Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Kick Back & Chill Kinda Day

Is it already the tail end of Sunday? Man oh man, time sure moves fast! I actually slept in a bit today. It’s really amazing how sitting on your butt for a few days can wipe you out. DD goes back to the doctor tomorrow where I’m sure she’ll get the go ahead to go back to school for Tuesday. Then my routine will go back to normal. 100_7484

  • 1/2 cup USAB, 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup polenta
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries
  • walnut & hazelnut pieces
  • pumpkin pie coffee creamer 100_7483

I poured more blueberries into the pot than what I intended to, but it was all good. Love me some blueberries (they’re my favourite colour, too!)

After b-fast we made our way out to the farm for a visit. We haven’t been out there in a few weeks so it was nice to see my in laws and the pups!

Once home we all cleaned up some leftovers that accumulated through the week. I ate the other half of my lasagna with a big side of veggies; 100_7486

Then my hubby served me up a piece of strawberry rhubarb peach pie that we picked up from Knapp’s on our way home from the farm. 100_7487

No way could I resist that! :D It’s one of my favourite fruit combos that they put in a pie.

I spent the afternoon puttering around the house. I collected some picture from the past year on a computer chip so I can print them out at Wal-Mart and send them to one of my uncles in Italy. My aunt passed away a few years ago and they never had kids so he really enjoys and appreciates the collection I send him every year.

For my dinner I cooked up a 1/4 cup of quinoa to which I added 1 cup of chopped kale. I served it with a tuna steak. 100_7490

I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but here’s a picture of the tuna I used. It’s a cinch to cook….30 seconds in the microwave and you’re good to go!


We just got back from my parents place and I’m getting ready to watch the Amazing Race finale. I even prepared a wee snack! 100_7491

A piece of vegan banana carob nut bread heated with a bit of chocolate honey melted on top. Mmmm…

Although I’m off work again tomorrow, I still have to get up early to pick DS up from his 6am practice. Gross. Haha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Bye foe now!!


  1. Enjoy the Amazing Race program and your day off tomorrow (despite the practice, haha)!! :)

  2. Glad DD is feeling better. I hope she gets the ok for school tomorrow. Lots of great sweet treats in this post. I want some of that strawberry rhubarb peach and all of your lunch veggies. Get some rest

  3. What a scrummy looking breakfast, I probably sound like a dinlo but what does usab stand for? x x

  4. sending pictures to family is the best gift... it always works and I think the selection process is fun too because it reminds you old and good time! :) I just printed 140 pictures for Mom! :)
    have a nice Monday Krista, hope DD gets better and you go back to your routine soon!

  5. Wow does that pie look GOOD! I just made a "Christmas" coconut cream pie for the week--I can't wait to post about it. I don't think I have ever met a pie I don't like ;-)

  6. 6am practice! that's early! way to go for him :) maybe one day nhl?

    mmm now i'm totally in the mood for blueberry oatmeal :) i wish they were on sale or in season!

  7. As usual, your oats look incredible! Hope everything goes well at the doctor's!

  8. I am drooling over that piece of strawberry rhubarb peach pie!

  9. that pie looks so great! and very interestng about the tuna product, i will have to check taht out! I love the albacore tuna packets, so easy to throw in my bag to bring to work, i love convenience :)

    have a great day, K!

  10. That pie is calling my name--looks so delicious!


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