lost. Italian food is the BEST dinner isn't it? YUM! Glad you were able to get out of the house and enjoy your day. I had some pumpkin spice action today too!

  3. Your chili is making me hungry!!! It looks soooo good. It's cold and yucky here in L.A....I was thinking of making chili but now I think I'm just going to make soup instead.
    Still...YUM. Chili. So hungry!!!

  4. oh wow that cereal sounds right up my alley :) and reading about your almond butter oatmeal totally makes me want a scoop :) glad you had a nice day and those golden raspberries look delightful!

  5. 2 pumpkin pie latte sightings in one night (you and Erica)!!! Temptation! The cheese on your chili is glowing...totally caught my eye haha

  6. The kids look so cute and happy enjoying their lasagna. Oh, simple pleasures! Amy's Tofu Lasagna is really good. Hard to believe you passed up the other half!

  7. golden raspberries? woooo... I want to try that too! it looks gorgeous!!!
    DS looks like a real professional player now.. cool!!!
    and I'm so glad to know that DD feels better! :)

  8. I really like the Dr.Kracker line--they are all so flavorful and crunchy! And thanks SO much for the shout out--your too sweet :-)

    Love those action shots--very neat!

  9. great hockey shots! he looks like a pro!!!

    glad to hear DD is feeling better too!

    and i can't wait to hear about those golden raspberries! how interesting!!!

  10. I love the hockey pics!

    I hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend! :)

  11. I love golden raspberries, everything looks so tasty x x

  12. Great hockey pics, DS looks like a little pro! Yummy eats today! You always have the best teas, Krista!


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